Mail Order Bride Pricing – How Much Does a Mail Order Bride Cost?

Updated on Jun 2023

Mail order brides can be a great way to find love and companionship, but it is essential to understand the cost associated with them. Generally, the cost of mail-order brides ranges from $4,800 to $8,000 depending on various factors such as the platform used and your chosen features. Additionally, you may need to spend from about $2,000 to $6,000 on a single offline visit of your mail order bride. It is also important to note that most online dating sites charge fees ranging from $5 to $150 per month, depending on the platform and features used.

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Online dating site fees $60 to $150 per month
Travel costs $2,000 to $4,000 for a two-week trip
Dates Up to $1,000
Residency papers/visa applications Around $2,300
Wedding costs Between $3,000 and $30,000
💸 Most Expensive Mail Order Bride Destinations Russia, Japan
💵 The Best Value Mail Order Bride Countries Ukraine, China
💰 Average Price Rate For a Mail Order Bride $4,800 — $15,000
🆓 Top Cheap Mail Order Brides Sites UkrainianCharm, AsianMelodies
🎁 International Dating Sites with the Biggest Welcome Bonuses EasternHoneys, ColombiaLady
Mail Order Brides Pricing | Infographic
Source: the prices are based on TopForeignBrides and data.

It’s easy because there are many dating sites out there today. You can register, fill out a profile, and start chatting online with charming ladies. Moreover, some companies arrange dates with selected women. However, this is also a paid service, and you will have to spend a certain amount of money. In this article, we will talk about how much is a mail order bride and the money you need to spend to meet your love and tell you about the features of mail order brides pricing.

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Average Mail Order Wife Price in Different countries

Dating women is what makes online communication amazing. What do women spend on dating in a foreign country? The cost factor is another one: this is where your bride was born. The monthly subscription to dating sites can be purchased in the same country you decide, but for the actual marriage, the cost can be much higher. Below is the approximate cost per day of travel to 4 destinations most commonly visited by mail order bridals. About How much is a mail order spouse – we will talk below and also try to even calculate the approximate price.

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Cost of a Filipino Mail Order Bride

  • Airfare: The cost of travel to the Philippines ranges from $600 to $1,000, depending on the airport and season.
  • Accommodation: A 14-day stay in a mid-range hotel will cost around $300 ($15–$20 per night).
  • Public Transportation: Public transport within the country costs between $100–$200, with buses and ferries being the cheaper options, while taxis being more expensive.
  • Daily Expenses: Food costs around $300, with street food and fast food being relatively cheap. Fancy restaurants can have checks exceeding $50 per person.
  • Dating: Treating your mail order bride to fancy entertainment could range between $300–$500

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Cost of a Ukrainian Mail Order Bride

  • Airfare: Average airfare to Ukraine before the Russian invasion was around $500–$900, depending on season and airport. Since then, Ukrainian airports no longer accept civilian flights and you can only reach Eastern Europe by plane.
  • Accommodation: Hotels in small cities are much cheaper than in bigger cities such as Kyiv or Lviv, ranging between $200–$400 on average.
  • Public Transportation: Public transport costs approximately $100–$200, depending on your mode of travel; even train tickets are relatively cheap in Ukraine.
  • Daily Expenses: Food is mostly affordable if you don’t go for fine dining every night, with groceries and eateries costing around $50–$100.
  • Dating: Entertainment rates are tame compared to US standards, costing around $200–$400.
  • Wedding: The cost for a wedding ceremony ranges from $5,000–$15,000 dependent on location and number of guests.

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Cost of a Russian Mail Order Bride

  • Airfare: The cost of travel to Russia varies from $600 to $1,000 depending on the airport and tourist season.
  • Accommodation: A 14-day stay in a mid-range hotel will cost around $300 ($15–$20 per night).
  • Public Transportation: Public transportation within the country is estimated to range from $100–$200, with buses and ferries being the cheapest, while taxis being more expensive.
  • Daily Expenses: Food costs around $300, with street food and fast food at a low cost. Fancy restaurants can have checks exceeding $50 per person.
  • Dating: Treating your mail order bride to fancy entertainment could range between $300–$500.
  • Wedding: On average a wedding ceremony in Russia will cost around $18,000.

