A Comprehensive Guide On Indian Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

Updated on Nov 2022

International dating is a blessing for those men and women who feel more connected to foreigners. Typically, Indian brides are on men’s radars because of their beauty and famous loyalty. Often, Indian brides become perfect wives, not to mention their extreme beauty and uniqueness. This article should help you get acquainted with ways of meeting Indian women and finding a perfect bride. 

2884 girls online
9174 visits / day
2318 girls online
9875 visits / day
2354 girls online
7028 visits / day
Top Cities To Find An Indian Bride:Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata.
Average Indian Mail Order Bride Age:22.8 years.
Average Indian Mail Order Brides Price:$3,000 to $15,000 (costs depend on where you seek a bride and where she lives).
Success Rate Of Marriages With Indian Wives:More than 70%.
Indian Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:Around 1%, mainly because divorces are traditionally uncommon in India. 

Indian Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

Most know that Indian women for marriage are uniquely attractive. India is an Asian country, but you would always be able to spot the difference between Indian women and other women. Indian women are uniquely attractive, and it shows. But what about becoming a life partner, are Indian brides a good example?

Technically, yes. Indian culture states that people have to get married and bring kids into the world. A family without children is not full. Moreover, divorces are rare in India, although this occurrence has several explanations. A typical bride from India in a rural area can’t get divorced because it’s frowned upon. In rural areas, Indian women won’t divorce even if their husbands are abusive. That could explain the low divorce rate.

Indian Brides

Another explanation is the tradition of arranged marriages. Even today, it’s rather common. Moreover, women and men leave ads in magazines and newspapers announcing that they are ready to get married. Typically, in most populated cities, people prefer to date within their social circle. Singles often ask their friends to introduce them to suitable people, so even dates are arranged. Parents also often look for brides and husbands for their children.

The thing is, these arranged marriages often work. Typically, Indian mail order brides find good husbands through their parents, relatives, or friends who care about them. As a result, they meet suitable and compatible individuals. How is this good for you? Expect these women to use online dating websites!

Typically, Indian girls for marriage are used to arranged marriages, so they are familiar with the concept of mail-order bride sites. They find it normal to specifically seek a partner for marriage, not to fool around. 

As for the perfection of Indian brides, they are truly perfect. They are very loyal, wise, and ready to settle down. They grow up in a society that values family the most. Moreover, Indian women know that they want to get married from a young age, and they are ready to dedicate themselves to their husbands and children. 

Pros And Cons Of Indian Women For Marriage 


  • They are extremely good-looking. You should know that Indian females don’t look like your typical Asian ladies, which is why they are so special. Even though Indian brides prefer a lighter skin tone, some of them today embrace their golden glow. Nevertheless, fair skin or not, they are extremely attractive. They have curvy and slim bodies, and overall, they look feminine. 
  • They are well-educated and intelligent. Yes, India has many social problems, and overall, the literacy level is not amazing. However, most men find Indian mail order wives from populated and modern cities. These Indian women are well-educated and have at least one university degree.
  • They are cultured and well-behaved. If you ever decide to buy Indian wife, she would be fond of literature and culture and would efficiently support a conversation on any topic. Moreover, Indian women are great at expressing Indian culture. They often know how to perform in traditional dancing styles. 
  • They are hard-working and eager to be successful. Most people are aware that Asians are some of the most diligent and hard-working people. Indian brides are no exception to this general rule. Indian brides don’t shy away from difficulties and work hard to achieve success. They often have a job and maintain the household while also raising children. 
  • They are supportive of their husbands. The hard-working nature of a typical Indian bride works well when she meets her true love. She would be the main support of her husband, both financially and mentally. Most Indian brides prefer to keep their jobs to be able to afford a comfortable living. 
  • Respectful and relatively shy (in a good way). Typically, Indian brides grow up in a traditional environment where they are taught to respect others, especially older people. They grew up to become loyal and supportive toward their loved ones. However, they prefer to be modest in public. 
Indian Women


  • They are extremely attached to their families. Usually, it’s a good sign when a woman loves her family. However, in India, it’s a bit more complicated. If she has traditional views, it will mean that if you marry an Indian bride, you marry her entire family. By that, we mean her relatives, especially the mother, might be interfering in your family affairs.
  • They might be too clingy. It’s a good thing that Indian women are rather passionate. However, this passion could backfire. For example, Indian girls may expect you to be romantic daily, spend your entire time with them, etc. However, it’s uncommon. 

Cost Of An Indian Mail Order Bride

If you’re looking for Indian women looking for American men, then you’re likely to come across such search results or phrases such as “buy a bride,” “cost of a bride,” etc. You can’t buy a bride, but finding out about the bride’s cost makes sense, and here’s why.

Dating costs money for both men and women. We go out on dates and pay, we drive to a date location and pay for the gas, we exchange gifts while dating, etc. Moreover, some people use dating services, and they also cost money. If you travel to a different country and stay there, you have to pay for the rent, maintenance bills, etc. So, what’s the cost of an Indian bride? Check out the table.

