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Updated on Oct 2022
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All people deserve love, but some prefer to look for feeling overseas. And there is nothing wrong with such romantic dreams because cross-cultural relationships refresh nations, making them stronger, smarter, and more beautiful. So, if you are one of those guys, Moldovan women will be interesting. They look very unusual and have specific culture. Hence, they are worth your attention to. 

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Of course, Moldovan brides remain the secret behind seven seals for the western world. The country’s Soviet past and political instability don’t let it go to a big romantic scene. Fortunately, times change. Now, men can see Moldovan girls in all their glory on dating sites, TV, fashion shows, and on the covers of glossy magazines. Yet, not many Moldovan brides are in public. So, keep reading to reach out to the best women. 

Top Cities to Find a Moldovan BrideChisinau, Saharna, Comrat, Balti, Gagauzia
Average Mail Order Bride Age22-28 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Price$2,000-$3,500
Success Rate Of Marriages with Moldovan Wives82%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate18%
Moldovan Brides

Are Moldovan Brides Reliable Life Partners for Western Men?

Moldovan women for marriage may cause doubts because of their relative secrecy. However, their ancient history, traditions, and values correspond to people’s views on happy family life. Moldovan brides stick to their parents’ dogmas and prioritize marriage over casual relationships. They become diligent wives and skillful housekeepers. They care about kids and relatives, including their husbands’ family members. Moldovan brides love soul mates and don’t accept divorce, trying to keep peace and avoid conflicts. What are the main features of Moldovan wives?

How Do Moldovan Brides Look Like?

Most Moldovan women have a European appearance type with relatively light but slightly dark skin and an average height of 163 cm. They usually have dark curly hair, brown or green eyes, high foreheads, narrow noses with humps, and accentuated cheekbones. Moldovan singles are very beautiful. Young girls diligently look after their figures because already-married Moldovan women tend to gain weight. 

What Are the Brightest Features of Moldovan Women?

Moldovan girls for marriage have many positive features valuable for family life:

  • Industrious

Moldovan females are not afraid of work. They often have good jobs, successfully climbing career ladders. At the same time, many teachers, doctors, and workers are among them. In addition, locals used to work for many hours a day to support themselves and their families.

  • Housekeeping

Moldovan cuties cannot tolerate disorder and mess in their houses. They prefer to keep things in their places and decorate houses with art pieces and handicrafts. Paintings, embroideries, wooden items, and other interior decorations are always in their dwellings. Besides, Moldovan brides are great cooks keen on national and foreign cuisines. 

  • Clean

Moldovan brides keep premises clean. They sweep, make vacuum cleaning, wash floors, and dust to ensure no dirt debris on any surface. So if you come to a bride from Moldova, you’ll see no speckle of dust.

  • Cheerful

Single Moldovan ladies adore parties and spending time with relatives and close friends. Although they visit nightclubs and restaurants periodically, most prefer to sit around the table together for a meal. They talk, sing, dance, and laugh. 

Moldovan girl for marriage
  • Hospitable

Moldovan mail order wives welcome guests at their homes. They usually cook a lot of food and may get offended if you refuse to taste all dishes on the table. Moldovan brides like many people around them and enjoy relatives, friends, neighbors, and friends of their friends in the house. 

  • Caring

Moldovan wives and even girlfriends care about their partners. They worry about their well-being and try to surround close people with comfort. If someone catches a cold, Moldovan ladies know how to quickly cure it without applying to doctors. 

Pros and Cons of Moldovan Women

Marrying a Moldovan woman is a great idea if you know this nation well. Of course, the task is challenging, but the following lists of their merits and downsides help you to sort out and weigh positive and negative features. Since you know what is really important for you in commitments, you will easily draw conclusions. So, let’s see whether you should tie the knot with a beautiful Moldovan girl for marriage.

The Best in Moldovan Brides

  • Serious attitude toward relationships since their early 20s.
  • Good temper and active lifestyle.
  • The ability to care for many kids without nurses.
  • Sexual liberality in marriage.
  • Great culinary skills.

The Worst in Moldovan Women

  • Moldovan brides might be impulsive and explosive like Latin American females.
  • They are jealous and can raise a scandal for no reason.
  • Moldovan girls are too dependent on relatives.
Moldovan Women

What Is the Cost of a Moldovan Mail Order Wife

Can you meet Moldovan women near your house? Probably not. That’s why finding Moldovan mail order brides is the only rational solution. Of course, you should pay because several expense items follow international dating. How much do you have to spend? Everything depends on your requirements and tastes. For example, your costs will be higher if you prefer to stay at premium-class hotels, buy expensive presents, and eat in elite restaurants. However, you may reduce costs according to your budget. The table below will help you to choose services suitable for your intentions.

