AsianFeels Review – Is it the Best Asian Dating Site?

Updated on Apr 2023

In the world, there are different places where it is possible to find a person that will suit you. However, if you have specific preferences, then you would like to use a dating service with a specific target audience.

Top Ladies from AsianFeels

2418 girls online
6025 visits / day
2181 girls online
8750 visits / day
2404 girls online
8379 visits / day
Characteristic Emoji Description Benefits
Easy-to-Use Interface ? Intuitive and user-friendly interface for seamless navigation Enhanced user experience and effortless interaction
Extensive User Base ? Diverse and large community of active users Increased chances of finding compatible matches
Advanced Matching Algorithm ? Utilizes advanced technology to match compatible profiles Improved matchmaking accuracy and higher-quality connections
Secure and Safe Platform ? Provides a secure environment to protect user privacy Peace of mind while interacting with other members
Mobile Compatibility ? Optimized for mobile devices for on-the-go access Convenient and seamless dating experience from anywhere
Real-Time Messaging ? Enables instant and direct communication with other members Efficient and timely exchange of messages

One of them is AsianFeels. It has collected multiple single Asian women in various countries. Here you will find various possibilities for communication with them and an answer to a common question: “is Asian any good?” This review aims to show to tell you about this matching platform from different sides and to show what to expect from it. Alternatively, you may review this website by yourself.

  • 9.9

Pros & Cons


  • Special additional features that tend to improve relationships between users.
  • There is no obligatory money investments for simple browsing and reviewing of profiles.
  • With a validated status of the profile, you can enhance your chances to be noticed in the searches.
  • Possibility to arrange a real offline rendezvous with the help of dating service.
  • Simple for understanding user interface and convenient website design.
  • Quick AsianFeels login


  • ID validation and email verification are not obligatory safety procedures.
  • It is possible to search users only in specific locations without knowing the distance between you.
  • Communication with other members involves spending money on sending messages.
  • It does not have mobile applications for Android and Apple smartphones.
  • You do not know who visits your profile page until you pay.
AsianFeels Review of Dating Website

What Is has become a wonderful place where you may enhance your chances to stop being alone and win a nice Asian bride. It has gathered multiple singles around the globe and you may start dating them online. It means that you may not need to go abroad to get an exotic girl as there is a possibility that she lives in your city. This matching platform exists more than a couple of years in the online matching industry. Therefore, on the internet always check various AsianFeels dating reviews. Not all of them are completely positive or negative. Every person has its own experience with online dating websites.

  • 9.9

AsianFeels Dating Site Review At a Glance

  • Best for: Finding gorgeous women among Asians in various countries around the globe.
  • Recommended age category: from middle-aged to old adults and seniors.
  • Popular Features: Extended search tool and Faces to find a suitable person.

How Does It Work?

Everything begins with registration. After becoming a member of AsianFeels you can skip filling in your profile with appropriate information about you and start reviewing the dating service. This dating and matching platform is focused on connecting two people for relationships. The next important step is the conversation. It is the major way to build up relations. Therefore, for you are available different features. You can send messages with photos, videos, and your recorded voice.

  • Registration is the first step to becoming a member of AsianFeels.
  • The platform is focused on connecting two people for relationships.
  • Communication features include sending messages with photos, videos, and recorded voice, as well as arranging video and audio calls.
  • Additional features include Real Gift delivery and Real Date for expressing feelings and arranging offline meetups.
  • Travel expenses for meeting in person are not covered by the platform and must be paid for by the user.

Alternatively, you may arrange video and audio calls. In case you are looking for curious ways to express your feelings, Real Gift delivery and Real Date features can help you. With the first one, you can send toys, jewelry, flowers, chocolate, etc. When it is accomplished you receive a photo report. For arranging a real date, you need to communicate with a person for some time and have a certain level of relationships. Then AsianFeels can help you to meet each other offline. However, travel expenses like plane tickets and accommodation you need to pay for yourself in case you need to move to another location.

  • 9.9


Credit PackPrice per CreditTotal Price

Deciding AssianFeels is worth paying for in most cases comes from prices and features. As this service not completely free, you will need to invest some funds in order to communicate with other users. You may not worry about paying every month, as there are no subscription plans. With a credit payment system, you spend money only features that you actually use when it is needed. You may continue reviewing and browsing the website without wasting money. The prices are almost average if to compare with other similar services.

  • 9.9

Free services

To enhance your experience and help you find your perfect match, we offer a range of free services to our valued members.

  1. Registration: Signing up on AsianFeels is completely free. Create your profile, fill in your details, and start exploring our diverse community of Asian singles.
  2. Profile Creation: Build an engaging and attractive profile to showcase your personality and interests. Highlight your preferences and what you’re looking for in a partner.
  3. Browsing Profiles: Take advantage of our advanced search filters to browse through numerous profiles of Asian singles. Filter based on age, location, interests, and more to find compatible matches.
  4. Likes: Show your interest in someone by sending them a free ‘Like’. If the feeling is mutual, you might have found a potential connection.
  5. Winks: Break the ice and initiate conversations by sending free winks to other members. Let them know you’re interested and open the door to further communication.
  6. Virtual Gifts: Express your feelings and appreciation by sending virtual gifts to your favorite profiles. These small gestures can help you establish a deeper connection.
  7. Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable dating experience.

