A Comprehensive Guide On Albanian Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

Updated on Nov 2022

Albania is an extremely beautiful and spectacular country in Europe. It’s known for its amazing views, culture, and beautiful Albanian brides. This article aims to explain why Albanian mail order brides are perfect partners for foreign men. 

2884 girls online
9174 visits / day
2318 girls online
9875 visits / day
2354 girls online
7028 visits / day
Top Cities To Find An Albanian Bride:Tirana, Durrës, Vlorë.
Average Albanian Mail Order Bride Age:Around 25 years. 
Average Albanian Mail Order Brides Price:Around $6,000 to $12,000.
Success Rate Of Marriages With Albanian Wives:Around 80%.
Albanian Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:24% (the divorce rate is decreasing, it used to be 26%). 
Albanian Brides

Albanian Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

Many people confuse Albania with a Muslim country. Even though some percentage of the population believes in Islam, the majority are Christians. So, the first myth is debunked; a typical bride from Albania is a Christian. Another myth is that Albania is not safe to travel to. In reality, Albania is a peaceful country, a member of the European Union. Yes, in the past, Albania had conflicts, but not today.

Albania is not just a peaceful, beautiful country; it’s also an affordable tourist destination. Men seeking Albanian brides can stay in the country, and it will cost them around $1,000 monthly, including rent, utility bills, food, and entertainment! Men able to work remotely from any location should consider this country as they can afford a comfortable living in beautiful Albania while also seeking Albanian brides.

However, what about Albanian wives makes them perfect candidates for marriage? There are quite a few reasons to marry an Albanian bride. Albanian women are extremely kind and compassionate. Tourists who visited Albania mention that Albanians overall, and Albanian brides particularly, are very welcoming and hospitable. They are typical citizens of South Europe: kind, positive, and friendly.

Typical Albanian girls for marriage are very sociable, and they like tourists since the country isn’t very popular among foreigners, which is sad, given its beauty. Many Albanian brides speak English, so communication should be easy.

Albanian brides become perfect wives and mothers, given their kind and positive nature. Moreover, foreigners should consider the decreasing divorce rate in Albania. People in Albania are now happier and more satisfied with their marriages, partially due to Albanian women’s efforts. 

Pros And Cons Of Albanian Women For Marriage 


  • Albanian wives are kind-hearted. These women are some of the most loving and caring ladies you will ever meet. 
  • Albanian women are friendly and optimistic. These features make Albanian mail order brides pleasant companions. 
  • Albanian brides are charming. They are naturally flirty, which makes them so charming and precious. 
  • Albanian wives are perfect hearth keepers. Typical women in Albania are loving and caring wives. 
  • Albanian women are intelligent and independent. These ladies are intelligent and know how to achieve success. 


  • You two may encounter potential language barriers. Typically, it’s not a problem since people in Albania speak basic English, but be prepared and use some online translators. 
Albanian women

Cost Of An Albanian Mail Order Bride

The good news is that living in Albania is a lot more affordable compared to living in the U.S. As mentioned, one person can live comfortably while spending around $1,000 monthly. The costs also include food, rent, entertainment, etc. You can spend even less if you manage your budget thoroughly. 

What does it have to do with the cost of an Albanian mail order bride? There’s a simple answer: when you buy Albanian wife, it doesn’t mean you actually buy someone. In this case, the cost of an Albanian bride means the cost of finding a perfect Albanian wife. You would have to travel to Albania, spend some time living in the country, attend various locations to find women, and eventually find the Albanian woman of your dreams.

It takes time and money to find an Albanian bride. So, this means how much you spend during your search. Let’s say you’re lucky and you manage to find an Albanian mail order bride within six months. So, you spend around $6,000 to find an Albanian bride. 

You may meet Albanian women in your country since many people emigrate to foreign countries. You can find a local Albanian community and visit events they organize. However, it’s worth visiting Albania, especially if you can work remotely. If it’s not an option, you can always consider using dating websites.

Typical Albanian mail order wife websites offer convenient means of seeking Albanian brides. You can keep your everyday routine, meet with friends, and have fun while the matchmaking system deals with the search. The beauty of using online dating websites is in their simplicity. All a user needs to do is fill out the questionnaire.

Moreover, you can find Albanian women looking for American men. So, you also eliminate the problem of convincing a beautiful Albanian bride that you’re a perfect partner even though you’re a foreigner. Not every Albanian woman is ready to marry a foreigner, but you can find such women online.

meet Albanian women

Another advantage of using online dating websites is affordability. Most men rarely spend more than $300 on dating websites per year. When you meet a perfect Albanian wife, you can travel to the country and meet her in person. 

Thus, it’s a cost-effective method of finding an Albanian bride. Even if you stay in Albania for a month or two to figure out whether you truly match, you spend less than you would when traveling without finding a partner prior to your trip.

Check out this comprehensive table that reveals prices depending on the method you use to find Albanian wife. 

