Gorgeous Irish Brides And Their Peculiarities

Updated on Feb 2023
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Amazing Irish brides are some of the most beautiful and uniquely attractive women out there. Even though Irish mail order brides don’t often win world pageant contests, Irish women are extremely attractive. The good looks of Irish mail order brides make foreigners consider marrying these beauties. Keep reading the article to learn more about Irish wives.

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Why Are Irish Brides So Beautiful?

One of the things that make Irish women so attractive and sexy is their diversity. Studies have shown that of all European countries Ireland is the most diverse country in terms of nations and ethnicities. However, some physical traits are common for Irish wives.

Typically, Irish women are petite and short or of average height. They are strong and prefer leading an active lifestyle that matches their physical appearance. Moreover, most Irish mail order brides have rather light skin. People in Ireland are used to a colder climate, so they don’t get tanned, their skin typically burns.

Another distinguishing feature is Irish women and men getting gray hair when they are in their late twenties. However, the good thing is that men rarely get bold. Instead of losing hair, it simply gets grayer each year. So, if you want to pass good genes to your kids, consider marrying Irish women.

As for the hair color, yes, some Irish women have ginger or red hair color. However, it’s a common stereotype that everyone in Ireland has red hair. As mentioned, Ireland is extremely diverse. You will find Irish wives with red, blonde, brown, and even black hair. However, it’s common for Irish women to have thick hair. The thickness and gloss of their hair really make them extremely attractive.

Typically, Irish mail order brides have light eye colors. Even if an Irish bride has brown eyes, they look more like eyes the color of whiskey. It’s also possible to find beautiful Irish women with darker hair, light skin, and blue, gray, or green eyes.

Irish women have beautiful physical features, but they are so charming because of their personalities. Irish wives often love to have fun with their loved ones and friends. They are very friendly and easy-going. However, they are loving and caring, rather romantic, and believe in love. Their personalities make them even more attractive.

Reasons To Marry An Irish Bride

As mentioned, Irish wives are attractive and diverse. Travel to Ireland and see it with your eyes! One of the main reasons to marry an Irish mail order bride is getting a loyal and supportive partner with good looks. The diversity of Irish women is what makes them so interesting. They have amazing personalities, and any man can find a woman of the type they like.

irish brides

You can meet blonde, red-haired, or brown-haired Irish women. All of them are attractive, but the most important thing is that they have amazing personalities. So, it’s easy to encounter an Irish wife with a great personality and with a physical appearance that you like and prefer. But this is just one of many reasons for marrying gorgeous Irish mail order brides. Check the table below to get an explanation.

Loyalty.Irish brides become loyal and faithful partners. If you are into traditional marriage, you will love dating Irish women.
Friendliness.Irish mail order brides are easy-going and overall optimistic. They have the gift of boosting other people’s good moods.
Cooking skills.Perhaps, most people aren’t aware of how delicious the national cuisine in Ireland is, but Irish wives can fix this issue. Irish brides are great cooks and they love feeding their families.
Beauty.Undoubtedly, Irish wives are extremely attractive. It would be a lie to claim that we don’t want to end up with someone attractive and sexy. Well, Irish brides are attractive and sexy, while also humble and kind.
An amazing personality.Spending a lifetime with an attractive person may be a great experience, but not as great as living with a person with an amazing personality. Irish mail order brides are everything a man wants – they are beautiful, funny, and family-oriented. Irish brides become wives, but also become best friends to their husbands.

There are many more advantages and reasons to marrying an Irish bride. Consider traveling to Ireland since it’s a beautiful country. In Ireland, you can get proof that Irish wives are amazing women with the best personalities.

Are There Mail Order Brides In Ireland?

Yes, that’s why a typical foreign man is marrying an Irish woman. The term “mail-order bride”, or a “mail-order husband” merely indicates that the person is ready to marry a foreigner. Typically, there are people in all countries that want to try dating someone from abroad. That’s why today most of us can think of at least one international couple they know or are friends with.

Irish mail order brides are often interested in dating men from the U.S, Europe, Canada, and Australia. However, today a lot of men and women are attracted to Asians, especially from such countries as South Korea, and Japan. Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to date foreigners in Ireland.

Typical Irish wive believe they may find love abroad in case they have different views. For instance, we often may feel as if we have a lot more in common with people of other ethnicities, rather than with locals.

Some Irish mail order brides believe that people with differences are drawn to each other. It’s a common conception. A lot of people, not just Irish women, believe that you get better chances of staying together with someone who is different.

The good news is that you can easily meet Irish mail order brides thanks to modern dating apps and websites. Moreover, you may even use such apps to find Irish brides nearby in your country.

