How To Become a Mail Order Bride: Essential Tips and Advises

Updated on Oct 2022

There are young ladies who know for sure that they want to get their share of happiness in an international marriage. Most often, they acknowledge which nationality they wish to commit their lives to. They are already highly prepared for the acquaintance, know the country’s cultural specifics, have been there several times, and actively learn the language. Mostly they set off with international dating platforms. How to get the cherry-pick of finding love online, and what are the tips to become a mail order bride?

Mail Order Bride: Verity vs. Myth

MOB’s, which are mail order brides short, are young ladies who are willing to tie a knot with a foreigner. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with actually buying a bride. They address marriage-broker who assists single men and women to find love over the seas. In essence, all the purchases involved are the Premium membership on a dating service and usual dating expenses.

In order to dispel myths, here are some facts:

  • mail order brides do not sell themselves online
  • MOB ladies primarily marriage-minded

Many American men tend to fantasize about cross-cultural marriages, for they prefer the old-fashioned submissiveness of foreign beauties to their compatriots’ eloquent independence. Therefore, at the core, it is about mutual intention between men and women to broaden their mindset and build and international family. 

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Steps To Become a Mail Order American Bride 

Finding your perfect match on a dating site is a needle in a haystack. However, if you put things into perspective of becoming a mail order bride, it requires following some advice to succeed. 

Set off With a Reliable Dating Service 

The privilege of specialized mail order bride services among other online dating sites is that they specifically focused on building international romantic affairs. Therefore, some of the most trustworthy ones even help their members to apply for the visa if online acquaintance will evolve into a happy ending story. Their sophisticated matchmaking algorithm will help you to find your perfect match. So you can focus on communication and not the search. 

Make the Most Out of Virtual Acquaintance

First, you need to get to know a man online properly. It’s not just a date at a cafe. Sometimes it can take from one to three months from a virtual acquaintance to a personal meeting. But some women receive proposals to meet two days after they dive into messaging with their potential match. If several months pass and the man does not dare to suggest the meeting, this might be a marker that his plans do not include an offline date.

Don’t Hesitate To Set the Records Straight

It is necessary to clarify what a man wants in his short perspective. Trust is always a choice and a conscious decision, yet it is better to ask straightforwardly and set your foot first into the principles of honesty. Many girls make the mistake of thinking that if they say straight up that they want an exclusive relationship, the man will immediately run away. It turns out that the woman is silent, and the man is even not aware of it. Consequently, there’s a dissonance going on. So it’s always best to be clear about what you want, and if a man turns down, it’ll only help to weed out the wrong man right away.

It is also advisable to ask a man about his former relationship, whether he was married. If the man is divorced, you can ask why. There is no shame in being open. You don’t dig through the dirty laundry; you just ask how long his marriage lasted and what caused the breakup. As a rule, everyone can name it. It is not necessary to go into detail, but the overall situation will be apparent to you.

Final Thoughts

The mail order bride phenomenon has a long-standing history, and the practice of international marriages is widely shared these days. Due to dating services, young women from developing countries can find their potential husbands pretty easily. To make it a story with a white dress and walking down the aisle one should consider reliable services and keep the intentions straightforward.


Are Mail Order Spouses Real?

Mail-order bride practice appeared in the late nineteenth century when workers in frontier regions looked for female companionship. Later, this phenomenon evolved into virtual acquaintances via online dating services where single women would seek their potential husbands from advanced countries. All the relationships built this way are ground on mutual agreement and willingness of both sides

Is It Illegal To Mail Order a Bride?

Mail-order bride services are completely legit. The legal regulations are the same as for any activity on the Internet. Respect for personal boundaries and private information is an essential common rule for everyone in online activity. Any interactions via such platforms are based on mutual agreement and straightforwardness. On top of that, every reliable dating website provides its members with a support team available 24/7 in case of any issues.

How Successful Are Mail-Order Marriages?

Due to statistics and surveys, marriages from virtual dating are considered more solid. The reason for that is the conscious decisions partners make beforehand. While the success of casual dating involves relying on a twist of fate, mail order marriages are built on the prior understanding of a final goal which is an international family.

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