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Updated on Aug 2023
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Are you considering a beautiful Japanese bride for your wife? There are many reasons why marrying a Japanese mail order bride is the perfect decision — from their stunning beauty to their gentle, compassionate natures. Japanese brides have a long-standing reputation for being devoted and loyal partners, offering tremendous love and support for their families. Explore our guide on how to find the perfect Japanese bride and see what makes them so special!

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General Information About Japanese Brides

❤️ Success Rate 85%
🇯🇵 Popular Japanese cities with brides Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kawasaki
💰 Average cost of Japanese bride $3300 — $7300
⌛ Average age of Japanese bride 22 y.o.
💑 Best Japanese dating site AsianMelodies
💔 Average divorce rate 18%
⚖️ Is it legal? Yes

But since there is a huge distance between your country and Japan, it is not as easy to find a Japanese bride. Fortunately, anyone could use the Japanese mail order brides app or website to meet their future sexy Japanese wife. Everyone has already gotten used to Tinder and similar apps like Hinge or OkCupid, etc. So why not try something more serious, like a Japanese mail order bride site?

Yes, such sites are helpful, and not only because it might be the only option to meet a bride from Japan. The fact is that people got used to dating online. Even a decade ago, people would say that it is absolutely not an option to seek someone. But today, dating websites help not just in finding a date or casual sex partner, but a spouse as well.

Beautiful Japanese women definitely don’t think they are exceptions to this case. It is common to use different social networks in Japan to meet friends and significant others. About Beautiful Japanese wife dating – we will talk about that in today’s article.

Find a Japanese Wife Online

Location Tokyo
Age 23
Hobbies Fencing
English level B1
Weight 55
Height 167

Advantages Of Japanese Mail Order Japanese Brides

You might not even need to be convinced that dating and meeting Japanese women online is a good idea. It is understandable; you can’t fly to Japan all the time and seek wives there. So dating on Japanese brides platforms is the only possible option. But even this factor is not as crucial as other advantages you get while dating online.

So here is why it is less stressful and easier to meet Japanese wives:

  • You use filters and seek exactly those Japanese singles brides who match your views.
  • the divorce rate of people marrying after dating is much lower.
  • Spend less – no plane tickets, booking hotel rooms, wasting money, etc.
  • Seeking Japanese brides won’t interrupt your usual routine.
  • A big audience – a lot of singles are using dating sites to meet their soulmates.
  • Less stressful – you think about what you message rather than say it and regret it later.

Not only that, you could find the woman of your dreams from Japan, but you could also meet her without difficulties through online dating. Japanese mail order wives on such sites are waiting to meet guys who have similar mindsets and are family-oriented. So it is definitely a good idea to use such online apps.

How much does a Japanese bride cost?

Japanese bride cost

Japan is known for its unique culture, rich history, and beautiful landscapes; however, one thing that some people may not know about Japan is the availability of mail order brides. It’s no secret that the cost of a mail order bride from Japan can be expensive, but what are the specifics? Let’s take a look at what goes into the price of Japanese Brides.

The initial cost for a potential suitor to start contacting potential brides through an agency can range from $4,000 to $8,000 USD. However, this is just the starting point as there are many other fees associated with obtaining a Japanese mail order bride. Typically these additional costs come in the form of travel expenses—both for yourself and your potential bride—and any necessary documents or paperwork fees required by both countries.

Calculate Japanese Mail Order Brides Price

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

About Japanese Wives: Peculiarities And Personality Traits

Before you create an account on a Japanese online website and meet pretty Japanese Brides, you need to make sure you know about their personalities and behavior. It will be different than dating other women since there are lots of differences between Western and Asian cultures. So here are some thoughts to consider.

Japanese tender girl

How Will It Affect Others?

There is a concept in Japan, according to which people should think about how their behavior might affect others. While seeking Japanese women, you will notice that Japanese brides for marriage act accordingly. They won’t say something that might harm you.

For instance, if you are dating a Japanese woman, and she isn’t happy about something you say in the company of friends, she will wait for you to be alone. Only then your Japanese woman would bring up the topic and point out what she doesn’t like.

Japanese brides and people overall in Japan are trying to live according to such a concept. It doesn’t mean they won’t point out what they dislike. Dating Japanese women might be easier because of that.

Blood Type vs. Zodiac Signs

Have you ever heard about girls believing Zodiac signs affect us? You might meet a single woman believing in certain combinations of Zodiac signs who have the future as a couple, while others don’t. In Japan, you will hear about a blood type concept.

People with certain blood types are compatible, while others are not. It might have more sense than Zodiac signs since this concept has at least minimal medical background, which you might find on the Internet. So don’t be surprised if your Japanese bride asks you about your blood type.

