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Updated on Jun 2023
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Lithuanian women are not the most recognizable ladies in Europe. Still, this review will fix things for most readers because those girls are worth attention. Beautiful women from the Baltic region are a sight for the sore eyes of western guys tired of their female compatriots’ feminism and ambitions. 

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The beauty of Lithuanian brides is incredible because it is natural and backed by their souls’ beauty. Those are having experience communicating with singles from Lithuania will confirm their unique nature and amazing intelligence. And now, let’s overview some stats. 

Top Cities to Find a Lithuanian BrideVilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys
Average Mail Order Bride Age25-28 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Price$2,500-$3,000
Success Rate of Marriages with Lithuanian Wives85%
Mail Order Marriage Divorce Rate2.7 per 1,000 inhabitants
Lithuanian Brides

Are Lithuanian Girls Good Partners for Serious Relationships?

Lithuanian women for marriage come from an old part of Europe notable for strong family connections and traditional family values. Local brides understand how much effort long-lasting relationships require. And they have a clear idea of possible stumbling blocks in cross-cultural romances. Fortunately, Lithuanian girls live in a modern progressive society and get closer to western culture each year, saving their backgrounds simultaneously. 

The country’s rich culture influences females’ manners, views, and behavior. That’s why locals become great spouses. They are easy-going, sharing their traditions and accepting their beloved husbands’ social norms. If you are into Lithuanian brides, watch this video to learn more:

Are Lithuanian Girls for Marriage Beautiful?

Lithuanian mail order brides boast Nordic beauty and are famous for their crystal-blue eyes, while-and-rosy skin, and soft lips. However, hair is their real beauty. While ladies from other Baltic countries often prefer Scandinavian hairstyle, many Lithuanian brides have long wavy hair growing down to their hips. 

Lithuanian brides are aristocratic and refined, always trying to support this look. They take care of themselves and choose proper outfits, striving to look rich and elegant. The image of a woman combines good taste, the ability to wear simply designed clothes, and choose the right accessories. Active sports and healthy lifestyles also contribute to their beauty.

Best Features of Lithuanian Mail Order Wives

Generally, Lithuanian girls for marriage are modest and shy. However, they are not afraid of foreigners but stay confident during the conversation. Here are the main features of these amazing females:

  • Good education and European manners.
  • Tolerance and tact in any situation.
  • Сreativity and love of music and painting. 
  • Active lifestyles and traveling.
  • Care for parents and relatives.
  • Intelligence (many Lithuanian women have successful careers).

So, are Lithuanian wives good spouses? Yes, they are if you like reserved, slender, blue-eyed cuties with refined manners and family-centric priorities. 

Bright and Dark Sides of Marrying a Lithuanian Woman

The country is still unknown to thousands of Americans and other western nationalities. Hence, may perceive Lithuanian brides as angels, idealizing their beauty and charm. However, marrying a Lithuanian woman means getting a real human for love, everyday communication, and sharing daily routines. Do you want to meet your love? Then, you should be aware of all pros and cons of Lithuanian females. After all, both positive and negative features meaningless to some men may be of great value to others.

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  • Lithuanian brides welcome foreigners.
  • They are attractive and charming.
  • Family comes first for most Lithuanian girls.
  • They are kind, caring, and loving.
  • They are sincerely interested in their men’s lives, from emotions to businesses.
  • Lithuanian wives are perfect mothers.
  • Most Lithuanian women are good at English and like speaking it. 
  • They are great lovers to men who manage to gain their trust.


  • Some single Lithuanian ladies look for foreign husbands to leave the country for rich life overseas.
  • You will hardly pick a partner for hookups.
  • The lack of passion might seem dull to some guys. 
  • You will have to avoid physical contact on the several first dates (touch, kisses, hugs).

How Much Does a Lithuanian Mail Order Bride Cost?

The review describes single women from a small country with nearly 1,500,000 females. So, you will barely meet Lithuanian women in your location. Don’t worry. International dating solves all your problems. Of course, it implies using dedicated services and traveling, which requires investment. So, how much money do you need to find a genuine Lithuanian wife?

First, you should consider fees charged by international marriage agencies or dating sites. The latter may require monthly subscriptions or buying credits. The credit pack’s average price is nearly $30, which allows you to chat, set video dates, ask for contacts, etc. A monthly sub will cost from $20 to $45. Matrimony agencies’ average check may reach several thousand dollars. However, the best firms provide full support, from searching for Lithuanian brides to processing visas.

Would you like to travel to this beautiful country to meet women looking for American men and choose the best Lithuanian bride? Then, consider the following table to properly plan your budget.

