How Many Mail Order Marriages End in Divorce? Love Success Statistic

Updated on Feb 2023

Over the past few years, online acquaintances have become increasingly popular: online dating sites have been developed, dating apps have been created to search for partners and find love. Undoubtedly, researchers’ relationships that began in this way were already being studied, but the results were somewhat contradictory. Some scholars have written that online dating is short-lived, while others have put forward the opposite view, saying that online dating has good prospects. So, can virtual romance evolve into a happy marriage, and what is the mail order bride divorce rate?

Mail Order Bride Facts

There is always an objective reality behind all the promotional offers and descriptions of mail order brides services. Here are some facts about online dating that you didn’t know:

  1. Every third person in the world has met someone online at least once.
  2. 48% of people use dating sites for interest, 13% are looking for exclusive relationships, and the rest are looking for new acquaintances.
  3. One in ten users is merely seeking an instant hookup.

In 2005, the Pew Research Centre conducted a study in which 44% of the people surveyed described online acquaintances as positive. Others thought it was a bad alternative to real, live communication. Ten years later, the study was repeated. And then, 59% of the people surveyed said online dating was a good trend. According to the same survey, 43% of online daters proceeded with their virtual acquaintances in real life. 17% of them tied the knot with their dating mate. Millions of respondents are behind these percentages. Surprisingly, the fact that those who have found each other on the Web are more likely to walk down the aisle. Those who have met, for instance, in a bar, entertainment center, or only on the street, usually take their time before jump into wedding vows. Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenfeld cites several reasons for this phenomenon. They are the following.

mail order brides marriages

More Options To Choose From

A person can view various options before starting a dialogue and having a relationship with someone on the Internet. This fact is corroborated by statistics stating that 75 percent of people said they were satisfied with a real encounter after an online one. Such online acquaintances’ success is ensured because the suggested options already have a high level of compatibility. Firstly, reliable mail order bride sites offer a member to primary fill in a detailed questionnaire in which it is possible to indicate not only demographic data (height, age, nationality, and place of residence), but also preferences in hobbies, passions, and even habits. Thus, the choices presented before you will be more appropriate to you than others. Secondly, some mail order bride services offer small psychological tests, based on the results of which the matchmaking algorithms will provide you with the most appropriate options to meet someone.

The Abundance of Information 

Today, it’s hard to find someone who would believe in TMI, for the “too much information” concept has become a reality itself. People on the Web (including mail order bride sites) disclose a lot about themselves. In just a few minutes, you can find out what people are passionate about, where they live and work, their education, and their family status. By studying users’ questionnaires and profiles, it is possible to conclude the similarities of interests in advance, lifestyle, musical and culinary preferences of the potential marital partner. Finally, it is easier for many people to start with instant messaging: less excitement and more time to come up with smart answers to the interlocutor’s questions. Consequently, it becomes easier to establish a relationship, and it develops much faster.

Mail Order Bride Statistics: What Do the Figures Say?

Scholars from the University of Chicago cite research results according to which those who find their soul-mate on the Internet are in the end happier in family life, and such marriages last longer. Although the study shows only a correlative, not causal, relationship between these phenomena, the authors propose several hypotheses to explain the results. These include higher motivation for online acquaintances, the opportunity to learn more about the new acquaintance even before a real meeting, and other opportunities offered by the Internet.

One of the authors of the article, John T. Cacioppo, describes the study as follows: “Our findings suggest that the Internet can improve the efficiency and quality of dating and subsequent marriage.” The actively developing social networks, various methods of instant messaging and e-mail exchange, thematic forums, multiplayer online games, and other virtual worlds add effectiveness to this method.

As part of the study, John Cacioppo and his colleagues analyzed the results of a vast sample — 19,131 people took part in a survey about how satisfied they are with their marriage and how long it lasts. The respondents were asked, in particular, how happy they are in a marriage, how high their level of affection for their spouse is, how much time they spend together and how much they love each other. These are the factors helpful in estimating a mail order bride success rate

The divorce rate in the part of the sample that met online was about 6%, while among spouses who met in the company of friends, at work, in a club, or other places, it was about 7.6%. The difference is small, but given the sample size, it turned out to be significant. Similarly, the difference between satisfaction ratings with marriage is significant — 5.64 for online dating and 5.48 for dating in real life. Therefore, specialized dating sites are not only an opportunity to diversify your experience of romantic relationships but also a genuine possibility to find your future spouse.


Final Thoughts on Mail Order Bride Success

A happy married life certainly depends on many factors, and how the future spouses met is just one of them. However, multiple studies in this area provide inspirational results and inspire single men to go to mail-order bride sites searching for their happiness.


How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

According to many studies, online dating has shown higher satisfaction levels with partners in their marital relationship as a result. Due to matchmaking algorithms on mail order bride sites, the process of finding your true love has become much more manageable. These kinds of marital relationships are characterized by a balanced choice of a partner and a higher compatibility level.

What Is a Mail Order Spouse?

The mail order bride is a woman who advertises her willingness to marry internationally in order to improve her standard of living. In the twentieth century, the predominant trend was for women living in developing countries to look for men in more developed states. In the twenty-first century, this trend is mainly based on online dating sites.

Do Mail Order Marriages Still Exist?

Mail-order brides work with international marriage agencies. The International Marriage Agency is a business that seeks to introduce men and women from different countries for the purpose of marriage, visits, or correspondence. Therefore, the happy marriage rate is a remarkable statistic-portfolio of such services. Such marriages are common these days and considered profound and multifaceted.

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