When using dating services:Around $100-$300 per year
When traveling to India:Around $6,000, but rarely more than $15,000. 

In the second case, if you plan to find an Indian mail order wife in India without using a dating website, you may overspend. When you use the dating website, you can easily find a compatible woman. It takes around six months to decide whether you like each other. Then you travel to India and spend a maximum of $15,000 while dating. The cost includes rent, maintenance, etc. But you spend money on one Indian woman.

When you travel blindly to a foreign country, you may have difficulties finding a compatible Indian woman. So, your expenses may be too high, even though India isn’t considered an expensive country. If you want to find an Indian mail order bride, then combine offline and online methods. You’ll save time and money. 

Indian Women For Marriage

Reasons Why Indian Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men

Men from western countries often look forward to marrying ladies with traditional family views. It’s not a mainstream trend, but there is significant demand among such guys. Thus, Indian brides come to their minds. Moreover, there is one trend that may contribute to men from wealthy countries seeking Indian wives: difficulties in finding a woman of their status.

This is not an insult to men and women, but according to the statistics, men with blue-collar jobs have difficulties when seeking women willing to marry them. Often times than not, women seek richer men. While India may be one of the biggest world economies, the society isn’t as rich. Thus, a man from a western country is believed to be a great match.

Typically, a man has luck with marrying an Indian woman. She’s compassionate, loving, and caring. She isn’t against marrying a man with a blue-collar job. A typical Indian woman will also keep her job and offer support for the family. 

If you find Indian wife, she’s also OK with maintaining the household and raising children. Yes, she would prefer you to help her, but she’s willing to take care of the majority of household tasks. Moreover, Indian brides are rarely childfree, so you would have a full family with kids. 

Places To Get An Indian Bride

If you want to meet Indian women, you have two options: using online dating websites, or traditional means. Let’s delve deep into the details of each option. 


One of the best ways to meet Indian brides is to use Indian mail order bride websites. These online platforms have some of the best search filters and compatibility tests. They ensure that each user has a few hundred, if not thousands, compatible singles! Thus, you can easily meet Indian brides from compatible women offered by the matchmaking system. 

bride from India


Meeting single Indian ladies means having two main options:

  • traveling to India;
  • trying to find Indian brides in your city.

The second option is possible in such countries as England, the U.S, and Canada. There are big Indian communities in mentioned countries. However, it would be easier to find an Indian bride directly in India. It could be a bad option if you can’t work remotely. It takes a while to find a bride and can take up to a year. So, the best choice is to use online dating websites. 

Love Stories With Brides From India

Here are a few success love stories from popular dating websites:

  • Disha and Paul. Paul noticed that Disha also loves the same movies as he does. So, he gave it a try and messaged her. Today, Disha and Paul are engaged. 
  • Alia and James. James met Alia online, and he was pleased to find out that they live in the same city! This year, they celebrate their first year as a couple.
  • Pragya and Robert. Robert claims he thought Pragya was very attractive, so he was nervous when he contacted her. However, she was extremely nice and friendly. Today, they are still dating.

Author Conclusion

Eventually, most of us want to settle down. The majority still believe in traditional family values, which include having a spouse and raising children together. If that’s your case, consider Indian wives. Typically, Indian women are extremely attractive, wise, hard-working, and have traditional values. Thus, an Indian wife is a perfect choice if you can’t find a local bride or want to marry an Indian woman specifically.

Indian brides become amazing and supportive wives. They are intelligent and prefer keeping their jobs. They are OK with taking care of the majority of traditional female tasks. Moreover, you will rarely find an Indian woman who doesn’t want to have children. If you dream about a perfect family and an attractive wife beside you, then consider Indian brides. 


Can I mail order a bride?

Technically, you can’t mail order an Indian girl for marriage. The Indian woman is called an “ Indian mail order bride” only because of the trend in the past. Centuries ago, men and women used to post their marriage proposals in newspapers. That’s why an Indian bride was called an “Indian mail order bride,” and the husband was a “mail order husband.” Today, we use dating sites that have search filters that help us choose partners.

What is the best Indian Mail Order Bride Site?

There is no one solution for everyone, so you can choose from the following options: OneBeautifulBride, RomanceTale, Asian Cupid, Match, eHarmony, etc. These dating websites cater to the interests of people willing to settle down. The first three websites target men from western countries and women from Asia. Thus, they suit men seeking Indian wives. However, other mentioned sites can be useful since they have huge audiences worldwide.

How Many Singles In India?

You're probably more interested in single Indian brides. According to the statistics, 21% of India's female population is single as of 2022. Thus, it means there are 73 million Indian mail order brides willing to get married.

Do They Speak English?

Out of 1.2 billion Indian people, around 10.62% speak English. The number keeps growing due to globalization and the fact that it's common to learn an international language which is English. We recommend seeking Indian mail order brides on dating websites. More often than not, when an Indian mail order bride is seeking a foreign husband, she can speak basic English.

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