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Updated on Nov 2022

If you connect your life with Egyptian women, then be prepared for new love exploits! These are charming cute Asian women who are very submissive to their husbands. Moreover, having entered into a relationship with Egyptian brides, you will feel like a real man next to such women! It is impossible to take your eyes off the Egyptian women for marriage who really have the attraction inherent in true women. It is now possible to meet Egyptian women thanks to trusted marriage agencies and top Egyptian dating sites. These are fairly easy methods to get a bride from Egypt to build a serious family relationship.

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Top Cities to Find an Egyptian BrideCairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada
Average Egyptian Brides AgeFrom 20 to 22 y.o.
Average Egyptian Mail Order Brides PriceFrom $12,000 to $35,000 
Success Rate Of Marriages with Egyptian Wives85%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate40%
Egyptian Brides

Egyptian Brides: Are They Ideal Life Partners?

Going as far back as the history of marrying an Egyptian woman, marriage was an important matter in ancient Egypt. The bottom line is that the family was the most valuable institution in Egyptian social life after the theocracy itself. Typically, beautiful ancient Egyptian girls get married within their own social class.

Egyptian girls for marriage usually get married around the age of 13 or just after puberty. Still, it is not uncommon for an older man to marry a girl during puberty.

In ancient Egypt, the marriage and betrothal ceremonies with Egyptian girls were different from modern ones. The question was whether the Egyptian wife was ideal. There is some clarification here. To these days, Egyptian females remained obedient and simply perfect wives in many aspects.


Every Egyptian girl for marriage is brought up in a traditional family with high family values. It accustoms an Egyptian bride to be polite, well-mannered, and obedient to her man. By marrying an Egyptian mail order bride, you may safely count on the fact that your children will never see quarrels and dramas with Egyptian obedient women in your family. The bottom line is that Egyptian mail order wives always speak quietly and try to find a common language with their husbands.

Often, the Egyptian mail order wife does not strive for superiority in relationships devoting all her free time to household chores and raising children. Egyptian women looking for American men know how to take care of children. Tired of careerists, Egyptian brides dream of becoming mothers from a young age. They simply want to feel happy while having children and a harmonious cozy haven with a loving partner.


Single Egyptian ladies are known for being incredibly modest and extraordinary women. In Egyptian culture, virginity is the main value for local Asian ladies. Therefore, most Egyptian brides keep their modesty and virginity until marriage. Local men also respect this trait in their Egyptian women preferring to marry Egyptian virgins who give themselves to high family values. Meet Egyptian brides to get a humble spouse whose values ​​are strong and worthy of your respect in life together.


Many Egyptian women are from a superstitious society where local people believe in the power of the evil eye. Egyptian women consider that the symbol of the Eye of Horus protects and gives them good health. The Eye of Horus is mixed with the open palm symbol and blue. An Egyptian bride believes that she absorbs the negative energy of other people. Often she wears this talisman around her neck or on her clothes. Buy Egyptian wife, respect her beliefs and accept local Egyptian superstitions as part of her extraordinary and mysterious personality!

Egyptian Women

Pros and Cons of Egyptian Women for Marriage

Having relationships with Egyptian women, take into account both the pros and cons of dating them. Be aware in advance of your choice of an Egyptian spouse!


We’ll name some advantages of dating women from Egypt to make believe that these gorgeous women are worthy!


Every pretty Egyptian woman understands that her beloved man needs personal space and time to attend to his personal affairs. She understands that her husband has every right to go out with friends as a man should be left alone. Also, an Egyptian bride trains herself to trust him when her partner is not at home. She knows that to make their relationships flourish, they still need to keep a part of themselves. An Egyptian woman should always know where you are, who you are with, and when you will see them next. If a man is not found at her request, then his mother will be called!


An Egyptian woman is independent of her chosen man and loves him regardless of social status or financial position. An Egyptian wife loves the man for who he is. Yet, such a woman respects and holds herself to a certain standard! An Egyptian will not go home in your Lancer and she cannot take a taxi to go somewhere. She is always persistently waiting for you to pick her up no matter the distance.


A woman from Egyptian culture is comfortable in her own skin. Such a woman will be happy to be around you with her hair tied up and without makeup feeling sexy and no less attractive compared to American women. An Egyptian dame shouldn’t always be in skinny leggings, a tank top, and heels. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to see her whether it’s in a bar, club, movie theater, or Snapchat!


An Egyptian lady understands that her husband’s career is in the first place, So when he does not have time to see her, this does not mean that he no longer loves such a cutie! An Egyptian madam is not zealous about your work if you really spent the whole night in front of your computer. But be prepared to watch a drama if you talk to someone else: first your Egyptian lady will leave you, and then, she will be comforted by your best friend!

Still, an Egyptian wife allows you to maintain the same friendships that you had with other women before her. She knows that your relationship with them is purely platonic. But be prepared that your Egyptian lady will get angry if you hug another woman. Never try to say hello, and do not send a message to another woman!

Egyptian Women for Marriage


The most obvious facts are inherent in those Asian pretties. Still, never give up if your ultimate goal is to win the heart of an Egyptian girl!


Keep in mind that jealousy in relationships is characteristic of almost all irresistible Egyptians. Having contacts with other women means for an Egyptian wife that you are attached to other beautiful strangers or want to have sex with them. According to most Egyptian females, there is only one woman in her husband’s life. Therefore, her personality should be the only woman with whom you spend all your free time.


When dating Egyptian ladies, it is better to avoid dirty and incomprehensible jokes. This approach to dating in the form of “humor” is far from appreciated in this Asian country. Also, don’t classify all citizens from Egypt as Arabs. Keep in mind that “Egyptians” and “Arabs” are absolutely not synonymous and have completely different cultures! 

