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Updated on Jun 2024
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Filipino brides offer something unique to the table. In a world where women are increasingly becoming more career-oriented, it’s refreshing to find a group of women who are still interested in getting married and starting a family. For men looking for a bride, Filipino women offer many attractive qualities, including their dedication to family and their natural beauty. And because the Philippines is such a popular destination for Western men, there’s no shortage of single Filipino brides looking for a husband. If you’re thinking about pursuing a Filipino bride, here’s what you need to know. In this article you can find middle aged Philippines girl for marriage. Our experienced expert Christopher K. Burns, who has extensive experience in the field of dating, will tell you about all these and other nuances of Filipino Wives.

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Filipino Wives Overview 2024

❤️ Success Rate ~85%
🌏 Popular Filipino cities with brides Quezon, Manila, Davao
💰 Average cost of Filipino bride $2,800 — $9,000
⌛ Average age of Filipino bride 22 y.o.
💑 Best Filipino dating site Asian Melodies
💔 Average divorce rate ~20%
⚖️ Is it legal? Yes

Real Filipino Women Dating Profiles

Tala 23 y.o.
Mahalia 22 y.o.
Chesa 27 y.o.
Dalisay 26 y.o.
Darna 21 y.o.
Carmelita 20 y.o.
Ulan 20 y.o.
Luntian 25 y.o.
Diwa 23 y.o.
See more...
Philippines Woman

Reasons to Find Filipino Wives

There are so many good reasons to find Filipina girls for marriage and make them your new wife. Below we decided to list the main reasons why Western guys want to date Filipino mail order wives:

  • As we have already stated earlier in the article, Filipino mail order brides are optimistic people who bring you lots of joy and happiness.
  • When you are with such a woman, you have an obedient wife and someone who understands the role of a traditional Filipino wife for sale.
  • Filipino women are taught by their mothers to cook and clean and take care of their men. It comes natural to them when they marry.
  • Another reason why so many American gentlemen are eager to land a Filipino bride is that they are sexy and hot.
  • As we said earlier, Singles Philippines girl for marriage come from a mixture of cultures, and this creates a gorgeous mix. Women from the Philippines make excellent lovers and are very sensual in the bedroom. When you have Phillippines brides, you will find out what type of lovers they are, and they will not disappoint.

The best way to meet Filipino brides is through dating platforms, where it is so easy and simple to chat with these incredible females. There are countless sites available to Western guys seeking hot Filipino mail order wives. All you need to do is find the right platform that caters to your needs and get started. You will find it much better than heading on a plane to another country and seeking a partner in bars and clubs. When you use dating sites, you can sit in your favorite chair at home and have great fun online with thousands of hot women.

There is no better way to meet Philippino brides than through the power of the internet. Nowadays, everything can be done through your fingertips, and why not take the opportunity and meet your love online. It is certainly a fun way to chat with other people, and it definitely gets your adrenaline pumping.

Meet a Pretty Filipino Brides

2260 girls online
7398 visits / day
2668 girls online
6437 visits / day
2213 girls online
8741 visits / day

Where To Find Filipino Brides For Marriage – Comparison of Top Filipino MOB Sites

Dating SiteProsCons
AsianMelodiesWide selection of Asian singles from different countriesSome features may require a premium membership
EasternHoneysFocus on connecting individuals with Asian womenLimited free features available
CupiDatesEasy-to-use interface and user-friendly featuresLimited member base in some regions
TheLuckyDateLarge user base with various dating features and optionsLimited free trial period and features
PhiliTalksPlatform specifically catering to individuals interested in Filipino datingLimited features and user base compared to other sites
LoverWhirlAdvanced features for effective communication and interactionSome features may require a premium membership

Why Do Westerners Like Filipino Brides?

As Filipino women are so sexy and have such fantastic attributes, it really is no wonder why so many Western guys are seeking beautiful Filipino brides. What makes them so attractive to American and European gentlemen is their beauty and their heart. Filipinos are very tender women who are very giving. Another factor is American guys come from a country and culture where divorce is the norm and very common. Filipino brides believe marriage means something and it is for life.