Love Stories of Irish Mail-Order Brides and Foreign Men

Success Story #1 Image
Hector and Shannon DateUkrainianGirl logo
They say that love knows no bounds, and for Hector and Shannon, this was certainly true. The two of them met online, and from the moment they started talking, they knew there was something special between them. They were drawn to each other's stories, and their shared values. They met and fell in love quickly, and before long, they were married. They were blissfully happy together, and everything appeared to be perfect. But then the difficulties of raising a family in a new nation arose. Shannon was originally from Ireland, whereas Hector was from Mexico. Life in a new country isn't always simple, but with the help of their loved ones, they managed it well.
Success Story #2 Image
Seamus and Margarita RealEuropeanBeauty logo
When Margarita and Seamus met online, they knew it was meant to be. They were from different parts of the world, but their love flourished. They talked for hours on end, sharing stories and dreams. It didn't matter to either of them that they were thousands of miles apart. Margarita and Seamus finally met in person after months of talking online. They were both nervous, but the moment their eyes met, they knew it was meant to be. They married a few months later and are now living happily ever after.
Success Story #3 Image
Henrik and Liesel CharmRomance logo
When Liesel met Henrik online, she couldn't believe it was true. A German man, who was handsome and successful? She had to be dreaming. But as they began talking, she found that he was kind and caring, and she quickly fell in love with him. Henrik felt the same way about Liesel, and after a few months of chatting online and on the phone, he flew to Ireland to meet her. They hit it off immediately, and within weeks they were married. They were happy together, enjoying their life in Germany with their two children. Liesel's Irish heritage added a touch of magic to their lives, and Henrik loved learning about her culture. They were truly meant to be together.

Dating Irish Women As An American Man

If you’re an American man planning to meet an Irish woman, it’s wise to do short research. Even though Ireland should be an easy country to live in, it still has several dating peculiarities.

Let’s start exploring Irish women dating by naming some behaviors that Irish women hate. First, they hate it when people ask what is their native language. It’s obviously English. You would be surprised, but some people genuinely ask that question.

Second, do not fall for stereotypes about single Irish girls. No, they aren’t all red-heads. Do not ask an Irish bride why doesn’t she have red hair. Ireland may have more redheads than any other country, but not as many as one might think.

Irish brides also don’t like it when foreigners automatically assume that everyone in the country knows how to perform traditional dances, such as Ceili, or other dances. Yes, Irish wives do love to dance, but typically, only when they are drunk. The good news is that you can have a time in your life when visiting pubs in Ireland.

In general, if you are from the U.S., just be respectful. Don’t worry, Irish brides and people, in general, are very welcoming and hospitable.

Best Cities In Ireland To Find Girls For Marriage

There is no such thing as one city where one can find an Irish bride or a groom. It’s possible to distinguish several cities where men can find Irish girls. Typically the most populated city in any country is the capital, so the obvious option is to travel to Dublin.

However, Ireland has so much more to offer. Take a look at the table below to see what cities you should visit. Even if you don’t find an Irish wife, you will enjoy an amazing trip.

CityReason to visit
DublinThe most populated city with beautiful Irish women.
BelfastA populated and extremely beautiful city one must visit. Has a Titanic Belfast Museum.
GalwayHas many attractions, including various festivals.
LimerickAn amazing city with beautiful places to visit.
CorkThird most populated city in Ireland, populated by gorgeous women.

Now, let’s get into details.


In most countries, the most populated city is the capital. Ireland is not an exception, in this case. So, if you wish to encounter Irish mail order brides, visit Dublin. The city has over one million citizens, so it’s highly likely that you will encounter an Irish bride.


Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland (do not confuse it with the Republic of Ireland). As you know, Northern Ireland is one of four countries in the United Kingdom. Belfast is the 12th largest city in the UK but is the second-largest city in Ireland after Dublin. This fact means that it’s also highly likely to encounter an Irish bride in a populated city.

irish woman


This particular city is popular for combining historical places with modern attractions. It sometimes feels like going back in time. However, when you look inside some buildings, you get amazed because of seeing modern attractions that aren’t present in the most advanced cities. So, if you want to have fun while seeking Irish women, Galway is a perfect location.


Even though limerick was created through literature from Ireland and England, it wasn’t named for the city Limerick in Ireland. Limerick is a great city to regain strength, stop trying to reach all your goals at once. It’s a peaceful city with beautiful landscapes. It’s also a place to encounter beautiful Irish mail order brides.


It would be a huge mistake not to include Cork, the third-largest city in Ireland. In Cork, you can start dating an Irish girl with no problems. Irish women living in Cork are very friendly and open to dating foreigners.

