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Updated on Aug 2023
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Colombian mail order brides are some of the most beautiful women in the world. With their striking features and Colombian fire, Colombian women are impossible to resist. But Colombian brides are more than just a pretty face; they are also kind, loving, and loyal companions. Colombian women for marriage make wonderful wives and moms, and they are sure to bring joy and laughter into your life. If you are looking for a partner who will light up your life and fill it with happiness, then a Colombian bride is the one for you. Our team of experts has prepared a professional review of Colombian wives, based on a detailed assessment of statistics and our own experience in the dating industry.

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Colombian Wife Detailed Overview

❤️ Success Rate 88%
🌏 Popular Colombian cities with brides Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin
💰 Average cost of Colombian bride $2,300 — $3,700
⌛ Average age of Colombian bride 25 y.o.
💑 Best Colombian dating site LoveFort
💔 Average divorce rate ~20%
⚖️ Is it legal? Yes

Mail Order Colombian Brides Dating Culture

The number of Colombian mail order brides is constantly increasing. Why do brides make a decision to join a dating website and look for a husband abroad? The very first reason is the social disadvantage in Colombia. The crime rate is very high, so many brides are tired of living in fear. Colombian ladies want a better life for themselves and their children, and one of the best ways to get it is marrying a foreigner.

Unfortunately, Colombian women still suffer from domestic violence, including that of sexual nature. Pretty Colombian girls have a strong sense of self-respect, and betrayal is unforgivable for them.

colombian women for marriage

Columbian girls take a relationship with a man seriously and expect it to end with a proposal. Premarital sex is only possible in close relationships. Hot Colombian brides don’t want to be a part-time variant or date a man with no serious intentions.

Gorgeous Colombian women usually get married at a pretty young age. Marriage for them is a sign of adult life and a way to demonstrate maturity and willingness to take care of themselves. Colombian girl feels boundlessly happy taking care of kids and creating comfort at home.

The Appearance Of Colombian Brides

Colombian brides are undeniably gorgeous. No man would deny the attractiveness of brides from the Latin world. Colombian girls have a whole range of features that let them stand out in a crowd and make other brides jealous. First of all, it’s their charming smile that can make a man ready to die for. Secondly, Colombian girls for marriage have mesmerizingly beautiful faces and tanned olive skin. Colombian ladies have big brown profound eyes and dark silky hair, which Colombian girls gladly take care of. Colombian brides often dye their hair and enjoy changing haircuts.

Colombian mail order wives have trimmed bodies with sexy feminine curves that Colombian girls love to highlight with stylish outfits. Besides, Colombian brides love to dress well and have a good sense of style. On every occasion, your Colombia wife will look stunning and make you proud of owning her.

2899 girls online
6822 visits / day
2183 girls online
7845 visits / day
2592 girls online
6835 visits / day

Characteristics Of Colombian Brides For Marriage

No matter how tempting a woman is, inner beauty is what truly attracts men. Colombian brides are among those brides who have both sexy appearances and appealing personalities. Millions of men dream of Colombian dating women, and the reasons for that are more than obvious.

Colombian Brides are Friendly

A Colombian lady is like a ray of sunshine that gives warmth to others. Her welcoming radiant smile and soft manner of speech attract people and give them a feeling of comfort. Colombian girl is extremely friendly to foreigners and tolerant of other cultures. She’ll give a warm welcome to all your friends and relatives; being kind is a part of her nature.

Colombian Women are Jealous

Your Colombian mail order wife has a strong sense of ownership. Colombian bride is very sensitive about your loyalty and wouldn’t stand watching her husband talking to other brides. Columbian brides value strong family ties; they are extremely loyal and looking for the same quality in their boyfriends. Once you try to cheat on her, Colombian bride would never forgive you and, without a doubt, burn all the bridges down.

Colombian Wives are Outgoing

Colombian women are fun-loving; they are optimistic about life and enjoy leading an active lifestyle. Colombian wives hate boredom; they’re cheerful, love partying with friends, and traveling. Colombian wives are looking for men who can share this hunger for impressions. With such a lady you will never get bored, Colombian bride can turn even the dullest routine into a holiday.

colombian girl

Colombian Girls are Family-Oriented

Nothing compares to the family for Colombian girls for marriage. Family is their number one priority, and women from Columbia would happily dedicate themselves to their husbands and kids but only to certain limits. Like any other self-respectful woman, a Columbian mail order bride needs some time for herself. Hot Colombian women want to remain attractive to their husbands, and the role of a housewife is not for them. A Colombian lady wouldn’t avoid taking care of house duties, but Colombian bride would happily hire a maid.