Sexually Restrained

Most Egyptian females are not accustomed to deep intimate signs already on their first dates with men. In fact, they live with their parents until marriage and remain virgins. Even hugs and kisses are only allowed when you are engaged. The expression of feelings in public among Egyptian ladies is not accepted! When dating Egyptian brides, show your serious intentions and prove that a platonic connection is much more important to you!


When dating Egyptians, keep in mind that they have a great sense of national pride! Therefore, never say anything offensive about their homeland, politics or local citizens. Keep in mind that principled Egyptian pretties value and respect their family members and roots. In no case, do not neglect their blood relatives and do not refuse to get to know them! In the specific culture of Egypt, a person who does not respect elders and local Asian culture does not deserve any trust! However, the integrity of local ladies just rolls over!

Average Cost of an Egyptian Mail Order Bride

Service Average Cost
Travel expensesFrom $100 to $1,500
AccommodationFrom $50 to $100 per night
MealFrom $50 to $500
Entertainment & giftsFrom $100 to $5,000 and more
Interpreter$100 per day
Meet Egyptian Bride

Why Egyptian Women Are Great Matches for American Men?

There are several good reasons why Egyptian ladies make excellent spouses for American men. Based on our research, we can highlight special points. So, let’s look further.

Appreciate Foreign Culture

Such women will become not just excellent companions but those who appreciate and respect foreign cultures. Local girls are always interested in learning something new.

Attentive to the Little Things

It would seem that this moment does not matter but an Egyptian lady takes care of a man properly. She may not just see how your day went but notice a speck on your new shirt!

Gain New Knowledge

You no longer have to teach your Asian beauty English or even worse not understand each other at all! Girls from Egypt often learn the language on their own and then only meet foreigners dreaming of moving abroad.

Financially Independent

It might seem to you that women from Asian countries could be mercantile. But it wasn’t there! Of course, they are not inveterate careerists like Western women, but nevertheless, they know how to earn money. They rarely ask for financial help from a spouse because they are modest in this question.

Best Places to Meet an Egyptian Bride

Today, you can find Egyptian wife easily. There are two optimal options for how this could happen. You can meet gorgeous Egyptian brides both online and in real life.


There are several trusted dating websites and apps where you will meet Asian beauties. Among the list of top international sites and apps, we offer:

  2. Tinder;
  3. Zoosk;


Egypt is a very hospitable and incredibly friendly country for foreign suitors. Popular resort areas such as Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada are the most suitable places to meet irresistible Egyptian women. You will meet local women who work in the hotel industry and you can start a romance with them. Often, these attractive women are not yet married and tend to date foreigners.


For example, in Cairo, you can meet a lot of mail order brides and befriend them. Before you visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, you will want to stay for a couple of days in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. You can meet local women at Khan el Khalili, Cairo’s central market. Also don’t forget to visit several cozy cafes, local restaurants and lounges.


This is an outstanding port city located on the Mediterranean coast near Cairo. There you can learn all the greatness of the country by plunging into past centuries. In Alexandria, you can arrange a trip to the Oceanarium or the Montaz Palace Gardens. There you will meet a lot of single Egyptian women as those places are ideal for romantic dates. Much more single Egyptian women can be found in local Alexandria cafes, bars, and discos.

egyptian girl

Love Stories With Brides From Egyptian Country

We’ve gathered some real-life stories about how single Americans managed to build fabulous relationships with Egyptian mail-order brides:

“In troubled times, I went into myself because the death of my wife radically changed me. I had already stopped believing in a brighter future and that I could love someone. Once I had the idea to register on one of the international dating sites. There I’ve found a beautiful Egyptian bride named Amizi. She was such a sweet and at the same time independent girl that I fell in love from the first lines of our correspondence. Then I visited Luxor, the city where my future wife lived. Everything started quite seriously and a month later we got married.” – Ryan

“It was a very exciting moment when I started talking to an Egyptian named Nebt. She turned out to be a rather smart and attractive girl. I met her on Tinder, but I could not think that there were serious girls seeking marriage. After several correspondences and video communication, I realized that I wanted this particular girl and came to see her personally. I did not spare money just to find my happiness which I nurtured in the heart of Egypt – Cairo.” – Boris

“No wonder they told me that Asian women are quite bold despite their modesty! They are passionate lovers and desired wives. I met my wife just relaxing in Hurghada but I didn’t even have a thought to start a relationship. My baby turned out to be my like-minded person and soon began dating seriously. We are now making the decision to legitimize our relationship.” – Peter


If you are seeking an Asian woman for a long time and dream of a stable marriage, then charming Egyptian brides will be your best choice! These are gorgeous women with whom relationships will be easy and interesting. You can meet single girls from Egypt in big cities as well as on trusted dating sites.


What Is the Best Egyptian Mail Order Bride Site?

AsianMelodies is considered one of the most popular and sought-after dating sites. There you will meet the most attractive and serious mail order brides from Egypt.

Do They Speak English?

Most Egyptian women approach learning English on their own. They may also not know the language but they try to learn it for personal goals. Thus, it will be easier to conduct a dialogue with Egyptian ladies.

How Much Does It Cost to Find an Egyptian Bride?

Today, the average cost for an Egyptian bride is from 2,000 to 35,000 USD. You can You can buy such a bride through a trusted international marriage agency.

Why Do Egyptian Women Want to Be Mail Order Brides?

There are several main reasons why such women become mail order brides. Firstly, they are tired of patriarchy and want to find a partner with whom they will come to equality. Secondly, they are seeking a better and more stable life in a well-developed country. They need a wealthy and mature man.

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