Family Comes First

Family ties are important for Japanese women for marriage. If you might have dated women who were childfree, this is not the case when it comes to Japanese brides. It is completely of when someone is childfree; this is their choice. But this concept in Japan is not so popular.

So most likely, you will be dating a potential Japanese hot wife who wants to have kids. Family is important for girls in Japan, so make sure both of you are looking in the same direction and have the same desires.


It is always important to respect a Japanese mail order bride who you date and her culture. Make sure you don’t say anything disrespectful towards Japan and people in this country. You should also note, in Japan, people respect the old culture, ancient wisdom, etc. It is part of the culture.

young Japanese woman

Japanese Mail Order Brides Looking Forward To Having Kids

As it was mentioned, in Japan, people don’t believe in the childfree concept. For Japanese brides family is important, as well as having kids. You might find a woman in Japan who is childfree, but those are rare cases. So if you are childfree, you might have to seek harder to find a single in Japan who has a similar mindset.

Japanese Wife Culture

The culture in Japan is an important part of everyday life. You should start learning more about the culture in Japan if you are determined to start seriously dating Japanese woman for marriage. While using a Japanese wife finder (a dating app), you might start asking about culture in Japan. It might be a topic for a conversation to make your bond. You should also start learning the Japanese language, just some basic skills. It will show that you value your Japanese mail order bride.

Most Wonderful Wife from Japan


Where To Find Japan Brides Online?

Japanese mail order wife or bride sites certainly have nothing to do with the concept of a Japanese bride for sale. Online dating is not a service for selling brides; it is a simple dating site where you meet different women and try to choose “the one.” It might be the only way to meet your love from Japan since it is difficult and expensive to fly each time to Japan.

You could use some reputable services to meet Japanese mail order brides from this beautiful country. Most such services are paid, but they guarantee the safety of your data and good results. Plus, on free websites, most people use fake accounts. It is extremely hard to tell who is real and who is using a fake account and stolen photos.

If you are determined to meet your love from Japan, you should use some reliable services that meet the following requirements:

  • Safe and protect users’ data.
  • Offer a good variety of Japanese brides profiles.
  • Have some verification procedures.
  • Have good feedback from users.

For marrying a Japanese woman to be safe, the basic requirements are essential since you don’t want to use not safe websites. You could check out some reviews about Asian brides or Japanese mail order sites to make sure you are using the right one. Tinder or other similar apps don’t work in this situation. You could benefit from such sites as AsianMelodies or RomanceTale; they have a big audience in Japan.

Japanese Mail Order Services Comparison

Dating SiteProsCons
AsianMelodiesWide selection of Asian singles from different countriesSome features may require a premium membership
theLuckyDateFocus on connecting individuals with Asian womenLimited free features available
SakuraDateHigh-quality user base with a focus on serious relationshipsHigher cost compared to some other dating sites
LoverWhirlLarge user base with various dating features and optionsLimited free trial period and features
OrchidRomanceExtensive search and communication tools for finding compatible partnersLimited free features available
JapanCupidAdvanced features for effective communication and interactionSome features may require a premium membership

What Does a Japanese Bride Like in a Man?

It is not difficult to guess why Japanese brides like European men. What men’s qualities do they like?

Ability To Compliment

Unlike local “samurai,” European Johns and Simons are not so stingy with emotions and feelings. As long as a Japanese man walks around for six months and invites a girl to eat sushi for lunch, Europeans and Americans with different mentalities will quickly show their true feelings.


Japanese brides consider western gentlemen not only handsome but brave and confident because they directly say what they want from a particular woman.

Being Tall

Japanese ladies like it when their foreign husband is tall. These exotic women especially appreciate the external brutality of Vikings. 

Pumped-Up Bodies

Japanese brides have always liked foreign men for their unusual appearance. Powerful, muscular guys cause genuine interest and go in contrast with local grooms.

Japanese girl

Caring And Well-Mannered

A Japanese mail-order wife has always been attracted by the fact that a foreign husband takes care of her, understands her situation and difficulties, and tries to help solve problems.

Love Stories of Japanese Mail-Order Brides

Success Story #1 Image
Liam and Laila EasternHoneys logo
Liam and Laila had both been single for a while when they met on a dating site. They started messaging each other and soon found out that they had a lot in common. They agreed to meet up for coffee and hit it off right away. They laughed and joked about all the things they had in common. It was clear that they were meant to be together.
Success Story #2 Image
Henry and Kayla AsianMelodies logo
Henry and Kayla met each other on a dating site after being single for some time. When they started messaging back-and-forth, they quickly learned that they had many interests in common. They coffee and got along great from the start. They talked about all of their shared hobbies and laughed together; clearly, it was meant to be!

What is the difference Between Japanese Brides For Marriage and Other Asian Brides?