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Cost of a Latin Mail Order Bride

  • Airfare: The average cost of airfare to Latin America is around $450–$750, depending on the season and airport.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation costs vary by region but in general it averages between $200–$400 for high-quality hotels.
  • Public Transportation: Public transportation within Latin America varies from country to country but usually ranges from $35–$150.
  • Daily Expenses: Everyday expenses such as groceries and eateries will range from $50–$100 depending on how lavish you want to be.
  • Dating: Entertainment costs will also vary by region but usually it’s around $200–$300 for a night out with your bride-to-be.
  • Wedding: A wedding ceremony in Latin America will cost an average of $3,000–$10,000, with luxury weddings costing more.

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Cost of a Mexican Mail Order Bride

  • Airfare: The cost of air travel to Mexico will vary from $400–$600, depending on the season and airport.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation costs range from $100–$250 for mid-range hotels, with cheaper options available.
  • Public Transportation: Within Mexico, public transportation will cost around $50–$150 depending on the region.
  • Daily Expenses: Daily expenses such as eating out and groceries can range from $50–$100 depending on your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Dating: A night out in Mexico could cost an average of $150–$200, depending on where you go and how extravagant you choose to be.
  • Wedding: A wedding ceremony in Mexico usually costs between $2,000–$7,000 depending on the type of venue and number of guests invited.

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Factors That Affect Mail Order Brides Pricing

The first step towards happiness is choosing a quality matrimonial service and evaluating how much do mailorder brides cost. Remember that a quality company provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Popularity. Many adorable singles are recorded here;
  • Convenience. Nice site design and excellent usability;
  • Mobility. Availability of a mobile application for iOS and Android devices;
  • Prices. The subscription and pricing for communication with mail order brides should be kept low.
  • Functionality. A large number of tools for communicating with mail order brides;
  • Safety. Best SSL protocols must be used;
  • Uniqueness. Availability of special features and benefits;

Mail order bride price can also be different and vary depending on some factors.

  • The country where the girl lives. Communication with European ladies will be more expensive;
  • How much time can you spend communicating with mail order brides? The pricing of many companies depends on how much time you spend on a call (they pay a certain amount of coins per minute, for example). The more and longer you chat, the higher the mail order brides cost.
  • What matrimonial service do you cooperate with. Each company has its pricing, so one feature set may have a different price tag;
  • The character of the girl. The cost of mail order bride depends on what character she has. Perhaps she loves expensive gifts and luxurious travel;
  • The purpose of your communication. If you want to become build a serious relationship and become a fiance, then you will need additional expenses for your companion to move to your country.

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Comparison Of Pricing Mail Order Brides And Traditional Dates

Now is the time to understand how much does a mail-order bride cost compare to traditional dating. According to statistics, American men spend about $200 a month on relationships with a partner. This means that it takes about $2,500 a year. The advantage of this choice is that you see your partner frequently, you have activities in common, and you can spend time together.

Item Mail Order Bride Traditional Dating
Online Dating Site Fees $60 to $150 per month Varies by platform
Travel Costs $2,000 to $4,000 for a two-week trip Not applicable
DatesUp to $1,000 Varies depending on activity and lifestyle preferences
Residency papers/visa applications Around $2,300 Not applicable
Wedding costs Between $3,000 and $30,000 Varies depending on the ceremony size and location
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Calculate the Cost of Popular Brides

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

How to avoid scammers on mail order bride platforms?

The Internet has not always proved safe to users due to scams, bots, and fake profiles. But many scammers are rarely creative; they typically take fake pictures or create profiles on free websites and ask for cash very early. These tips will give you more confidence to use a dating website. See details.

