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Updated on Feb 2023
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Iceland appears to be a faraway and exotic “dating” destination. It might be difficult to persuade yourself to travel all the way to Iceland to meet your love there. However, there is a way better option for dating Icelandic brides, and there is no need to travel. Iceland mail order brides, on the other hand, have more charm and charisma than you can think, and after learning more about them, you will never question their appeal for marriage. So keep reading to know what makes Icelandic brides so special.

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Top Cities to Find an Icelandic BrideReykjavík, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður
Average Brides Age27 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Price$2,450 — $5,500
Success Rate Of Marriages with Icelandic Wives68%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate13%

Icelandic Brides

Who Are Icelandic Brides? 

Icelandic wives are hardly the most popular foreign brides in the worldwide dating market. Nonetheless, as more men seek potential wives from this nation, we decided to do our own research, gather data and statistics, and interview Icelandic mail order brides and their husbands to get an idea of what it takes to build a long-lasting relationship with an Icelandic bride and what makes them so special. We’re now ready to disclose the results in this guide.

Many films and television series have been inspired by Iceland’s Viking sagas and otherworldly scenery. However, rich history, complex culture, and breathtaking scenery pale in comparison to the attractiveness of actual Icelandic women. They are stunning with their light complexion, blonde hair, and crystal-blue eyes.

As the world learned about Iceland’s natural attractions, the country began to experience a tourism boom. Interest in Icelandic women’s marriage rose like wildfire! If you’re a fan of these stunning ladies, keep reading to find out what causes men to go from all over the world to find wife/ves, other than their chilly beauty. Is it true that they are the finest foreign women to marry? Discover the finest ways to meet Icelandic brides and how to win their hearts.

Don’t be shocked if your Icelandic beauty initiates contact. Icelandic brides are self-assured and will contact or text the man first, assuming they like him. Be prepared for some heated conversations if you date an Icelandic woman. That doesn’t imply that Icelandic brides are completely focused on what they want and will disregard your views. Mutual understanding and trust are greatly fostered. These women simply like talking about topics and, certainly, finding out the truth in discussions.

Icelandic women

Don’t believe that an over-planned extravagant date will win the hearts of Icelandic mail order brides. Icelanders appreciate a relaxed way of life. They even address everyone by their first name, regardless of their place in the conversation. It makes Icelanders highly open and friendly, yet not everyone appreciates such directness and violation of personal space. It may be simple to strike up a discussion with an Icelandic girl for marriage but be prepared for her real interest in you and quite straightforward inquiries.

Pros and Cons of Icelandic Women For Marriage 

First, all lonely Scandinavian women are popular with Western guys since they are exceptionally pretty, feminine, and good lovers. Thousands of American men are ready for the international marriage with Icelandic brides because of their attractiveness and laid-back nature. Furthermore, local single women from this nation are quite progressive, which makes it very easy to date them. Because online dating is very common in Iceland, many young females who do not wish to remain in Iceland use mail order bride services to find a partner and migrate to the United States or other countries.

Finally, Icelandic women for marriage are favored since they are ideal for long-term and serious partnerships. They are thoughtful, intelligent, supportive, and courteous. They are keen to improve their relationships and support their spouses. It is not difficult to start a date with a woman from this nation, which contributes to their popularity among Westerners.

If you want to tie the knot with an Icelandic bride, you must be aware of all the benefits and drawbacks the potential relationship has to offer. That is why the following pros and cons should be thoughtfully considered.

meet Icelandic women


  • Icelandic ladies understand how to take care of their spouses;
  • The attractiveness of these lovely females makes them stand out on the dating scene;
  • Icelandic ladies are committed to their husbands and children.


  • Some Icelandic girls may appear overconfident;
  • There are still certain cultural differences to adjust to, such as Icelandic females seldom making the first move.

Well, we should admit that pros outweigh cons, which makes Icelandic brides a good option to consider for those looking for serious and long-lasting relationships.

Cost/Pricing of an Icelandic Mail Order Bride 

The expense of marrying an Icelandic woman is typically not prohibitively expensive. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to find Icelandic wife on the internet. Consider the following fees that you may incur when speaking with your Icelandic mail order wife via an online dating site:

Description of the ServiceCost
Services for online dating The majority of your costs will be related to communication. The entire cost is influenced by two sorts of websites. To begin, you might use dating services with paid membership. You only need to make one payment there to have access to all communication services. The cost of such membership might range between $10 and $40. There are other sites that provide credits, allowing you to choose how much you wish to spend. Depending on your needs and ambitions, you can pay $5, $10, or $300.
Flowers and gifts are extra costsAlthough online communication lacks physical contact, this does not preclude you from surprising your date with beautiful flowers or a box of chocolates. The cost of presents and flowers varies depending on the site, but you should anticipate paying roughly $100 every month for such extra gifts.
Real date with your Icelandic brideReal date with your Icelandic bride – Online conversation frequently leads to significant relationships. And genuine relationships cannot develop without face-to-face interactions. Many websites can assist you in organizing real-life dates so that you may appreciate your wife in person. However, such in-person dates might be too expensive. It may sometimes cost up to $10,000 for two weeks with your Icelandic bride! And sometimes visas are required.