Attractive Colombian Mail Order Brides- Best Profiles


The Cost of Colombian Mail Order Wife

Colombian bride cost

The costs associated with mail-order brides can differ from one service provider to another. Generally, it will take anywhere from $1000-$5000 USD for all the fees associated with this process. It is important to note that these prices are subject to change depending on the individual situation and country of origin.

The initial cost includes the fees for processing paperwork and documentation, as well as any fees associated with obtaining a visa or passport. Additionally, many services will charge membership fees in order to access their database of potential brides. These fees vary depending on the service provider, but they usually range between $50-$500 USD per month.

Once you have found your ideal Colombian mail order bride, there may be additional expenses depending on her nationality and where she currently lives. For example, if she is living in Colombia and plans to move to your country after marriage, then there will be costs associated with airfare and accommodation for both of you upon arrival in your home country. Furthermore, if she requires assistance learning the language or culture of your home country before or after arrival, those costs should also be taken into account.

Calculate the Cost of a Colombian Mail Order Bride

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

The Benefits Of Marrying a Colombian Wife

We all know that Colombian women are very attractive and naturally sexy. Hot Colombian women have natural good looks and smoking hot bodies. However, men often praise these beauties for their personalities. Beautiful women from Colomba are easy-going and you will never get bored in their presence.

However, these are not the only amazing traits that attract men from abroad to ladies from Colombia. Keep reading to learn about peculiar traits of Colombian women, and why they become perfect wives. Readers will also see a comparison table of Colombian woman and Brazil since these two countries share a border and are very similar.

Colombian Wedding Traditions

Colombia is a country rich in culture, music, and food. Colombian weddings are no exception—they are full of traditions that are unique to the country. If you’re lucky enough to attend a Colombian wedding, you’ll be treated to an unforgettable experience full of music, dancing, and delicious food. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most popular Colombian wedding traditions.

Gold Exchange

At Colombian weddings, it is tradition for the bride’s parents to present the groom with 13 gold coins. The coins represent Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. The groom then gives the coins to the bride as a symbol of his commitment to provide for her materially. 


The arras are 13 silver coins that the groom presents to the bride during the ceremony. The arras represent Christ and his 12 apostles. In return for the arras, the bride promises to be a loving and faithful wife. 


The banda is a group of musicians who play traditional Colombian music throughout the wedding reception. The banda helps keep guests entertained and dancing all night long! 

Wedding Cake

Colombian weddings typically feature a three-tiered cake decorated with flowers and ribbons. The top tier of the cake is usually reserved for the bride and groom to share on their first anniversary. 

La Danza de los Vireros 

The Danza de los Vireros is a traditional dance performed at Colombian weddings. The dance is performed by a group of men wearing colorful costumes and hats. The men weave in and out of each other while performing acrobatic tricks. It’s quite a sight to see! 

Colombian weddings are full of traditions that are sure to make your head spin! From the gold exchange to la danza de los vireros, there’s no shortage of intrigue at these celebrations. If you’re ever lucky enough to attend a Colombian wedding, be prepared for an unforgettable experience full of music, dancing, and delicious food.

Colombian Brides Vs. Brazilian Women

Women in Colombia and Brazil are similar in terms of having family values and being sexy. Enjoying family bonds is typical for most citizens in South and Central America. Men and women in these countries aren’t into fooling around, they want to fall in love and be happy in marriage.

However, women in Colombia and Brazil are slightly different. Typically, girls in Brazil are OK with becoming housewives, but only if absolutely necessary. In Brazil, ladies prefer more financial independence. In Colombia, the situation is slightly different. Perhaps, Colombian brides are perfect for men who want to have a traditional marriage. Take a look at the comparison table below.

Trait/Behavior/PeculiarityColombian mail bridesBrazilian mail brides
Traditional family values.++
A positive attitude.++
Cooking skills.++
Willingness to date exclusively.++

Both Brazilian and Colombian ladies have a natural talent for dancing. Undoubtedly, not all Brazilian and Colombian brides love dancing, so be careful when automatically assuming these ladies would be glad to visit parties and dance the entire night.

When dating Brazilian or Colombian women, do not assume they are “easy” targets just because you are a foreigner. Yes, some Brazilian or Colombian women will be curious to spend time with you. However, they aren’t into one-night stands.

Brazilian and Colombian women want to reach traditional goals – fall in love and get married. So, if you want to hook up, you should use specific apps that hook people up. There are people interested in one-night stands, so hook up with these women instead of breaking the heart of someone who believed you wanted exclusive relationships.

