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Updated on Feb 2023

Many bachelors from the US and other developed countries are looking for wives from Afghan, and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, Afghan Brides are very loyal, which is highly valued in a relationship, they are also beautiful and sincere. In this review, you will find out where to find Afghan women for marriage, how much they cost, and also tell 3 stories of successful relationships between foreigners and girls from Afghan.

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Top Cities to Find an Afghan BrideKabul, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh
Average Brides Age18
Average Mail Order Brides Price$500-$1,000
Success Rate Of Marriages with Afghan Wives85%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate<15%
Afghan Brides

Who Are Afghan Brides? 

Many of us have developed an image of a Muslim woman in the form of a kind of submissive lady sitting at home and not daring to speak loudly in his presence. This image is automatically extended to the Afghan brides – after all, they are also Muslim. However, women in big cities such as Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, and Balkh have more freedom and lead a more European lifestyle. While Afghan wives live in some eastern provinces of Afghanistan, where it is not customary for a woman to go out alone. Although the local mentality contributes to the behavior of any Afghan girl for marriage.

Local brides evaluate their future husbands according to material wealth, and therefore many of them dreams of marrying an American, or a man from another developed country. Another reason an Afghan mail order wife cannot be obtainable to anyone except their own husband. At the same time, she must look decent and be appropriately dressed, but in no case sexy. It is indecent for her to laugh out loud, smoke on the go, and behave familiarly with men. Moreover, it is not permissible to be friends with them and have a premarital affair. It is worth noting that Afghan girls get married very early. According to the report, the average Afghan woman gets married at the age of 21, but there are cases when Afghan brides get married at the age of 16.

Pros and Cons of Afghan Women For Marriage 

Marrying Afghan wives has a number of benefits and drawbacks. The majority of these benefits and drawbacks are inherent to culture, but in this essay, we’ll focus on the advantages and disadvantages of marrying an Afghan woman.

Afghan Women

Pros of Afghan Women for Marriage

  • Education. It is not only typical for Afghan mail order wives to be educated, but it is also typical for them to receive the best education possible. The fact that most Afghan women have more education than males is one way that the country’s civilization has advanced. It is extremely rare for males to be better educated than Afghan mail order brides. In actuality, very few males have any formal schooling;
  • Attractive. In addition to being educated, Afghan brides are renowned for their attractiveness and feminine. You can have the perfect Afghan woman who knows how to maintain a healthy and harmonious life with you and your family. Besides, you will never get bored with her as she is very friendly and takes good care of you. You will be happy in your relationship. The wife you are about to have will not let you get depressed and will be there for you whenever you feel it;
  • Diversity. Additionally, you will experience a range of cultures and features if you marry Afghan mail order brides. You’ll undoubtedly acquire a new perspective on life. Afghan women have strong personalities and are quite gregarious. You will experience happiness and joy as you have never known while they are around.

The Cons of Afghan Women for Marriage

  • Lack of Experience. First of all, if you are going to get married to Afghan singles you should think that she may not have much experience in that area as she is still young. In addition, young Afghan brides can be bad lovers the reason of a lack of experience;
  • Religion. The second issue that can cause you problems is that, if you marry an Afghan woman, you might not be of the same faith as she is. You may have a problem with this. She might practice a different religion and think it is crucial to associate with followers of that faith.
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Cost/Pricing of an Afghan Mail Order Bride 

Depending on what the bride is searching for and where the bride is from, prices for Afghan mail order brides might vary greatly. Afghan mail order brides typically seek American visas (or Canada). The Afghan bride might cost anything between $3,000 and $20,000. I discover that the cost is typically more if an Afghan woman is under the age of 18. Most likely, her family does not want her to be married when she is still a young female person. There are some trustworthy brokers, though, who would be eager to accept a bit less than the asking price in order to assist the bride in achieving her goals. If the partner is between the ages of 18 and 30, the guy would be willing to spend an amount that is on the higher end of the spectrum because they consider her a wonderful catch and also because the girl would likely remain in the US for a number of years. Below is a table of price quotes for single Afghan ladies.

Categories of Afghan BridesPrice
The girl marries with her parent’s approval and is over the age of 18$3,000
The girl marries without her parent’s approval and is over the age of 18.$4,000
The girl marries with her parent’s approval and is under the age of 18.$6,000
The girl marries without her parent’s approval and is under the age of 18.$8,000-10,000

Do Afghan Women Like Foreign Men/American Men?