Many American males who have come from a divorce and are now middle-aged want to find the right person to spend the rest of their life with. Filipino bride is the best life partners you can imagine. As they are traditional wives who love to cook and take care of their men. It is what many American gentlemen are seeking. The days of American women taking care of their husbands seem to be over. Filipina bride more interested in working and having a career. It makes Western males want to find a perfect marriage in the Philippines.

Amazing Filipino Girls - Most Viewed Profiles

Jinny 23 y.o.
Location Macao
Occupation Blogger
Luna 25 y.o.
Location Shanghai
Occupation Model
Xing 29 y.o.
Location Beijing
Occupation Model

Find a Filipina wife means you get a girl who treats you like a man and the head of the house. Filipina bride care about tradition and love to be a simple wife, a Filipino girl for marriage dreams of being with a Western man. These features make Filipino women so attractive to Western males. There is another big factor, so Filipino ladies looking for American men are really keen on making their dream come true. So it is a mutual thing, and it makes it easier to create a loving match. Below is a list of reasons why American guys want to be with Filipino mail order brides.

Philippines Brides

All You Should Know About Dating a Filipino Mail Brides

It is important to remember that Filipino brides come from a different culture, and so they look at life differently. This is what attracts many Western males to them. Filipina bride looking for love with an international man. So they are already interested in meeting and chatting with foreign guys. When you do get to chat with these beautiful girls, always be respectful and polite. Beautiful Filipino brides can be rather shy and placid, so it is best to make them feel very comfortable in your presence. Our Filipina wife finder – will help to better understand such women and find a partner faster.

When you are with your Filipino mail order bride, you will see how soft and sweet they are, so never be aggressive or loud as it is the opposite of their nature. It is best to be laid back and relaxed as it is more how they are. In the Western world, everything moves so fast, but Filipino women enjoy taking life at a slow pace. There is never any rush for Pinay brides. It is something worth taking note of as the cultures of America, and the Philippines are very different.

You will impress Filipina bride if you do not take life too seriously as many people from the West do. It will be a good thing to laugh at yourself, and it will definitely attract these women to you even more. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is confident enough to make fun of themselves. When you date these brides, ask many questions about their mother and father, they will certainly appreciate such an attitude.

Love Stories of Filipino Mail-Order Brides

Success Story #1 Image
Hudson and Mya OrchidRomance logo
Hudson and Mya had both tried online dating with little success. Hudson was about to give up on the idea of ever finding love, when he came across Mya's profile. Something about her caught his eye, so he decided to reach out. Mya had been on a few dates from online sites, but they always seemed to fizzle out. When she received a message from Hudson, she was intrigued. After talking for a while online, they decided to meet up in person. They went out for coffee and hit it off immediately. They have been together ever since and are very happy!
Success Story #2 Image
Grayson and Alivia EasternHoneys logo
Grayson and Alivia had tried their luck with online dating, to no avail. Just as Hudson was resigning himself to a life of singledom, he came across Mya's profile and felt compelled to message her. Although Mya had gone on a few first dates that didn't lead anywhere, she found herself intrigued by Hudson after talking with him online. They met up for coffee soon afterwards and hit it off immediately; they've been together ever since!

Benefits Of Marrying Filipino Brides

There are many advantages when you marry a Philippines female. We came up with 5 advantages of marrying Filipina mail order brides:

  1. The first is they are very loyal women, and you will not get Filipino brides looking at other gentlemen.
  2. Filipino women also have such an optimistic outlook on life, and they will pour positivity into your life.
  3. A Pinay bride will treat you like a true man, and they will act as a wife for you. Filipino women do not believe in divorce as this is thought of as a sin in their religion and beliefs. So when you are with such women, you will find they are willing to do everything to make a successful marriage.
  4. Another benefit is Filipino brides for marriage are very family-oriented and are eager to start a family. Kids are very important to them, and they dream of becoming a mother. Love is very important in their life, so when you are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of all their love, you are very fortunate indeed.
  5. Filipino brides will get all your friends talking as they are gorgeous women with incredible bodies. You would be proud to take a Philippines lady to meet your relatives.