Love Stories of Colombian Mail-Order Brides and Foreign Men

Success Story #1 Image
Markus and Johana LatinFeels logo
When Johana signed up for an online dating site, she never imagined she would find the love of her life. But that's exactly what happened when she met Markus, a charming German man. They hit it off right away and soon began talking daily. Both of them were busy with their careers, but they made time for each other whenever possible. And after a year of long-distance dating, Markus finally flew to Colombia to meet Johana's family. They all loved him and he quickly became a part of the family. A few months later, they were married. Now they're living in Germany with their two dogs.
Success Story #2 Image
Giuseppe and Sofia LatinWomenLove logo
When Giuseppe first saw Sofia's profile online, he couldn't believe his luck. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and she was from Colombia - a country he always dreamed of visiting. They started messaging each other and it quickly became clear that they had a lot in common. When Giuseppe and Sofia met face-to-face they knew right away that they were meant to be together and within a few months they were married. Giuseppe moved to Colombia to be with Sofia and they started a new life together.
Success Story #3 Image
Adam and Alina ColombiaLady logo
Adam was Japanese and had lost his wife in a tragic accident. Alina was Colombian who had lost her husband . They each had children who were living with them alone. But they found one another on the Internet and fell in love. Despite their different backgrounds, the two of them shared a lot of common experiences. They understood what it was like to lose a spouse and raise children alone. They were able to provide support and comfort to one another that they hadn't found elsewhere. Their friends and family were delighted for them, as well as their relationship developing better with every passing day.

Marrying A Colombian Woman: Pros And Cons

Undoubtedly, Colombian women for marriage are physically attractive and have all those qualities of amazing wives. But what exactly makes Colombian ladies so appealing that men decide to marry them? There are quite a few reasons to consider marrying Colombian mail order brides. Check the table below for quick facts.

Natural beauty and sexiness.Hot temper.
Family values.Colombian wives are often dependent on their husbands.
Great wives. 
Amazing skills when raising kids. 
Great cooking skills. 
Loyalty and faithfulness. 
A positive attitude. 
Passionate about everything (and everyone) they love. 

Now, let’s check some details of why a Colombian wife is nearly perfect.

Traditional Family Values

A typical Colombian bride is very romantic and wants to achieve ultimate happiness. In this case, ultimate happiness is falling in love, getting married, and having children with a man who loves her back. It’s truly something most people would love to have, but Colombian mail order brides are ready to compromise and sacrifice some things to achieve family happiness.

For example, in Colombia, the difference between salaries received by men and women is without exaggeration striking. Unfortunately, women in the said country are underpaid for the same type of job men perform. That’s why some Colombian mail order brides choose to abandon their careers and become housewives.

This traditional division of family roles may not be popular in the western world, but it works great for Latin Americans. If you want to marry a Colombian women, rest assured, that Colombian bride will be ready to become a housewife and raise children.

colombian woman

Great Looks

Undoubtedly, Colombian mail order bride are some of the most beautiful women in the world. You can look up worldwide famous celebrities from Colombia to understand why everyone appreciates their naturally beautiful looks. Gorgeous Colombian woman use subtle makeup that enhances their beauty even more. However, they rarely need makeup because of their flawless skin, glossy thick hair, and gorgeous facial features.

Good With Kids

As mentioned, Colombian wives have traditional family values. Their idea of a happy marriage is being loyal to your partner and raising kids together. Colombian brides don’t believe in the concept of “child-free”. They prefer having at least one kid in a family. It’s a known fact that Colombian brides become great mothers and raise their children in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Optimism And A Positive Attitude

Colombian mail order bride is positive and optimistic, even if she have difficulties in life. Beautiful Colombian brides believe it’s no use to stay gloomy and grumpy since such an attitude won’t help with fixing issues. Instead, Colombian mail order brides stay positive and their optimism is definitely contagious!

Loyalty In Romantic And Other Types Of Relationships

Colombian woman loyal to their partners, family, and are friendly. They are supportive and would never abandon someone in need. Colombian mail order brides are extremely kind and faithful.

Find a Wife in Colombia - Best Brides Profiles


Decent Dating Sites To Meet Colombian Mail Order Wives

It’s not a secret that Colombian brides are a different breed. They attract men with impeccable beauty and a positive way of thinking. Anyone who has ever met a Colombian woman knows that it’s impossible to resist her charm. The Colombian dating industry is well-developed in Latin America. Lots of men eagerly join social networks, and dating websites specialized in Latin dating in order to find a bride from Colombia. Dating online has never been as popular as nowadays. The Web is full of various matrimonial services, and it may take a lot of time to find a good one. Here there is a list of some Colombian dating sites trustworthy dating platforms, so save some time and register on one or even a few of them.


  • 9.9

If you want to get a successful bargain for your time and money, get registered on This is the best website from Colombian dating websites that opens a door of online dating for you, making it an unforgettable experience even for the most demanding Colombian wife seeker. Use the website’s free and paid features to get a girl of your dream; thankfully, the website offers them in abundance. The website’s community is only the hottest Latin single women and their admirers. is serious about the safety of its users and provides them with an advanced encryption system to keep their money and data secured. No hidden payments, you pay only for those features that you really use.