Round-trip ticket (New York, USA–Vilnius, Lithuania)From $166 to $600
AccommodationFrom $40 per night in four and five-star hotels$23 for average accommodation
Meals A three-course meal for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant is $50.00
Internal transportation$7.8 for three days
Entertainment$15-$35 per day
Total costs for a 140day trip$2,500 – $3,000
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Why Should Foreign Men Consider Lithuanian Women as Perfect Matches?

Should western fellows make efforts to meet Lithuanian brides? Many men ask similar questions because they are unsure of their chances. And it’s easy to understand because distance and the relative closeness of this country in the past have played their part. However, now physical borders have lost their importance. Thus, the number of Lithuanian women looking for American men rapidly grows. Local ladies become more welcoming and less reserved. They study English at universities and use every opportunity to put their skills into practice. 

Besides, many women looking for love think quite pragmatically. They want to find well-established husbands and move to a country with no problems, similar to the realities in Lithuania. And this is not materialism but a healthy attitude toward family creation. It shows the emotional and mental maturity of Lithuanian mail order wives. It makes them great matches for guys from the USA, Canada, and other high economies. 

Best Ways to Reach out to a Lithuanian Bride

Many females prefer to stay in their native lands and marry compatriots. At the same time, others don’t think about anything serious until they build careers. So, how to find Lithuanian wife and contact family-oriented girls looking for foreigners? 

Actually, there are two roads to happy love life. First, you can use offline resources like traveling and cooperating with marriage firms. And secondly, you may join one of the dating sites packed of Lithuanian brides and women from other parts of Eastern Europe. Each way has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Offline Services and Independent Search for Lithuanian Girls

Suppose you apply to a marriage agency to buy Lithuanian wife. In this case, you should consider the following tips:

  • Learn everything about processes and services in the pack. Compare offers with your budget to ensure your financial capability.
  • Check the agency’s reputation because the number of scammers is overwhelming. 
  • Make sure the firm sets deadlines.
  • Sign a legal agreement with clear points regarding your rights and the company’s responsibilities.

Generally, you will easily find a bride from Lithuania if you have enough money and deal with a credible and legit organization.

single Lithuanian ladies

Online Dating Sites to Meet Real Lithuanian Brides

Online dating platforms are incredibly popular nowadays. And many sites target Lithuanian brides offering hundreds of catchy profiles. Here are more benefits for users:

  • No extra expenses.
  • The opportunity to view many profiles and communicate with numerous Lithuanian women at a time.
  • Many communication tools.
  • Strong security features and anonymous browsing.
  • Efficient account management to enhance matches’ quality. 
  • You can chat as long as you need to learn more about your potential partner’s personality before setting the first date. 

However, you should consider the same tips given for marriage agencies. It means carefully choosing dating sites full of genuine Lithuanian mail order brides. 

Trues Love Stories with Lithuanian Girls

Love is wonderful and brings lots of joy when the right person is nearby. So, if you still hesitate to marry a feminine and devoted Lithuanian mail order bride, ready for successful love stories:

“I met a great women from Lithuania, although we chat online only before. However, the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. So, I decided to meet her in person. An that was a fateful decision. Angelika turn out to be perfect for me. Now, we are together and plan our marriage. She is kind, loving, and smart. Out every day if different and full of happiness.”

“I met Lina during my business trip to Vilnius. I saw her in a coffee ship and was struck by her beauty and manners. And I was happy to see how intelligent she is when we start dating. Because I had to return home, we talked online for some time. And then I invited her to my place. Today, we are married for two years, and it seems that out Honey Moon will never end.”

“My former wife was my schoolfriend, and the divorce was hard because we’ve known each other for years. I didn’t think of serious relationships in the nearest future. However, Roze turned my world upside down. I dramatically changed my mind about marriage, and it has paid off. My Lithuanian love is my soul mate, best friend, and a person I want to spend every minute of my life.”

Final Thoughts

A Lithuanian mail order wife is not a fantasy or a phantom dream. She is a reality right around the corner. Lithuanian girlfriends learn know how to love and make their male partners happy in love and everyday life. Reliable and supportive partners will do their best to build a strong family based on mutual respect, understanding, and true love. So, lonely guys from the western world should consider Lithuanian brides when seeking soul mates. 

Lithuanian girl for marriage


Can I Mail Order a Bride?

You can easily order a Lithuanian girl for marriage on a dating website. To that end, you should sign up for the service, present yourself in your profile, set filters to narrow down, and target girls according to your preferences.

What Is the Best Example Mail Order Bride Site?

The best dating sites for marriages focusing on meaningful connections contain many genuine Lithuanian women's profiles. Quality platforms are legit, have nice designs, fair prices, many free features, and a high success rate.

How Many Singles Are in Lithuania?

According to the stats, 51% of females are from 14 to 54. And nearly one-third are single.

Do They Speak English?

Most young Lithuanian women speak English. They study the language at schools, colleges, and universities, take courses or work in international companies.

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