We strongly recommend that you consider all these details before you decide to date your Icelandic mail order bride and do not expect to buy Icelandic wife. 

Icelandic Women For Marriage

Do Icelandic Women Like Foreign Men/American Men?

Iceland is a small and remote nation, but it is notoriously prosperous and provides everything a young lady could possibly need to live happily ever after. That is why Icelandic females do not consider marriage to a foreigner to be a means of survival, and you will never meet Icelandic women who are anxious to relocate abroad regardless of who becomes their husband. However, some Icelandic women looking for American men have many reasons to do so.

One of the reasons Icelandic mail order wives choose marriage to foreigners is their inherently adventurous attitude, which drives them to explore opportunities beyond their own country. But it is not the key reason. With a population of just over 360,000 people, Iceland’s dating pool is quite limited. Not only are some of Iceland’s best guys already taken, but there’s also a good possibility you’re dating a close cousin you didn’t know about. As a result, for Iceland ladies, an international mail order bride platform is a means to find their preferred male partners without fear of the repercussions.

When it comes to the reasons why Icelandic ladies seek foreign spouses, many things may be explained by looking at local males. Here are some fundamental explanations:

  • Poor treatment – local males do not appropriately regard their women, which causes issues in partnerships. That is why Icelandic women do not hurry into marriage. This aspect has prepared the way for a rising number of Icelandic mail order bridesin recent years;
  • High divorce rates – Another factor influencing Icelandic women to choose foreign marriage is the country’s high divorce rate. Simply stated, marriages aren’t as stable as local women would want. As a result, they try their luck outside of their own nation;
  • Love for children – Having more than one kid is practically every Icelandic woman’s wish; however, this desire may not be shared by local men. With foreign guys, it is possible to start a good family with children.
Icelandic wives

Top Places To Meet an Icelandic Wife 

If you’re ready to enter the mail order bride sector, you should know that locating a genuine woman for marriage in Iceland is simple. To get the greatest results, you should look for a reputable and trustworthy website that provides a wide range of services and high-quality profiles. And here are the two main options that you have.


To meet your wife, you must first sign up for one of the internet sites and create a new account there. When you’re ready, take your time to dive deep into the services available online. Keep in mind that top platforms would charge for their services, and you need to be aware of all the commissions in advance. Apart from the practical thing, feel free to browse the catalog of Icelandic mail order brides, find the ladies that you like, and do not be shy to contact them in private messages.


The situation is a bit more complicated with offline dating for marrying an Icelandic woman. However, it is still a good option for those who give preference to real-life communication. In order to meet your Icelandic wife online, you need to plan your trip to Iceland and stay at least two weeks in the country. You can spend this time sightseeing, and exploring the local culture, pubs, museums, and restaurants. Take your time to visit Iceland’s capital, and do not be shy to talk to people on the street. The local population is very open and will support your small talk, which is especially true about local girlfriends. 

Love Stories With Brides From Iceland 

Here are some success stories of Icelandic women looking for love:

  • “I was surprised to learn that Icelandic women do not expect you to put in a lot of effort, wait till they consent to date you, or provide presents to win their hearts. My future Icelandic wife, whom I met on Jolly Romance, just responded, ‘Ok, let’s go on a date, I like you,’ and thus began the best relationship of my life. There was no “courtship,” no rituals, just two free individuals who enjoyed spending time together, which grew into love. Some believe Icelandic females are easy, but I know for a fact that they are free and independent, and they don’t need all that nonsense to boost their self-esteem,” Dan, 46.
  • “I married an Icelandic girl, and I still feel it was the finest decision of my life. My Icelandic wife is a quiet, intelligent, kind, and respected person, which makes life so much simpler for both of us. We met on BravoDate, and we still communicate, compromise, and realize that we are two people who have made a conscious decision to stay together because we love and respect one another. She’s powerful, and it doesn’t make me feel any less macho. I like collaboration, and the fact that such a person decided to be with me makes me a little happy every day,” Bruce, 42.
  • “I was so quick with my Line. She was the one to make the first step in our relationship, and it went so well. When we met in person, we realized that we cannot live without each other,” Andrew, 53.
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Author Conclusion

Now that you understand all the benefits of Iceland women and can quickly choose an Icelandic bride online, your marriage possibilities are really just limitless. So instead of guessing and making blind choices of Icelandic brides that will be a perfect match for you, make a bet on Icelandic girls for marriage, register an account on one of the international dating sites, and make the best out of relationships with female Vikings.

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