Paid services

Here’s a list of paid services offered by the AsianFeels dating site:

  1. Unlimited Messaging: With a premium membership, you can enjoy unlimited messaging, allowing you to communicate freely with other members and build connections without any restrictions.
  2. Chat Features: Gain access to advanced chat features, such as instant messaging and live chat, to have real-time conversations with your matches.
  3. Video Chat: Connect face-to-face with your potential partners through video chat. This feature enables more personal and interactive conversations, helping you to establish a deeper connection.
  4. Priority Customer Support: As a premium member, you receive priority assistance from our dedicated customer support team. Any inquiries or concerns you have will be given immediate attention.
  5. Verified Profiles: Access a pool of verified profiles, giving you peace of mind and confidence that the members you interact with are genuine and serious about finding a partner.
  6. Advanced Search Filters: Unlock additional search filters to fine-tune your search criteria and find matches based on specific attributes, interests, or preferences.
  7. Private Mode: Opt for the private mode feature, which allows you to browse profiles anonymously. This gives you more control over your privacy while exploring the site.

Calculate the Cost Girls from AsianFeels

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Search Tool

Learning the truth about AsianFeels is important and you may start doing that with search tool. It is the primary way to find a person you like. With AsianFeels free tool, you may adjust different kinds of filters. What is more important is that an extended search is available without investing money. An alternative way to find an Asian bride for you is to use the Faces feature. It allows you to review members that are recommended for you by the service according to preferences mentioned in your profile. You can simply like or skip them. When two users like each other, the conversation between them starts automatically. After this step, they may decide whether to continue communication or not.

Registration Process

To become a member of AsianFeels you will not spend more than a couple of minutes. You need to provide your general information about your date birth, who are interested in, email address with a password and only your first name.  When it is done, you may immediately start reviewing and browsing the dating platform without investing money. You will also be asked to verify your email to ensure that you are not a bot. If you cannot find that email, try to check the spam box. It is also recommended to fill in your profile with personal information firstly. It will enhance your chances of being noticed by other users.

  • 9.9

Profile Quality

When the dating website cares about its users this is can be easily noticed by the quality of profiles. While reviewing members at AsianFeels you will find explicit personality descriptions. There are mentioned such points as religion, occupation, age, place of living, attitude to smoking, children, alcohol, etc. You will also find nice photos that are not so professional what means that they are taken by real people with ordinary cameras. Moreover, some of them upload their videos to have better chances to meet someone. From another side, this matching app is not perfect. Periodically you may encounter some profiles that are fake as there are no personality descriptions. Additionally, you can always check other AsianFeels dating site reviews about profile quality.

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Help & Support

At online dating services, anything can happen and in order to cope with them, you have a customer support department. At AsianFeels there several ways how to cope with problems. The first one is to review the Q&A section. There you can find numerous common questions with answers and instructions. The next one is to send a report about your issue. It is recommended to provide as many details as you can and even attach a screenshot. The last one is to call the customer support department. It is available at any time during day or night and its phone number you can find at the bottom of the AsianFeels website pages.

Best AsianFeels Alternatives

  • Focus on Asian Ladies
  • Informative Profiles
  • Advanced Search Tools
  • Bonus Credits for Newbies
  • Live Chat
  • User-friendly
  • Focus on Asian Ladies
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Verified Profiles
  • Easy & Quick Sign Up
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Informative Profiles
  • Focus on Asian Ladies
  • No Hidden Costs
  • User Validation


After looking at AsianFeels, it is clear that this is a legitimate and trustworthy dating website. It offers a safe and secure platform for users to find their soulmates and provide excellent customer service. The various features added to the website make the experience enjoyable for members from all walks of life. The profiles are verified regularly, which ensures that fake profiles are not present on the website. All in all, using AsianFeels will bring you closer to finding your perfect match in the most convenient way possible.


Is AsianFeels a real dating site?

AsianFeels is a veteran serving in the online dating industry. You may even get in touch with them via phone if you worry that this whole service is a scam. Alternatively, you can always check AsainFeels reviews. Not all of them are completely positive or negative what resembles as actual opinions of people.

How many members does AsianFeels have?

The amount of registered singles constantly changes as every day some join and leave this service. You may try to join this service and review people from specific countries and locations.

Is worth it?

It depends on your preferences. AsianFeels is focused to show you how beautiful Asian brides are. If you are looking for something exotic, then it may be suitable for you. At this place, you may develop both serious and casual relationships.

How to use AsianFeels?

To use AsianFeels you need first to join it. Then you may review other users to find someone that may interest you. After that initiate communication and develop relationships between you.

Is free?

AsianFeels is not completely free, however, several features are free to review and try.

Can I use anonymously?

There is no such option to hide your profile and review other users while staying incognito. You can do not mention any personal information in your profile, but then your chances of meeting someone will be lower.

How can I delete my profile?

If you have decided to quit AsianFeels you can remove your account in profile settings. There you will find an appropriate option to delete it.

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