How Long Should You Date Before Marriage?

Updated on Dec 2022

Every man starts asking himself this question sooner or later. You probably already have dozens of examples of broken marriages before your eyes. You are probably thinking about how to avoid broken couples’ fates and ensure a happy family life. The answer to this article’s central question is both complex and straightforward.

There is no such thing as too early or too late for a wedding. A successful marriage requires a combination of several factors – the moral and psychological readiness of both partners, financial stability, and the desire to overcome difficulties for the sake of the chosen person.

Give Yourself Time to Know Your Partner Through the Good Times and the Bad 

The most crucial thing in a relationship is not sex, beautiful dates, or gift giving. Knowing each other through the good and bad times is much more critical. Marriage will be vital if a couple knows how to overcome the hard times together.

No one ever said that love was easy. Most people will tell you that marriage takes hard work. While that may be true, you can make things easier on yourself by getting to know your partner before you tie the knot.

Some people believe you should date for at least a year before getting married. This gives you time to get to know and see how you work together as a team. It also allows you to get through all couples’ more challenging times, such as job loss, financial problems, or sick family members. If you can get through those tough times together, you will likely have a happy and successful marriage.

Of course, no magic number of months or years will guarantee a successful marriage. Every relationship is different, and you and your partner must figure out what works best for you. It depends on various factors, including age, circumstances, and relationship with your partner. 

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Communication and Conflict Resolving

It is essential to be friends with your spouse. Friendship is one of the critical ingredients of a happy marriage. During the first years of marriage, you and your partner are getting to know each other and trying to create a strong emotional bond. Good communication is the key to a thriving friendship and marriage. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything, including your hopes, dreams, fears, and desires.

You should also feel comfortable communicating your needs and healthily resolving conflict. If you and your partner can do these things, you will be off to a good start in your marriage. Age can also be a good predictor of success in marriage. Studies have shown that couples who wait until they are older to get married are more likely to have a happy and successful marriage.

This may be because older couples are more mature and have more life experience. They know what they want in life and are more likely to be on the same page as their partner. They also tend to understand better the compromises and sacrifices required by marriage. 

Balance of Work and Family Life

Another critical factor in a happy marriage is balancing work and family life. If you and your partner can find a way to balance your work and family responsibilities, you will be more likely to have a happy marriage. This can be difficult to find, but it is essential to try. If one person is always working and the other is always taking care of the home and family, it can lead to resentment and conflict. Finding a way to share the workload and spend time together as a family is vital.

Financial Stability

Money is often one of the most stressful aspects of marriage. Being on the same page as your partner regarding finances is essential. You should discuss your financial goals and how you will manage your money. It is also necessary to have some savings for emergency expenses. If you and your partner can handle your finances responsibly, it will take some of the stress out of marriage. 

Do you have a budget? Do you save money? Do you live within your means? These are essential things to consider before you get married. According to the current divorce statistics, many couples break up due to financial disagreements.

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Are You Past the “Romantic Love” Phase?

  • Some experts believe marriages are more likely to be successful if the couple is past the “romantic love” phase. This is the stage of marriage when everything is new and exciting. The butterflies you felt when you first started dating are gone, and you are now getting to know your partner deeper.
  • You may have arguments and disagreements, but you are still learning and growing together. If you can get through this stage, you will likely have a strong and lasting marriage. Only after the romantic phase can you truly get to know the person you plan to spend most of your life with.
  • The key to a successful marriage is choosing the right person for whom you are willing to develop, work and infringe on small things. Any healthy interpersonal relationship is a symbiosis in which partners improve and complement each other, sacrificing some of their personal space and individuality.


Dating for at least a year before getting married gives you time to get to know your partner and see how you work together. It is also essential to communicate well and healthily resolve conflict. Balancing work and family life is crucial, as is being financially responsible. Finally, being past the “romantic love” phase can also be a good predictor of success in marriage.

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