How to save money: Tips to reduce the cost of mail order bride

According to our data, the Costs of Mail brides depend on several variables that could exceed your budget. If your husband is in agreement about expenses, you may be able to spend enough money to spend your honeymoon on your beloved person

Pricing Of Relationships With Mail Order Bride

Well, you have chosen a quality site and registered here. It’s time to find out how much the mail order bride cost. The process of communication and relationship building consists of several stages.

Online Communication and Gifts

Of course, you can chat with charming ladies just by paying for a monthly subscription. But many services offer to send various virtual and real gifts to charming ladies. This step helps show that you are interested in a serious relationship and want to create a happy family. Therefore, the cost of mail order brides will include additional gifts as well. The average cost of a small souvenir is $50 or more (depends on the pricing of the service). Expect to spend around $1000 a year if you want to improve your relationship with mail order brides. However, the desire and intentions of the bride will become clear after six months of communication.

Offline Dating With Mail Order Bride

Another factor that influences male order bride cost and pricing. To start a harmonious relationship, you need to meet a beautiful girl and understand what exactly she needs. Many companies offer to organize dating. The exact price depends on several factors.

  • Obtaining a visa. It is necessary to pay the duty to the border service and get the necessary documents.
  • Airplane tickets. Your mail order bride should come to you, right? Therefore, it is necessary to purchase tickets (pricing depends on the transport company).
  • Residence. This could be a motel room or your home. Also, be aware of the additional costs of transportation and food. As a rule, it is $200-300 per week;
  • Dating. It all depends on your imagination and capabilities. A walk in the park will cost less than dinner at an expensive restaurant.

Well, the mail order wife cost can range from $500 to 30 000$. It depends on what country the girl lives in, which hotel is chosen, and what hobbies she prefers.

Serious Relationship Organization

If you have arranged a date with a mail order bride and realized that this girl is perfect for you, then you need to invite her to your country. Because a real long-term relationship is impossible over a long distance. Here, pricing depends on many factors. The procedure for emigrating and obtaining citizenship can be simplified or complicated, depending on the place of residence of your mail order brides. You will need to spend a little money to get permission from the embassy, ​​prepare all the necessary documents, and bring this stage to the end. Pricing of this stage reaches several thousand dollars.


It remains to conclude which is better and cheaper – relationships with girls from your country or dating with mail order brides. Yes, at the first stage, relationships with your girlfriends can be cheaper. Because you don’t need to arrange expensive dates (including obtaining a visa and buying tickets) and apply for citizenship (if you want a serious relationship). The average cost of mail order brides can be as high as ten thousand dollars, but happiness is priceless, isn’t it? Plus, you can build a harmonious relationship with a girl who respects and loves you. And most importantly, she listens to your opinion and is grateful that you helped her to get a ticket to happiness. This is the best argument for choosing a mail order bride.

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How much does it cost to order a bride?

It depends on the country, but typically it costs between $10,000 and $15,000.

What is the average cost of a mail order bride?

There is no average cost of a mail order bride because the cost can vary depending on the country of origin, age, beauty, and other factors of the woman. However, it is usually safe to say that the cost ranges from $1,000 to $5,000.

What are the hidden costs of ordering a bride?

The hidden costs of ordering a bride can be significant. First, there is the cost of the bride herself. Then there are the costs associated with getting her to your country, including travel and visa expenses. There may also be additional costs associated with marrying her, such as obtaining a marriage certificate or translating documents into your language.

Are there any discounts available for ordering a bride?

No. There are no discounts available for ordering a bride.

How can I be sure I am not being scammed when ordering a bride?

There are a few things you can do to ensure that you are not being scammed when ordering a bride online. First, be sure to do your research and only work with reputable agencies and sites. Second, make sure you meet your potential bride in person before finalizing any arrangements.

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