  • 9.9

This is a website with an extended database of Latin brides. It deserved a high level of trust among users, thanks to a whole bunch of benefits offered to the members and reasonable prices. The registration on LatinFeels is quick and free of charge. You can always send gifts and flowers to your sweetheart and even ask for assistance in organizing a date. Friendly customer service works 24/7 to help you in solving any questions, and reliable security measures make your interaction with a Colombian woman absolutely safe.

  • 9.9 is a website with a wide selection of passionate Colombian wives online. This website was firstly launched in 2018 and, for 2 years on the market, has received a bit contradicting reviews. The very first that alarms a visitor is the absence of a verification process. Anyone can register on the website without confirming its personality. It means that the real members of are not protected from scammers and frauds. However, the administration team claims to do a lot to eliminate malicious activity on the website. The users are also protected with a modern SSL encryption system that guarantees that your communication with Colombian ladies for marriage is absolutely safe.

Comparison of Colombian Mail-Order Brides Platforms

Dating SiteProsCons
LatinFeels✅ Extensive database of Latin American singles❌ Some features require a paid membership✅ Focus on connecting with Latin women❌ Limited search options✅ Specializes in Colombian women❌ Mixed user reviews
LaDate✅ Wide selection of Latin singles❌ Relatively smaller user base

Tips For Dating Colombian Mail Order Brides

Dating a Colombian bride for sale is a not complicated process. Their friendly, welcoming nature predisposes people and makes men all around the world desire a Columbian bride. Even though Colombian mail order wives are not spoiled with images of luxurious life, they still have some requirements for their dearies. If you are curious about some pieces of advice on dating Colombia woman of any age, keep reading!

Choose a Trustworthy Dating Platform a Create a Memorable Profile

The things which go without saying are choosing a decent matrimonial service and creating an interesting account. Only those websites that offer the users a wide choice of verified profiles, reasonable prices, and up-to-date security systems should be taken into consideration. The next step is identifying your personality. To attract Hot Colombian women for marriage, fill out the questionnaire offered during the registration process that asks you to mention information about yourself, your preferences and interests, and don’t forget to upload photos where your face is clearly visible.

Pretty Colombian woman

Be Serious About Relationships with Colombians

The overwhelming majority of Colombian woman looking for relationships that will last for a lifetime. Casual dating and one-night-stands are not for them. If you only want sex with low commitment, you’d better go looking somewhere else. For Colombian brides, the proposal means the logical completion of dating and the beginning of a new adult life. Colombian mail order bride hate uncertainty, so make your intentions towards her clear.

Be Generous

Generosity is a feature that Colombian brides value a lot in men. They love jewelry and want to dress well for you. If you don’t know how to please a Colombian girl, give her your credit card and let her do shopping. Besides, in Colombia, men are expected to take all expenses for the date, including a restaurant bill. If you are not ready to spend on your Colombian lady vast sums of money, organize a romantic date in the open air. Colombia is a picturesque country where breathtaking locations are given in abundance.

Give Her Space

For a Colombian girl, a family is sacred, but as much as she loves her family, she needs some time for herself. Spend some time with kids and let your Colombian wife have a few hours in a cozy cafe in silence. Follow this advice, and you’ll see how grateful Colombian girl will be.

2899 girls online
6822 visits / day
2183 girls online
7845 visits / day
2592 girls online
6835 visits / day

Scams on Colombia Online Brides

Like any online dating platform, Colombian dating resources are not immune to scams. It’s important to be aware of potential risks and exercise caution while engaging with others on these platforms. Common scams may involve individuals creating fake profiles and using persuasive tactics to gain trust and manipulate emotions. They may eventually ask for money under various pretexts or attempt to exploit personal information for malicious purposes.

To avoid falling victim to scams, it is crucial to maintain a skeptical mindset, conduct thorough research on individuals you communicate with, avoid sharing sensitive information, and report any suspicious activity to the platform’s support team. By staying vigilant and using good judgment, you can better protect yourself and have a safer experience while searching for genuine connections on Colombian dating resources.


Dreaming of a Gorgeous Colombian single woman is natural. Colombian girl is a treasure that so many men would like to own. The inborn beauty and valuable personal traits that Colombian ladies possess make them highly demanded among men. The reason why Colombian brides are looking for a husband abroad is more of a social character, but no matter why she wants to marry a foreigner, Colombian girl is ready to become a loving and devoted wife. Colombian woman know the importance of marriage, and since a very young age, they were taught that family is sacred in every woman’s life. Thankfully, to conquer such a perfect bride, a man doesn’t need to overcome long distances anymore, register on a worthy matrimonial service and let professionals do this work for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet your love.

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