Booking round-up tickets$300 – $700
AccommodationFrom $11 to $40 per night in a three-star hotelUp to $100 per night in a five-star hotel
Luxury car rent$300 per week
Internal transportation $0.11 for a one-way ticket
MealsFrom $15 to $31 in a mid-range restaurant (a three-course dinner for two persons)
Entertainment and romantic activitiesNearly $500-$1,000 per week
Shopping and buying presentsAround $1,000 (depending on your budget)
Cost of your journeyFrom $1,200 for a week luxury trip
The total cost of a Moldovan mail order bride$5,000

Why Should You Consider Moldovan Women as Perfect Matches

Moldovan women seek to create strong family relations “the sooner the better.” This is not due to religion but to mentality. They’re great mothers and caring wives. Moldovan brides are very feminine and patriarchal in their beliefs and conservative in appearance and cosmetics. Hence, they are not a suitable option for men focused on hookups. 

Besides, Moldovan women are friendly to foreign fellows. Many women looking for American men dream about an established life with equal partners. The point is that many local guys don’t correspond to females’ quality criteria of ideal husbands. They drink too much alcohol and earn little money, not enough to support their families with essentials. So, an international marriage is a perfect solution for an average Moldovan bride.

meet Moldovan women

Places to Meet a Genuine Moldovan Bride

If you want to be happy with an authentic Moldovan wife, several roads are at your disposal to fulfill your desires. Modern techs generate many efficient tools to meet your love without leaving the comfort of your home. Besides, a highly-developed tourist industry allows traveling to any country hassle-free, spending reasonable amounts. Hence, let’s look through the best ways of finding the best Moldovan women looking for American men.

Online Dating to Meet Loyal Moldovan Girls

How to meet Moldovan brides online? Today, many dating sites offer their services. They allow men and women to make connections, chat, set real dates, and develop relationships according to their mutual views and values. Thus, you will easily meet a lonely female seeking a partner overseas. 

However, your soon success will depend on the dating site’s quality and legitimacy. Many sham platforms use bots and stolen photos to deceive users and make them pay money for nothing. In contrast, sticking to the right dating service will provide you with a wide choice of Moldovan mail order brides. 

Other Ways of Meeting Beautiful Moldovan Girls

Suppose you want to travel to find Moldovan wife within her native country. In this case, applying to a credible marriage agency will facilitate your task. The best matchmaking firms arrange romantic tours and social events to introduce men to their potential partners. Still, this pleasure is not cheap. 

Do you want to travel independently to meet a decent woman, set a date, and start a promising romance? Then, you should consider bid cities. For example, Chișinău is notable for its international atmosphere and plenty of well-educated, open-minded, and easy-going girls. Besides, you will benefit from well-organized transportation and numerous opportunities for leisure activities. 

Romantic Stories with Happy Ends of Meeting Moldovan Females

Do you still hesitate to buy Moldovan wife online or find a special one overseas? Let’s read some happy stories to be flushed.

“My cultural trip to Moldova turned into a romantic journey because I met Maria. She became my passion after several dates in a small cafe near her house. She is incredibly beautiful, cute, and relaxed. I learned many interesting facts about her country. Besides, she can listen! And maybe that was the decisive factor for my marriage. Now, I’ve the happiest person on the planet!”

“I was in Moldova on business for a long time and dated many local girls. I should say they are amazing in their authenticity. They haven’t lost their natural beginning, which cannot be said about girls from my country. So, I decided to come back to this wonderful region and find love. And although I had to go to another country to work, I made my dream come true and found a Moldovan mail order wife one one of the dating sites.”

“If you need a feminine and faithful wife, Moldova single women are great. And I speak from my own experience. Now, I’m happily married on a fascinating woman from this country. She is my partner everyday and everywhere. We are a real match. She always supports me, even when I fail at work.” 

 Moldovan Wives

Taking Stock of the Review

No matter how many arguments you’ll hear in favor of Moldovan brides because your heart will make a final choice. However, considering these girls’ best features, natural charm, and slight exotic hue will definitely make you think about marrying a Moldovan gorgeous lady. Local females’ welcoming attitude, openness, and honesty are attractive because they are perfect features for serious relationships. Of course, knowing dating culture is handy to ensure your success. To that end, consider this video:


Can I Mail Order a Bride?

Yes, you can. The service is legit if you stick to credible and licensed dating sites of marriage agencies. In this case, you'll meet enough women looking for love to choose from and find your love. 

What Is the Best Moldovan Mail Order Bride Site?

While choosing a dating site, you should consider its reputation and success rate. Can you contact many real females? Is the community active, focusing on real-life relationships rather than endless online chatting? Besides, the best sites have services to help users with visas and other formalities. 

How Many Singles Are In Moldova?

For now, the female population is over 52% in Moldova. So, there are hundreds of thousands of single women from 18 to 35. Thus, you will easily find friends, lovers, or brides. 

Do They Speak English?

Young Moldovan brides from big cities mostly know English, at least at a conversational level. University students and those employed in the hotel and tourist industries also can speak English well.

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