Top Facts About Wedding Traditions in Ireland

Not everyone knows that people in Ireland also wear kilts! Some men in Ireland even wear kilts with their special type of tartan for weddings. However, it’s a rather old tradition and most men wear tuxedos for their weddings. Moreover, it’s doubtful that Irish single women would ask their foreign men to wear something traditional only in Ireland.

However, there are many other traditions people still follow. For instance, beautiful Irish brides prefer getting married in dresses that have traditional symbols. They also often use traditional lace instead of a veil. Let’s see some other interesting facts about Irish women and their favorite traditions.

Something Blue, Not Green

As for something blue, Irish mail order wives don’t often use green in their wedding ceremonies. Green is a traditional color in Ireland, but it wasn’t until the 19th century. So, traditional weddings don’t rely solely on the green color.

Special Lucky Symbols

Often Irish mail order brides believe in various lucky symbols. Some beautiful Irish brides even used to take horseshoes when walking down the aisle. Today, most weddings include lucky symbols, for instance, lucky shamrocks, lucky symbols, and yes, tiny horseshoes.

Uilleann Pipes

Another amazing tradition will be loved by music fans. In Scotland, you often hear Bagpipes, but in Ireland, you hear sweeter and smaller Uilleann Pipes traditional for the country. Typically, these pipes are played inside churches during the official wedding ceremony. In some cases, the piper may play various musical compositions during guests’ arrival. In any situation, it’s a really nice tradition.

Claddagh Rings

Another amazing tradition in Ireland loved by Irish women is wearing Claddagh rings. The ring has a few symbols:

  • heart = love;
  • crown = loyalty;
  • clasped hands = friendship.

You can interpret this symbol as being loyal to each other while sharing love and trusting each other like friends. The idea of marriage in Ireland is based on several concepts. Your partner must be not just a lover for you, but also a friend. Both the husband and the wife should be faithful in marriage and support each other.


You didn’t expect a wedding in Ireland to take place without dances, did you? No, you won’t have to dance if you don’t like to. The typical wedding reception has a part when professional dancers appear on stage and perform amazing traditional dances. Usually, the dances are performed with Uilleann pipe players too. As a result, the reception is marvelous.

How To Attract Irish Brides?

A typical Irish mail order bride is OK with the idea of dating a foreigner. So, you can eliminate the need to encounter a bride who is into foreigners. Today, we live in a world that feels bigger with fewer boundaries. Most of us accept the idea of dating foreigners because of globalization.

In the past, each country was more private and isolated. But today, we can travel, communicate with foreigners online, etc. So yes, it shouldn’t be a problem to encounter an Irish woman willing to try dating a foreigner. However, each country has different opinions on what is attractive and common. Even though the dating culture in most countries is similar (with the exception of Muslim countries where dating is different), it’s still worth learning about various peculiarities of Irish brides.

sexy irish brides

Here are some general tips on attracting an Irish wife:

  • Don’t be mad if your Irish bride gets late. It’s a common thing among Irish mail order brides. Even if they have all the time in the world to dress up, they get late. On the bright side, your Irish bride will appear dressed up to the nines.
  • Don’t push it if your Irish mail order bride wants to split the bill. Irish wives are proud and able to pay for their meals. In the opinion of Irish brides, there is nothing worse than owing someone for paying for their dinner. If your Irish mail order bride is OK with you covering expenses, then you can pay. But only in this case.
  • Make compliments even if your Irish mail order bride can’t properly receive a compliment. People in Ireland are very humble in general. They don’t tend to brag, and if they receive compliments, they often say things to put themselves down. Don’t let this be a discouragement to make compliments to a beautiful Irish woman! Keep complimenting your potential Irish wife so she feels your love and knows you value her.

Some other valuable tips include being respectful and staying yourself. As mentioned, Irish mail order brides want to fall in love, and they hate it when it turns out they wasted their time on someone who pretends to be a different person. If you want to charm an Irish bride, be ready to have fun in pubs, dance when drunk, etc. However, be ready to commit to exclusive relationships.


Whether you manage to meet Irish singles in America, travel to Ireland or use dating apps, it should be an amazing experience. Irish women are intelligent, attractive, and know how to have fun. However, they have traditional values.

The dating arena isn’t different from the American one, but with some peculiarities. It’s uncommon to hook up just for one (even though it happens). Most Irish brides prefer exclusive relationships. The majority of the population on planet Earth dreams about falling in love with the right person, and Irish women are no exception.

The easiest way to see whether you like Irish women for real and not just their amazing looks, is to use dating apps. It’s an inexpensive and easy way to meet many Irish brides. While communicating online, it’s easier to tell whether you like someone’s views and opinions. However, it’s still a good idea to then meet in person to check whether there is a spark of passion between you two.

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