As you can see, there are many advantages to meeting these charming Filipino brides and building long-term relationships with them.

Filipina Woman

Filipino Wedding Traditions

Filipino weddings are a colorful and festive affair, filled with meaningful traditions that date back centuries. From the moment the engagement is announced to the last dance at the reception, there are endless opportunities to infuse your wedding day with culture and meaning. Here are 5 unique Filipino wedding traditions :

  • The Engagement. In the Philippines, it is tradition for the groom’s family to visit the bride’s home to ask for her hand in marriage. This formal visit is called the “paiyandi bufete,” and includes a meal and prayer. The bride’s parents will then bless the couple with a rosary.
  • The Wishing Wells. Wishing wells are typically set up at Filipino weddings so that guests can make monetary donations towards the newlyweds’ future. In some cases, couples will set up multiple wishing wells, each with a different purpose (e.g. one for education, one for travel, etc.).
  • The Veil Ceremony. The veil ceremony is a touching moment during which the bride’s parents lay a veil over her head and shoulders as a symbol of their love and protection. The groom then removes the veil, signifying his commitment to care for his wife.
  • The Coin Ceremony. During the coin ceremony, also known as the “arrhae,” the groom gives his bride 13 gold coins as a symbol of his ability to support her financially. In turn, she pledges her loyalty and faithfulness to him.
  • The Unity Candle Ceremony. The unity candle ceremony is a popular tradition in Christian weddings worldwide, but it has special significance in Filipino weddings because of its ties to Catholic faith. Two candles are placed on either side of a central candle; after lighting them together, the couple blows out their individual candles, signifying that they are now two flames united as one.

Process buy a bride Philippines – is quite difficult, so it requires some preparation.

Popular Filipino Wives Online

Location Manila
Age 25
Hobbies Sewing
English level B1
Weight 55
Height 168

Do Filipino Mail Order Brides Marry Foreigners?

Yes, these girls are very interested in marrying Western men in particular. There are lots of Filipino women looking for American men as these women want to change their lives and begin a new chapter. Local men do not treat them as well as foreign men. It is another reason why Filipino women are keen on being with international men. Rather than be lonely, Filipino brides would like to be with a reliable partner who will care for and cherish them.

Filipino bride

Filipino mail order brides are keen on seeing the world and love the idea of being in a new country. It is another reason why they are interested in American and European men. When you enter a good online dating site like Filipino wife finder, you are sure to find lots of single women seeking a Mr. Right. These girls are keen on meeting foreign men as they desire to be taken care of financially. American and European men have the means to do it, so they are a good choice. Every woman likes the idea of being with a man who can look after them, and a Filipino bride is no exception.

Are There Mail Order Brides From The Philippines?

Filipino ladies are some of the most popular girls online. Mail order brides from the Philippines are on top of the list of desired wives for Western bachelors. So if you wonder whether finding Filipino brides online will be easy or not, the answer is positive. Philippines females are keen on meeting handsome and romantic guys from the West and building serious relationships.

A Filipino mail order bride is one of the most attractive girls online who wants to marry a Westerner and relocate. A significant number of young brides from the Philippines dream of moving abroad and having more opportunities for studying and working. Meeting generous Western guys is always an excellent chance for Filipino bride to start a new page.

Filipino girls seeking men from the US make the best wives. Women from Southeast Asia are known for becoming exceptional life partners thanks to their characteristics. They have conservative views and respectful attitudes towards men. Filipino women are amazing cooks, excellent housewives, and brilliant lovers.

This is why Philippines brides are trendy at Asian mail order bride services. On top of all the advantages mentioned above, Filipino girls are sweet, mature, and down to earth. Filipino Brides are loyal and affectionate. These characteristics make Filipinas desirable mail order wives for men who struggle with finding devoted women with family values and kind hearts.

