How To Tell if a Vietnamese Woman Likes You: 5 Useful Tips

Updated on Mar 2023

How can you tell if a woman likes you? It can be a tall-order to guess. A man and a woman are different worlds psychologically. Not to mention when it comes to other cultures. So how to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you

What Are Vietnamese Women Like

Before we jump into discovering the nuances of Vietnamese dating etiquette, let’s figure out what’s in the core of Vietnamese women’s cultural background. Understanding these features will help you find a better approach to the heart of a Vietnamese woman.

The role of women in Vietnam has undergone many changes throughout the history of the country. They played various roles in society, including warriors, nurses, mothers, and wives. There have been many achievements in the field of women’s rights in Vietnam, such as the increase in the representation of women in government bodies and the establishment of the Viet Nam Women’s Union in 1930.

The Confucian focus on the family continues to affect Vietnamese women, particularly in rural areas, where it stressed the importance of women’s premarital virginity and condemned abortion and divorce. According to a 2006 study, there has been little progress in gender relations in recent decades. Domestic chores and labor were still mostly performed by Vietnamese women; however, women in Viet Nam had shown a more significant influence on family decisions, such as the family income and children’s education.

Women are considered mothers and are supposed to show “respect” to their husbands’ origin if they give birth to a boy. While the worship of the ancestors on the paternal line shows the girls as the “outer line” (họ ngoại), it considers the boys to be the “inner line” (họ nội).

Cultural characteristics also have an impact on the daily behavior that foreigners may feel confusing. For instance, the Vietnamese women seldom look in the eye when they talk. Perhaps it’s because of their inherent shyness. But the main reason is that by the following tradition, they don’t look into the eyes of those they respect or those of higher rank. Vietnamese women’s smiles can often lead to misunderstandings and even awkward situations. A smile in Vietnam is often an expression of courtesy, but it can also be a sign of skepticism or misunderstanding. So pay attention to the body language, but also consider the context of the situation to avoid confusion.

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Tips for Dating Vietnamese Women

Now, since you know the origins of a feminine attitude towards oneself, you can picture what it can be like a Vietnamese girl dating. Here are some signs to discover that Vietnamese woman is into you:

  1. She sends you signals in “body language.”
  2. She removes the physical barriers between you.
  3. Her voice changes when she talks to you
  4. She’s introducing you to her family.
  5. You chat a lot via social media.

She Sends You Signals in “Body Language”

Body language plays a significant role in the development of all kinds of relationships. Body language is the language of love. A list of these non-verbal simpatico signs includes licking your lips, playing with your hair, having your feet pointed in your direction, and so on. Of course, there are culturally conditioned manifestations of nonverbal reactions. But there are also universal ones that are clear to representatives of different cultures and traditions. 

She Removes the Physical Barriers Between You

One of the most unusual signs of liking is the removal of physical barriers. Some theories state that one who is not sure of another person will subconsciously put a symbolic “barrier” between them: it could be even something small as a wallet or a coffee cup. If there are no obstacles — for instance, if a Vietnamese woman you’re talking to moves her cup aside or puts her purse on the floor — it may be a signal that she’s ready to open up to you.

Her Voice Changes When She Talks To You

And this sign has been confirmed by science! In 2014, a group of Polish scientists determined that voice modulation can be a critical parameter in courting people, regardless of what they are talking about at the moment. If a Vietnamese woman’s voice is suddenly softening or wheezing, it could be a sign that she has feelings for you.

She’s Introducing You To Her Family

The family is essential to a Vietnamese girl. The family is the preservation of tradition and the beginning of it as a person. So if a Vietnamese woman introduces you to her family, it’s not just a tribute to custom. It’s primarily a sign that she sees you as a partner in an exclusive relationship.

You Chat a Lot via Social Media

In today’s realities, the presence of social networks in our daily communication cannot be ignored. No matter whether you meet beautiful Vietnamese singles via dating sites or it was an offline acquaintance, at some point, your communication will take place in messengers. You will learn she likes you, for she will ask your various questions, your conversation will go on, and she will instantly answer your texts. And all of a sudden, you are having an online date with your Vietnamese lady

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to the matter of love, it’s hard to disclose universal rules. However, there are still some little traits by which you can tell if a woman is into you. To find out whether a Vietnamese woman likes you need to be attentive and check the upper mentioned tips.


How Do Vietnamese Women Show Affection?

In Vietnamese culture, it is customary to respect another person’s personal space. However, when close relationships are involved, physical intimacy is a determining factor. Signs a Vietnamese girl likes you, she will hug you tightly and, as far as possible, reduce the distance between you. And, of course, kisses, as soon as you’re alone.

How Can I Impress a Vietnamese Girl?

Every girl likes compliments. Vietnamese girls are no exception. They mainly expect it from foreign men. Speak of her beauty and extraordinary, compliment her richness and education. Please pay particular attention to how much you’ve learned about her culture through her. Show that you appreciate everything she does for you. And, of course, give presents even if it’s a pleasant little surprise.

What Do Vietnamese Girls Like?

Regardless of cultural background, women love to be treated like ladies. If a Vietnamese woman likes you seemingly, she will give you some small presents. However, she will appreciate it if it will be mutual. Surprise her with small gifts and gallantry — as experience shows, no woman can resist it!

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