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Updated on Aug 2023
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Are you looking for a Costa Rican bride to marry? Are you ready to experience the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica with your soulmate? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! With online mail order brides sites – finding and meeting gorgeous Costa Rican women for marriage is easier than ever before. Find out all about these beautiful Costa Rican mail order brides along with great tips on how to make them fall in love with you! Get ready to find your perfect, exotic match that will bring sunshine into your life!

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Costa Rican Mail Order Brides Short Overview

PopulationApproximately 5 million
LanguageOfficial language: Spanish
Cultural DiversityInfluences from Indigenous, European, and Afro-Caribbean cultures
Family-OrientedStrong emphasis on family and close-knit relationships
EducationHigh literacy rate; education is highly valued and accessible
Eco-TourismKnown for its stunning biodiversity and eco-friendly initiatives
BeautyNatural beauty and a reputation for being attractive

The Internet enables millions of users to get along and find a soulmate that it’s wondering if there are those who still hesitate when it comes to finding a bride. Make yourself comfortable and continue reading this paper if you’re interested in online dating and Costa Rican brides in particular.

Meet a Pretty Costa Rican Brides

2899 girls online
6822 visits / day
2183 girls online
7845 visits / day
2592 girls online
6835 visits / day

Costa Rican Women For Marriage Dating Culture

Costa Rica is a country caught between The North and South. With a population number of fewer than 5 million people, this tropical land is a perfect place for vacation, adult tourism, and retirement. This is a peaceful country that has never suffered the civil wars or rebellions so commonly peculiar across the region.

The country’s population is mostly Roman Catholics through birth, which strictly follows religious rules. Even though they are more liberal in their views that other Latin Countries, in Costa Rica, you still can meet even a 25 years old single woman, for whom you’ll be the only one. Religion plays a significant part in the everyday lives of Costa Rican Ticas. Public displays of affection are alright for Costa Rican society, you can kiss and hug your lady publicly, but premarital intimacy is strictly discouraged.

One more fact about dating Costa Rican women you should know is that they are used to stick to traditional gender roles. Moreover, Costa Rican brides prefer dating an older man that gives them a feeling of stability and calm.

Dating Costa Rican women may be different from dating European ladies. If you ask her out for a date you are expected to take all the expenses and give her a lift home. A man in Costa Rica is expected to take all the expenses and be responsible for the date.

The main reason why Hot Costa Rican brides join dating platforms and look for a husband abroad is that they want to love and be loved!

costa rica mail order bride

The Appearance Of the Costa Rican Bride

Costa Rican brides are different from most ladies from Central and South America. Most of them identify themselves as being of European heritage rather than Americans. However, in their appearance, you can still notice the traces of Inca and other ancient tribes. All Costa Rican mail order brides are stunningly beautiful. Only a blind man won’t spot their attractiveness and alluring charm. The features peculiar to pretty Costa Rican girls are high cheekbones, softly tanned skin, and dark luminescent eyes.

One more feature peculiar to all Costa Rican women is their hot body shapes. Costa Rican mail order brides maintain their figures is perfect conditions with sports and swimming. Costa Rican brides are of a small height, which only adds to their cuteness. Costa Rica is a tropical country, Costa Rican girls for marriage prefer wearing minimum clothes so their sexy curves are more visible.

Characteristics Of a Costa Rican Mail Order Bride

Costa Rican brides from this country are undoubtedly alluring. However, only tempting bodies and lovely faces wouldn’t make Costa Rican women so perfect for dating and marriage. No man is looking for an empty shell; he wants to find a wife who possesses both outer and inner beauty. Marrying a Costa Rican lady is like winning a lottery. Let’s find out what makes men leave their native country and cross thousands of kilometers in search of a Costa Rican girl to marry.


Nothing can be compared to the loyalty of Costa Rican wives. Costa Rican women have guts to stay with their husbands even in times of toughest troubles, in sickness and wellness, and will never cheat on their men. Divorce for them is a rare phenomenon; Costa Rican unconditional loyalty is the feature that makes them highly demanded among men.


Family is priceless for most girls from this country. If you date a Costa Rican mail order brides, be prepared to get acquainted with all her family members, including grandmas, uncles, aunts, and even nephews. Family in Costa Rica is a source of support, and family’s opinion means a lot for your Costa Rican girl, so it’s essential that you find common grounds. Moreover, you are welcome to come to every family celebration with your Costa Rican woman.

pretty costa rican woman


Costa Rica’s population is a conservative community with traditional gender roles. However, this doesn’t mean Costa Rican women neglect education and self-development. Costa Rican brides are emancipated enough to get degrees and occupy prestigious jobs. This modern tendency of an independent Costa Rican wife, which Costa Rica adopted from the USA and Europe, makes Costa Rican mail order brides work and be responsible for house duties as well.