How Much Does A Filipino Mail Order Bride Cost?

Filipino brides cost

By joining a top-rated Filipino wife finder with extensive experience and a good reputation, you will be charged a monthly price for using premium services. Before we tell you the price and the services it includes, let us tell you why free-of-charge dating sites and apps are time-wasters.

Free dating platforms can be good for singles who have never tried online dating or can not afford to spend money on meeting people online. Even though you can meet women at free dating sites and apps, you are very limited in what you do. Usually, such services are:

  • sending messages
  • receiving matches
  • adding as many photos as you like
  • blocking ads

Among free features are reviewing profiles, sending likes, adding singles you fancy to your list of favorites, reaching customer support.

As you can see, none of the free tools are helpful when it comes to connecting with Filipino mail order brides. A premium account that you can purchase at an Asian dating site will give you many privileges that will bring you closer to your dream – meeting a sweet Filipino women online.

Let’s go back to the question of how much Filipino girls cost. A quality mail order bride services charges between $500 and $1,000 a month. This price includes searching for compatible brides online, using text, voice, and video chat, receiving suggested matches, sending virtual gifts, getting all messages translated, and accessing the customer support team.

Free FeaturesPaid Features
RegistrationSending and receiving messages
Adding photos and personal informationReceiving matches
Using basic searchAds-free experience
Adding users to “favorites”Anonymous search
 Virtual gifts

By paying a monthly fee, you will be matched with the most compatible Filipino bride. It will save your time looking for ideal female partners and increase your chances of meeting the right type of woman for marriage. You will also get professional assistance with all the necessary documents to get married to a woman from the Philippines and help her move to the US.

Dating experts say that the approximate time for finding a mail order bride from the Philippines can take up to 6 months. Single men from the West are expected to spend up to $6,000 for a quality online dating service.

Calculate the Cost of Filipina Wife For Sale

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Where Can I Find a Filipino Bride?

You can find a Filipino mail order bride through a dating site, app, or a professional matrimonial service. Modern dating sites and apps cater to singles who like dating online. Nicely organized dating sites and apps feature all the necessary tools for finding matches, connecting with foreign brides, and developing a relationship online.

Professional matrimonial services aim to help single guys from the West to find perfect matches by actually looking through female profiles and analyzing their personalities. Such services guarantee that Asian mail order brides are real and have genuine intentions. They check their IDs and conduct interviews with them. It is all done for offering American men profiles of brides who are genuinely interested in getting married.

Filipina Woman

To find a perfect Filipino bride, you should provide our requirements. A comprehensive tool like advanced search by specific criteria makes online dating sites brilliant platforms for meeting compatible ladies. If you have particular standards according to how your future wife should look and what characteristics she should have, share them.

The mode details you provide, the more compatible Filipino women you will meet online. Specify age, body type, height, weight, marital status, interests, habits, and relationship goals. All this information is essential to match you with the lady who fits your visual preferences and characteristics that play a vital role in building a long-term relationship.

So, a top-rated dating platform with success stories and users’ reviews is the right place to join. Do your homework and read experts’ reviews. Learn the monthly cost, view the pros and cons. Visit the website and read the FAQ section. If you are happy with what you are offered, give it a try!

Main Characteristics of Filipino Women

What makes Filipino brides so sexy and so sought after around the globe is that they have a mixture of Spanish blood, Chinese and European. Such a great mixture makes Filipino females especially attractive. You have a chance to learn Filipino ladies for marriage are always smiling. It is difficult to ever find one of these girls upset or sad. Filipina mail order brides have such a positive outlook on life and always look at it with a big smile on their faces.

Philippines Woman

There are more positive characters to learn about below:

Sexy and stunning

What makes Filipino females special is that they all seem to look super attractive. It does not matter what age they are which part of the country they come from, Filipino brides are extremely sexy looking ladies. Filipina mail order brides have beautiful dark long, flowing hair and soft face features. Their skin is a lovely tanned color, and they have a slender, sexy frame that males go crazy over. Filipina brides all have amazing bodies, and you can find it hard to find too many out-of-shape Philippino girls.