The answer is simple – yes. Afghan women looking for American men cause they are well-educated, earn better money, and have an additional source of income to support the household. Many Afghan brides find foreigners very attractive. There are not so many local men, and their appearance is not very good. Another thing is that foreigners are beautiful and have a lot of money, so Afghan brides give them their preference. Afghan women want to marry them as they long for a brighter future and a more secure lifestyle. They sincerely believe that these foreigners can help them realize their dreams. Afghan mail order brides want a reliable husband who will be their companion and take care of them. It’s no secret that many girlfriends from different countries admire the way of life of Western men, for example, from the USA, Canada, etc. Therefore, wife/ves from this country do their best to meet and start serious relationships with foreign men.

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Top Places To Meet an Afghan Wife 

In the modern world, dating is divided into two types offline and online. Therefore, everyone chooses one of these options for himself to meet Afghan women. Let’s take a closer look at both of these methods and their features.


Internet dating has long become the most popular and effective way to find a bride from Afghanistan. Every day, new specialized platforms are created that help people find each other from the comfort of their homes and do it for free or for a modest fee. So if you want to find Afghan girls online, all you have to do is choose an international dating site, sign up, and meet your love.


This method is suitable for those who like to travel, and those who prefer old-school face-to-face dates. It should be noted right away that this method is much more expensive and riskier. But if you still want to meet Afghan brides with this method, then we recommend that you go to big cities such as Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh, etc.

Afghan girls for marriage

Love Stories With Brides From Afghanistan

Here are some success stories of Afghan women looking for love:

  • “Hi, my name is Farangis, I’m from Kabul, and I want to share my acquaintance. I must say right away that I always dreamed of finding a foreign husband and moving to live in his country, but it seemed to me something unrealistic. But one fine day, when I was sitting on a dating site, a nice man wrote to me, as he later turned out to be from Germany. After a month of communication, I decided not to lose the opportunity to fulfill my dream and moved to him Cologne.” (Farangis, 25 years old, Kabul);
  • “I am an ordinary girl from Kandahar who just wanted a safe and happy future. Therefore, I strongly decided for myself, by all means, to leave to live in another country and start life from scratch. As soon as I turned to the international marriage agency, foreign men began to write to me. I immediately classified myself as one of the Afghan women looking for American men. After about a month of waiting, Michael from Chicago texted me, and we had chemistry. Now I’m Mrs. Benafsha Johnson, and I’m so happy.”(Benafsha, 23 years old, Kandahar);
  • “My story is banal and also amazing at the same time. I, like many Afghan girls for marriage, was seeking a foreign husband on dating sites. Frankly, I had an attitude that such sites are for fun, and finding something serious on them is a rarity. Florenzo debunked this myth, and now we are married for 5 years.” (Beheshta, 24 years old, Balkh).

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Author Conclusion

As a culmination to this review, it is important to note that Afghan women are well regarded by foreign fellows, which is not unexpected given that they possess many of the skills that the finest wives need to possess. Afghan ladies typically marry very young, so if you want to find Afghan wife that will be a virgin, you should surely pay attention to females from this Asian country.


How Many Singles In Afghanistan?

The country has a population of roughly 40M, of which nearly half - about 20 million are between the ages of 14 and 54, and 15% are either single or divorced. As a result, a quick mathematical calculation can estimate that there are around 3 million single people in the nation.

Do They Speak English?

Despite the relatively low percentage of education in the country, those Afghan females who are seeking foreign spouses learn English on their own. It is worth noting that thanks to this, ladies can clearly explain their thoughts in English by communicating on Afghan mail-order brides sites with native speakers.

How Can I Find an Afghan Bride?

You may locate Afghan single women in one of two methods. The first and best option is to join a dating service that specialized in connecting Western males and Afghan brides together. Another more costly and ineffective option is to travel to the nation and look for and buy Afghan wife there.

What Do Afghan Brides Want?

Like all ladies, every lonely Afghan woman dreams of finding her other half, who will become a support, friend, lover, and the best father of their children. Therefore, they register on online dating sites that date foreign men who are most suitable for the role of an ideal husband.

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