PlaceToChat Full Review [2023]

Updated on Jan 2023

PlaceToChat is an online platform that connects lonely hearts and allows them to meet friends for dates. Its primary focus is to help people find love, friends, and relationships. We have created a PlaceToChat review to ensure the reliability of the service.

The website is designed in an easy-to-use manner, accessible to children and adults of all ages. It has advanced PlaceToChat free search functionality that allows finding potential life partners using several criteria. PlaceToChat enables you to be very specific in making your ideal personal list. The website provides an opportunity to test video chat, instant messaging, and other elements that ensure comfortable communication between you and your chosen partner.

Pros / Cons


  • Free to use
  • Plenty of women and girls to chat with
  • A safe place to chat, according to review
  • Plenty of support was provided to members


  • The app can become slow at times
  • Not much mobile optimization, limited features
  • A large number of spambots in chat rooms, according to the primary PlaceToChat review

Registration Process

Registering for is a simple process. Click REGISTER, which appears on the top right of the website pages. You are then required to fill in your name, email, username, password, and country. You can also enable two-step verification (2SV) which provides additional security by generating a temporary code that you can use with your username and password.

Is PlaceToChat safe? is a free dating site that works very well in most countries. You will be sent a verification link to your email to verify your identity. Clicking the link will take you back to the registration page, where you will be requested to fill in your mobile phone number or a code that will be sent to your mobile phone via text.

The registration process is straightforward as PlaceToChat has made it easy for anyone to register and begin using their services. The verification process might take some time depending on what country you are from; however, this verification process is integral to ensuring the credibility of your profile and making sure that you exist.

PlaceToChat main page

Searching Features

Many people are interested in the question of is PlaceToChat any good in search algorithms. This search feature allows you to find different types of girls and women quickly. You could scroll through the complete listing of all women seeking men or narrow down your search by entering search terms in the same format on the main page. The search tool would pull up the search matches on the left side of the screen. If you needed more partners to come up in the results, then you could simply add additional terms to your search query one at a time until you have exhausted your efforts.

Is PlaceToChat worth paying for? Instead of typing each word into their respective fields, you can simply click on their drop-down menus for them to pull up any search matches that may have fit in that category. For example, if you were searching for a girl who was older than 40, then you would select “more than 40” from their drop-down menu, and if there were any matches for a girl who was older than 40, they would come up in the results at the top of the screen.

You could also search by individual preferences they had listed on their PlaceToChat profiles. These preferences included their country of origin, their interest in dating a white American man or a black American man or how religious they were, or whether they wanted to date men who were divorced or single. You simply click on the preference, and it will list off all of the search matches that fit into that category.

Free vs. Paid Version

PlaceToChat is a dating and chat website for men looking for women and women looking for men. It’s free to join, create a profile and browse profiles. Women and men can also write each other messages from the comfort of their home and arrange to meet up later.

The free version of PlaceToChat is a test of your commitment to finding The One. According to a review on the PlaceToChat dating site, the service has a long and exciting road ahead, but it doesn’t want you to wait too long before you get the full benefits of technology.

Is PlaceToChat worth it? PlaceToChat’s free membership includes all of their unique features but with fewer features than their paid memberships include. Here’s what to expect with the free version:

  • 20 matches instead of unlimited
  • Unread messages don’t count toward your daily limit
  • Five new matches per day instead of unlimited
  • More ads according to PlaceToChat review of the website (that means more revenue for us!)
  • Only available on the web, not on mobile apps.

Profile Quality

Profile quality is measured in different ways. This is a dating site where you can quickly find other people to socialize with, organize events, or even meet your future partner. The platform offers a great way to connect with people worldwide, but it’s not just a straight-up dating site. People can also use PlaceToChat to keep in touch with friends they made while abroad or otherwise traveling.

Is PlaceToChat a good dating site? According to PlaceToChat dating website review, a business needs to maintain high-quality accounts. It does not matter if you’re running an account for your business, a blogger, or a personal account. Maintaining a high-quality account is vital. When running a business account on social media, you have to be careful because of the potential of running into problems with people complaining about your business or your business’s practices.

PlaceToChat registration process

Mobile Application

PlaceToChat is a mobile application that helps you find your love, your girlfriend, a wife, a companion, or just somebody to talk with. It is a dating service based on live video calls. The app gives you access to thousands of people worldwide. It is available on the Internet and mobile devices. You can contact anyone you want, anytime and anywhere.

You can watch people, talk to them, and flirt with them from your PC or smartphone. All you need is an Internet connection. The truth about PlaceToChat is that platform is available in approximately 150 countries around the world.

Safety & Security

There are a lot of online dating sites and chat rooms available for people who are interested in dating. But the problem with these dating sites is that they lack the safety and security features required to protect users from online scammers, predators, identity thefts, spammers, hackers, and bots. The first thing you would notice about is that they have gone one step ahead to protect their members. The service has a state-of-the-art security system, and even their customer support agents undergo a thorough verification process before being allowed to handle any of your queries.

Help & Support

PlaceToChat has a helpdesk support system that allows you to submit technical and non-technical support tickets at any time. The helpdesk system is operated entirely by the staff at PlaceToChat, allowing them to react quickly to your request.

The PlaceToChat international staff is composed of people with a solid technical background, allowing them to assist you in solving all kinds of technical issues. You can contact:

  • the admin team (using the contact form).
  • specific staff from your city, using the “Ask a friend” feature.
  • the technical support team (using the Contact Us form).

Alternative Services

Despite being one of the most active dating websites on the Internet, PlaceToChat also has alternatives, where you can also find friends and partners. However, they lack certain features required to find love at the same time. The best alternative to PlaceToChat is MeetMyAge. MeetMyAge is an ideal replacement for all your communication needs. A few clicks, and you are in touch with your friends from around the world and from around the corner.

If you do not have time for intensive communication, you can communicate with anyone in the world, and it does not cost a penny. Also, you have to pay a small amount of money for communication with your friends or partners. But today, there is almost no need to send SMS messages or make expensive calls because it is possible to talk to your relatives and friends for free using MeetMyAge.

The Verdict

So, what is PlaceToChat offers people the chance to chat and exchange messages and the different chat games hosted by PlaceToChat, like Text Game. However, PlaceToChat also provides more features to help singles meet others, look for friends and search for love with features like PlaceToChat, which is a feature that allows people to find others near them and provides them with the chance to meet up.

Furthermore, it also gives people the opportunity to exchange messages with people from all over the world through their travel feature. With their geolocator, these people can even locate themselves and other people to determine whether they are nearby.

PlaceToChat features
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