Many foreign men find it challenging to distinguish Asian women from each other, especially when they meet on dating sites. So, for example, not everyone can immediately determine who is a resident of China and who is a resident of Japan, or they will confuse a Japanese lady with a Korean. Many differences can be found.


Chinese bridesKorean bridesJapanese brides
FaceFlat and round.Angular.Elongated, regular oval.
NoseWide.Slightly flattened.Tiny, accurate shape.
Skin colorDark.The darkest of the Asian nations.White skin.
EyesThe eyes of the Chinese women are raised.The eyes have an almond shape.The eyes of sexy Japanese brides are slightly apart.
HairGirls stand for naturalness both in terms of color and in terms of haircuts. Women prefer curls of a light brown color.
Women are prone to elaborate and even extravagant hairstyles.
Figure Average weight – 59.6 kg.Average weight – 60.2 kg.Average weight – 53 kg. 

Korean Women

It is challenging to describe the typical appearance of Korean women due to the numerous plastic surgeries. Women are obsessed with their beauty and desire to achieve perfection. According to statistics, 80% of Korean women you meet on dating sites have undergone various plastic surgeries, and some parents consider it a good birthday present.

Local ladies prefer to spend their precious time on something other than clarifying relationships. They will smile back and remain silent. Why? It’s just part of upbringing.

Chinese Women

Chinese do not like to take care of themselves very much, and you can meet a lady in homemade or messy clothes. And in general, Chinese women dress in many different ways, usually with a lot of sparkles and very brightly. But they experiment a lot with the color of their hair, dyeing it in absolutely stunning colors. The same applies to makeup.

The main thing grooms on dating sites admire is that a Chinese wife shows love and respect to her husband, always emphasizing that he is the head of the family.

Japanese Women

Japanese brides have a more fragile physique and higher growth than other Asian people. They are susceptible to their appearance and spend much time on self-care. The Japanese are obsessed with cleanliness, and it is difficult to meet an untidy person with dirty hair or clothes in a public place. A Japanese bride has restrained and refined make-up and prefers expensive brands of clothes.

The reason why young wives seek a divorce is marital incompatibility. Soon after marriage, a young Japanese brides becomes convinced that she does not mean so much to her husband if he spends the whole day at work. She entrusts her life to  online dating and becomes a Japanese wife online. 

Japanese bride

Japanese Wives Dating: Ideas And Tips

If you want to meet a future wife in Japan, you should use other tricks to charm women. You were dating women with a different mindset, other desires, and beliefs, etc. So it is important to create another approach to dating with a Japanese mail order bride. For example, you should learn a few things about the culture in Japan, what things you shouldn’t say or do, etc. So here are some things to consider:

  • Don’t mix reality and anime.
  • Start learning the Japanese language – show you care.
  • Learn more about the history of the country.
  • Ask about the traditions and customs in Japan.
  • Be respectful and honest with Japanese mail order brides.

Use any excuse – you want to learn more about the culture in Japan, so ask your potential Japanese mail order bride about all the things that might be interesting to you. You will have a chance to bond, and you won’t need to seek topics for conversation at the beginning of your relationships. You could also ask for some Japanese lessons; it will show how much you care about this woman.

beautiful Japanese girl


We hope that by reaching the end of the article, you now have a good understanding of how to meet Japanese brides online. Different approaches exist when it comes to these girls, and they can all be very successful. When you are looking for a Japanese girl for marriage, all you need to do is follow the article with all the tips, and you will not go wrong. Japan mail order brides will change your life, and you will never be disappointed. 

Once you find the love of your life from the country, you will wonder what took you so long and how many years you wasted seeking Western women. Japanese mail order brides are more sensitive, more caring, more intelligent, and certainly more respectful. They make outstanding life partners, and they are women you can trust with your life.


How to attract a Japanese Bride?

A few things you need to remember when it comes to impressing these women. The first is to be polite and respectful. But to find Japanese women, it is good to have a sense of humor that will certainly make them look at you with loving eyes.

What is a Japanese mail order bride?

They certainly are some of the most attractive women on the planet. What makes them so gorgeous is the fact that they are humble and shy. It attracts many Western men to them. What makes men find Japanese wife is the fact that they live a healthy life and always look so young and healthy.

Where to get Japanese Mail Order Wives?

There are different ways. The most convenient, as we discussed, is to search through the many dating establishments online. You will get easy access to thousands of hot girls, and you will have a chance to get a Japanese wife easily.

How much does a mail order bride cost in Japan?

The cost varies from 3,000$ to 21,000$ and depends on different factors such as the age of the lady and how she looks, and from where she comes from. But more importantly than the cost of these amazing brides is that you enjoy spending time with them. We have given you all the tips on how to find a Japanese bride. All you need to do is follow our rules.

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