This is not a secret that the nightlife in San Jose is very diverse and dynamic. Costa Rican women enjoy partying and spending time out with friends. Besides, Costa Rican girls also eager to traveling and discovering new places. If you want to see your Costa Rican mail order bride’s eyes shine from amazement, take her abroad to the journey of a lifetime. You will hardly find such a reliable company as Costa Rican Woman.

Love Stories of Costa Rican Mail-Order Brides and Foreign Men

Success Story #1 Image
John and Maria LoveFort logo
Maria was born and raised in Costa Rica. She met her husband John online, a United States Marine. They fell in love, and Maria eventually moved to the United States to be with him. After getting married, they started a family together. Maria is a housewife now. She loves spending time with her husband and children, and enjoys cooking and cleaning. Despite being busy with her family, Maria still finds time to pursue her hobbies, which include gardening, hiking, and playing the piano. Maria is a loving wife and mother.
Success Story #2 Image
Travis and Laura ColombiaLady logo
Laura is a 25-year old Costa Rican mail order bride who met Travis online 1 years ago. They hit it off right away, and after corresponding for a while, Laura decided to move to the United States to be with him.She was apprehensive at first, but after spending some time with Travis, she quickly realized that he was the man of her dreams. She had always dreamed of living in America, and when Travis proposed, she didn't hesitate to say yes! Laura loves spending time with her new husband, and they are both excited about starting their life together.
Success Story #3 Image
John and Leila LatinLadyDate logo
John had always been a bit of a player. He loved the thrill of the chase, and he never hesitated to flirt with any woman he came across. One day, John decided to try online dating and met Leila from Costa Rica. Leila was different than any woman John had ever talked to. She was beautiful, exotic, and smart. They hit it off immediately, and soon they were talking every day. John fell in love with her quickly, and Leila felt the same way about him.
hot costa rican bride

How Much Does a Costa Rican Bride Cost?

Are you planning to meet a beautiful Latin woman from San Jose, Heredia, or Cartago and curious about the costs involved in meeting a Costa Rican bride? Look no further! However, it’s important to clarify that you cannot “buy” mail order wives. While you can engage in conversations, meet Costa Rican mail order brides, go on dates, and support the visa process for your potential Costa Rican wife, purchasing them is out of the question.

Let’s discuss the expenses you may encounter when meeting a Costa Rican lady:

  1. Costa Rica brides websites typically charge around $100-$150 per month. However, pricing can vary depending on factors such as the site’s popularity and the features you intend to use.
  2. Round-trip tickets from the US to Costa Rica can cost approximately $300-$500.
  3. Expect to spend around $500-$1,000 for a hotel room during a two-week stay in the country.
  4. Transportation expenses, including taxis and buses, may amount to approximately $250 over the course of two weeks.
  5. Allocate around $250 for food expenses over the same two-week period.
  6. Plan to budget approximately $500 for entertainment and leisure activities throughout your stay.

Calculate The Price of Costa Rican Girls For Marriage

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Dating Sites To Meet Costa Rican Mail Order Wives

Crossing the ocean to find a Costa Rican mail-order brides is no more efficient. Did you ever imagine how frustrating it is to quit everything, go to a remote country hoping to get a woman, but in the end, remain with nothing? Costa Rica is a tourist destination, so many Costa Rican women for marriage simply don’t treat the outsiders seriously.

A good way to establish long-term relationships with Costa Rican brides is to signup on good matrimonial service and let the professionals assist you. If you want to find a truly decent matrimonial service that is intended to help you in finding Costa Rican mail order brides and not leave without a single cent, this article is the salvation for you.


  • 9.9 is specialized in Costa Rican dating, it’s also included in the list because this is still one of the largest dating sites on the market. This matrimonial service is a place where millions of stunning single females registered, and Costa Rican mail order wives are among them. Scammers and fraudulent accounts are not welcomed on LatinFeels; the administration team works hard to minimize their quantity. This matrimonial service can boast of its accurate matchmaking system that has already found a Costa Rican soulmate for numerous members.


  • 9.9

LatinWomanLove is a great matrimonial service for meeting Latin women for marriage. It has an extended database of brides from all South America, and Costa Rican girls for marriage are not the exception. Registering is a wonderful option to spend your time and money to find a gorgeous Latina bride. The registration process on LatinFeels is not complicated and, as usual, doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. To sign up, you should enter some basic personal information( age, gender, and location). The matrimonial service has a reputation of a trustworthy and reputable with numerous positive reviews from grateful men all over the Web.


  • 9.9

ColombiaLady is a dating site that conquered millions of users worldwide with its simplicity and convenience. This matrimonial service puts your safety in the first place. When it comes to online dating, security and safety cannot be compromised. ColombiaLady developer team puts lots of effort into making it a safe environment for every user. The dating site also implements an anti-scam policy. Apart from reliable safety measures, the matrimonial service is also proud of its modern and pretty design. Many users also distinguish the usability of the matrimonial service. Besides, the extended search system to narrow down the search of Costa Rican wives online is available for both paid and free members.