Dating websites:Up to $300 per year.
Traveling to Albania:Around $12,000 per year. 

Reasons Why Albanian Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men?

As mentioned, Albanian girls are extremely kind and compassionate. These characteristics make them perfect candidates for loving wives. However, these two features aren’t the only peculiarities that make Albanian brides perfect matches for foreigners.

Albania is a modern European country, yet its people bear traditional family values. An Albanian mail order bride is a hearth keeper at home and a loving mother to her children. Even though she wants to keep her job to support the family financially, she’s interested in a happy marriage.

A typical Albanian girl for marriage wants to be happy. Her vision of happiness is having a loving husband and raising children together. Don’t get it wrong, Albanian brides are independent and intelligent; they are interested in self-expression and success. However, they won’t feel satisfied without having a family with kids.

Usually, single Albanian ladies want to have children in marriage, o they rarely ever talk about being child-free. That’s why Albanian wives are perfect for foreigners. Men interested in a traditional family can travel to Albania to find a true match who shares their interests and values. 

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Places To Get An Albanian Bride

If you want to meet Albanian brides, you don’t have that many options. Some o them are pretty obvious, but let’s talk in detail. 


The easiest and most accessible way to find Albanian mail order wives is to use a dating website. Online dating websites, or Albanian mail order bride platforms, are perfect when men seek long-term partners.

Online websites enable users to clearly indicate their preferences and the types of women they prefer. Men can even choose features like age, hair color, eye color, body type, etc. The system isn’t idle as well; the matchmaking mechanism keeps offering profiles until the man chooses a woman he likes. Moreover, a dating website shows whether the Albanian bride wants to marry a foreigner. 


Eventually, you will have to visit Albania unless you’re lucky enough to meet the right woman in your country or city. So, the only viable offline option is to travel to Albania. The only exception is if you know there’s a big community of people from Albania in your country, state, or city. That way, you can travel within your country to meet an Albanian woman.

However, the most enjoyable option is to travel to the country. You may find Albanian women for marriage while also enjoying your trip. Another great option is to find an Albanian bride on a dating app and then travel to Albania to meet her. It’s a cost-saving and time-saving option since you won’t go blindly to another country. 

Albanian girls for marriage

Love Stories With Brides From Albania

Check out these success stories if you’re planning to use Albanian mail order bride websites or visiting the country:

  • Blinera and Mike. Blinera created an account on a dating app since she couldn’t find a partner among the locals. Sometime later, she received a message from Mike. They started chatting daily and found tons of things in common. Today, they are a happy couple. 
  • Saemira and Josh. Josh wanted to meet a bride from a European country, so he created an account on a dating website. He chose a few European countries, Albania included. He met Saemira and was stunned by her beauty. Eventually, they started dating. Today, they are dating. 
  • Luljeta and Keith. Keith likes traveling, and Albania was on his list of unvisited countries. However, during his trip, he found something more important than a great traveling experience: he met Luljeta. Today, they live in Albania and are happily married. 
  • Gezim and Todd. Todd was skeptical about online dating, but he wanted to meet women from abroad, and it was one of the best options. Today, Todd believes it was one of the best decisions in his life to creating an account since he met Gezim. They live in the U.S and are happily married. 

Author Conclusion

If you’re considering marrying an Albanian woman, you’re making a good decision. Albanian brides and Albanians in general, are kind-hearted and friendly individuals. They are hospitable and caring and have a great sense of humor. Finding an Albanian wife means living the rest of your life in peace. 

Albanian brides become amazing mothers. They know a perfect combination of being strict yet caring and loving. They manage to raise happy and successful children. Albanian brides are also extremely beautiful and sexually attractive. You can use dating websites to check out Albanian women’s profiles and figure out whether you like what you see. 


Can I Mail Order A Bride?

You can find Albanian females online and choose among them. You can’t order someone, but you can use dating apps to find the Albanian woman of your dreams. How does that work? You choose the characteristics and peculiarities of a woman you want to marry, and the website offers profiles of women who best suit your mentioned preferences.

What Is The Best Albanian Mail Order Bride Site?

The best idea is to use big and popular dating websites such as Match, eHarmony, InternationalCupid, etc. These websites are used by people worldwide, so you can choose the country filter “Albania.” You may also consider traveling to Albania and using Tinder. Yes, Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps worldwide and in Albania as well.

How Many Singles In Albania?

There aren’t any data about singles in Albania. However, according to the 2020 statistics, there are around 2,8 million Albanians living in the country. The best advice is to travel to the most populated cities (mentioned in the table) and seek brides from Albania. Or use dating apps since you will know for a fact that the Albanian woman is single and ready to marry a foreigner.

Do They Speak English?

Yes, women from Albania speak English, although you might encounter communication barriers. Typically, Albanian women and women aren’t fluent speakers. However, you should know that Albanian women are very friendly, and there is always the language of gestures. As mentioned, use dating apps since most people on these apps are English speakers.

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