Generous and kind

Another thing that you can find with Filipino girls is that they have incredible hearts. Filipino brides are such caring and loving people you will not believe it. They love to take care of their parents and the elderly, and when they are in relationships, they take their responsibility very seriously indeed. Filipino brides always care about their partner. Caring about others is part of their culture. They are taught to give to other people and love.

Family values

Family is of the utmost importance to Filipino brides. It is not uncommon for these females to live with Philippines parents into their thirties. What usually happens is they continue living with their parents until they find a husband. Then Filipina brides move out and start a family of their own. Many Filipino girls for marriage have more than three children, Filipina girls love the idea of a large family, and they have so much love and care in their hearts that it is an easy decision.


Filipino women are not afraid of hard work. In fact, they thrive on it. They’re raised to believe that nothing comes easy in life and that filipino brides have to work hard to achieve their goals. This quality makes them great partners in both work and life.

How to Protect Yourself from Scam Profiles on Filipino Dating Sites

To protect yourself from scam profiles on Filipino dating sites and ensure a safe online dating experience, here are some essential tips:

  1. Choose reputable dating sites: Opt for well-established and trusted Filipino dating platforms with a good reputation. Research the site’s credibility, user reviews, and safety measures before creating an account.
  2. Be cautious of red flags: Pay attention to warning signs such as overly attractive profiles, profiles with limited information, or individuals who rush into a serious relationship too quickly. Scammers often use these tactics to deceive unsuspecting users.
  3. Take it slow: Take your time getting to know someone before sharing personal information or committing to a relationship. Scammers may try to gain your trust quickly, so exercise caution and maintain a level-headed approach.
  4. Avoid sharing sensitive information: Be cautious about sharing sensitive personal information, including your home address, phone number, or financial details. Genuine individuals will understand and respect your boundaries.


Now you have come to the end of our article, we hope you now know how to get a Filipino bride. The aim of the article is to shed some light on the subject and make life easier for all those single men seeking love out there. You should now have discovered all the tips on getting a beautiful Filipino wife. These girls are one of a kind and will definitely blow you away with their looks and kindness. Mail order brides in the Philippines are women that cater to every man’s dreams. Filipino girls are not only attractive and sexy but make wonderful partners.


How loyal is Filipino Brides?

They are very loyal, as was stated earlier in the article. These girls believe that marriage and divorce are something that is not looked on well. Most Filipino women are catholic, and so to follow their religion, marriage is for life. These women love the idea of starting a family and having more than two children. So being a single mum is not common and not something that is appealing to these ladies.

Why are Filipino Women so beautiful?

They are beautiful because they have a mixture of different looks. They have a Spanish look and an Asian look. It makes them incredibly attractive and sexy. But what makes them even more beautiful is that they are good people. Mail order brides from the Philippines take good care of their husbands' hearts and souls.

Where to get a Filipino Mail Order Bride?

The number one place to find Filipino brides is through many reliable online dating platforms. These establishments are excellent ways to search for the perfect Filipino wife of your needs. It only takes a matter of minutes until you are chatting with numerous beautiful girls. This way is safe and convenient as you can chat from your PC with wonderful Philippines single women.

Can I marry a Filipino girl?

These women are very keen on marriage and are even more interested in Foreign guys. Find a Filipino wife - it is easier than you could ever imagine. Just check out the many dating platforms, and your dreams can come true. Once you marry a hot, sexy Filipino girl, you should appreciate what you have more than you can imagine. Filipinos really are such amazing ladies who love to create a happy home for you.

Author photo
Kristine Fellizar Expert Writer

I believe that foreign men should marry Filipino brides because of their inner and outer beauty, their loyalty, and their compatibility. With so many beautiful mail order brides to choose from in the Philippines, there is no reason not to consider a Filipina bride for your next wife. Have a good reading!

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