All these dating sites are legit, so don’t hesitate and hurry up to meet your love.

costa rican bride

Pros/Cons of Popular Costa Rican Mail Brides Sites

Dating PlatformProsCons
LatinFeelsExtensive user base and Latin American focus❌ Limited free features
LatinWomanLoveAdvanced communication features❌ Higher subscription fees
ColombiaLadyDiverse user base and international reach❌ Some profiles may be inactive or fake
LaDateUser-friendly interface❌ Smaller user base compared to other platforms

Tips For Dating a Costa Rican Wife

Approaching a Costa Rican wife with no plan is not a good idea, honestly. To make her a mail-order wife, a man should know some basic tips on dating Costa Rican women and follow them. No matter if you are an experienced Costa Rican wife finder or a beginner, every reader can find something worth attention.

Create An Account On A Decent Dating Site

Surely, you may wonder how to find a truly good matrimonial service and what things should be considered. Pay attention to the homepage, support availability, prices, and hot Costa Rican brides’ profiles. The last ones have to be verified, with only real photos and extensive personal information.

The registration process on a decent dating site should be easy and free of charge. Don’t skip the questionnaires offered, even though if sometimes they may be bothering-in the end, you’ll see how important this step is.

Write To Several Ladies

Don’t focus on only one costa rica wife; write to several of them. Make sure you get in contact with at least 3 girlfriends from this country. Use the website’s communication tools to find out something more about your lady. In most cases, video chats can be more efficient in getting a person better than live meetings.

Don’t Be Greedy

Greediness is a feature that they hate in people the most. Costa Rican woman is ready to devote her whole self to a boyfriend and the same willingness Costa Rican bride for sale wants to see in her partner. Be generous with your sweetheart, please her with flowers, presents, and jewelry, pay for the dinner in a restaurant, and be sure that your Costa Rican mail order bride will appreciate it a lot. However, don’t try to buy her, Costa Rican beautiful woman can intuitively feel your insincerity.

Share Her Interests

Costa Rican ladies are fun-loving, and boring routine is not for them. Hot Costa Rican brides know how to turn a usual day into a celebration; she is open to new people and impressions. However, Costa Rican bride doesn’t want to have fun while her man is sitting at home. Common leisure is important in relationships with beautiful Costa Rican women.

Make Her Family Like You

Family relationships are very important for mail order brides from Costa Rica. For your Costa Rican bride, a family is a part of her soul, and its opinion plays a significant role in her life. Get along with her parents, show that you’re a decent man, and don’t even dare to offend your Costa Rican wife. No father would like his daughter to be hurt.

Scams on Costa Rican Brides Platforms

When using Costa Rican mail order brides resources or any online dating platforms, it’s important to be vigilant and take precautions to avoid scams. Here are some tips to help you avoid scams on Costa Rican singles resources:

  1. Choose reputable Costa Rican Mail Bride platforms: Stick to well-known and reputable dating websites or apps with positive reviews. Research the platform’s reputation and read feedback from other users before signing up.
  2. Be cautious of suspicious Costa Rica wives profiles: Be wary of profiles that seem too good to be true or have inconsistencies in their information. Scammers often use attractive photos and create fake profiles to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Look for red flags such as poor grammar, vague details, or requests for money.
  3. Never send money: Avoid sending money or financial assistance to someone you’ve met online, especially if you’ve never met them in person. Scammers may use various excuses to manipulate you into sending money. Be cautious and prioritize your financial safety.
  4. Use video calls or voice chats: To verify the authenticity of the person you’re communicating with, try to have video calls or voice chats. This can help confirm their identity and build trust. Be cautious if someone always avoids video calls or makes excuses for not being able to show themselves.

Costa Rican Wedding Tradition

The First Dance

In Costa Rica, the newlyweds traditionally take to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife to the song “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf. After the first dance, all of the guests join in and the party really gets started!

The Money Dance

Another wedding tradition in Costa Rica is the money dance. This is where guests line up to dance with the bride or groom and pin money onto their clothing. The money is then used to help cover the costs of the wedding or to help the newlyweds start their new life together.

The Cake Cutting

When it comes time to cut the cake, weddings in Costa Rica have a few unique traditions. First, the groom smashes a piece of cake into his new wife’s face. Don’t worry, it’s all part of good fun! Then, the couple feeds each other a piece of cake before taking a bite themselves. Finally, they dip their fingers in a glass of champagne and flick it over their shoulders for good luck.

As you can see, there are plenty of wonderful wedding traditions in Costa Rica that you can incorporate into your own big day.


To sum up, dating a Costa Rican brides plunges you into a fairy tale. The only problem that awaits every man who tries to approach Costa Rican brides is their diversity. There are so many beautiful brides that it’s hard to choose one. Moreover, they own a whole range of valuable personal traits that every man is looking for in his wife. Luckily, approaching a lady from this exotic country is now possible even from your own home.

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