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Updated on Jan 2023
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Going out involves understanding your potential partner. So, when you try to impress a woman, you need to know what she’s looking for. While you may have experience with singles from your own country, dating Portuguese women requires a unique approach. Don’t worry about knowing a few facts about single women in Portugal. You are in the right place to learn everything, including the pros and cons of women looking for love in this country. 

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Of course, they’re stunning, like millions of ladies worldwide. However, are Portuguese brides for you? Maybe, their best features will become your nightmare. Who knows? So, let’s reveal all nuances to get rid of doubts and start your romantic journey. And we’ll start with some stats:

Top Cities to Find a Portuguese BrideLisbon, Porto, Coinbra, Sintra, Obidos
Average Mail Order Bride Age34 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Pricefrom $1,000 up to $25,000
Success Rate Of Marriages with Portuguese Wives77%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate23%
Portuguese Brides

Are Portuguese Women for Marriage Perfect Life Partners?

Let’s be clear from the beginning: Portuguese girls are not for you if you are seeking a loyal wife in her 20s. Local women looking for American men rarely tie the knot before age 30. So, you should count on meeting gorgeous mature women in all their glory. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, you can find many Portuguese women aged 18 to 25 in families with below-average incomes from rural areas. Despite their young age, they are ready for serious relationships. 

Anyway, there is a lot of fish in the pond. And what about quality

Portugal is a country with a rich culture and traditions, and Portuguese women for marriage who meet guys expect them to understand every aspect of them. While they are beautiful on the outside, they are strong-willed and understand what they feel and what emotions mean. 

Portuguese girls for marriage are brought up in traditions. Their mothers instill family principles but don’t limit their free will. Emotions are part of a woman’s personality. Please do not wait for conversations that make no sense because girls dive into the topic deeply, sharing their feelings. However, no guessing games. Single Portuguese ladies let you clearly understand them, whether they are happy, cheerful, or angry.

Most Attractive Merits of Portuguese Brides

Passion for life is the brightest feature of Portuguese girlfriends. They are very enthusiastic and active and always know what they want. That’s why are not hurrying to jump into serious relationships. However, when singles choose partners for love, the latter will be 100% happy:

  • Portuguese women are purposeful and devoted. They support soul mates in happiness and hard times.
  • Portuguese brides are taught to build connections on honesty and decency.
  • They are passionate but quiet and not loud. They feature European manners and exception tolerance. 
  • Portuguese brides are friendly to foreigners but don’t jump in their arms.

Besides, Marrying a Portuguese woman will let you have a stylish and well-groomed female nearby. Locals follow European fashion trends, always looking natural but elegant. At the same time, Portuguese women looking for American men in small towns prefer sporty clothing. 

Portuguese Women

Things to Consider When Approaching a Portuguese Bride

Portuguese women are reserved unless they get closer to you enough to trust you. Although local females avoid physical contact with the opposite sex, they are very touchy with other women. Thus, you may often see two girls walk down the street holding hands. 

Portuguese wives are friendly to strangers. They can ride a bus and talk to several people without knowing them. So, a quiet Portuguese girl for marriage on a date may turn into a talkative lady in the crowd. 

Portuguese brides are independent. However, they expect men to pay for dinner, especially when they meet first. They are not materialistic but just test the depth of men’s interests. Do you want to learn more? Then, this video is right for you:

Pluses and Minuses of Meeting Portuguese Women For Marriage

Portuguese females are great. They are bright personalities but speaking about their merits without mentioning flaws would be shallow. Those girls are not simple. And although Portuguese women dating is exciting and advantageous, some tweaks may spoil your experience if you are not ready for them. So, consider the pros and cons if you want to meet Portuguese women and avoid unpleasant surprises.


  • Portuguese brides are friendly, helpful, and jolly. 
  • If they don’t speak English, they quickly find an interpreter wherever they are. 
  • Most Portuguese women are beautiful due to their slim feminine bodies and big expressive eyes.
  • Portuguese brides come in a massive array of personalities.
  • They feel the responsibility to build a strong family. 


  • Portuguese brides get furious if you cross the line and rarely forgive.
  • They might be intrusive, constantly suggesting multiple solutions for a small issue. 
  • Despite the confidence, a Portuguese bride needs permanent appreciation and recognition from her partner. 
Portuguese Women for Marriage

Cost of a Portuguese Mail Order Bride – to Pay or not to Pay

Portuguese mail order brides are available from dedicated marriage agencies or online. Trusted companies and resources give firm guarantees. As a rule, they focus on international dating and help with visas for both brides and fiancées. But, of course, they charge fees. Besides, you cannot avoid personal meetups even when meeting your future Portuguese wife on the Web. Sooner or later, you will come to her place. So what will your costs be?

The paid subscription to a dating site$35-$75 per month
Marriage agencies costs Up to $5,000
Flight (round-up ticket from New York to Lisbon)$350-$500
AccommodationFrom $20 per night 
TransportationTrains and buses between cities – $15-$27Local public transportation – $14,6 for 24 hoursTaxi – $5-$10
Car rentFrom $9 per day
Meals$30-$50 for a 2-person meal in a restaurant
One-week stay$1,000 for a comfortable stay
The total Portuguese mail order bride costUp to $20,000

Of course, you should add the costs of presents, romantic dates, and shopping. Generally, your adventure’s final price depends on your requirements and the amount of money you are ready to spend. For instance, those who prefer luxury conditions will pay over $2,000 for their one-week stay in Portugal, not including expenses on dates. 

Why Do Foreign Men Should Choose Portuguese Women?

There are many reasons to meet Portuguese brides, from beauty to intimacy. Foreign guys have high chances for success because locals don’t consider their citizenship but prioritize personality features. An average bride from Portugal doesn’t focus on international marriage as something unusual or strange. Besides, local females are close to Americans and Western Europeans, sharing their fundamental values. 

The country’s well-being is a great plus. You will definitely meet your love rather than gold diggers hunting for big wallets. Locals have enough opportunities to get a good education and decent jobs to focus on their feelings and preferences when choosing romantic partners. 

What are the Best Places to Meet Real Portuguese Girls?

Are you lonely and want to meet a genuine Portuguese wife? Then, it will help if you stop looking through photos of hot girls on the Web and switch to more efficient methods of setting romantic connections. So many roads are right in front of your eyes. Portuguese mail order wives will lead you to your purpose if you have a strong desire for love,. What does it mean? 

Relatively speaking, you apply to certain people or services and pay them to buy Portuguese wife. Of course, you don’t purchase the women. More likely, you buy matrimony services. How is it possible?

buy Portuguese wife

Online Dating for Love-Seekers

You can join a dating website or mobile app and find a Portuguese mail order wife based on your preferences and expectations. As a rule, such platforms are dozens of times cheaper than offline marriage agencies. 

Online dating offers numerous benefits. The biggest one is that most people that put themselves out there on the Internet are available and want to find relationships. Because running into married people, scammers, and jerks is the biggest complaint of most daters. 

And here is another perk. Suppose you meet someone in a bar. In this case, you go only on attraction, but you don’t know much about that person. Even worse, you could be off and run with a not-so-great romance when you know that you’re already chemically connected. In contrast, when you meet Portuguese mail order brides online, you look at their profiles, read information, and communicate with potential partners via email or instant messenger. As a result, you meet a Portuguese mail order bride as a close person and may rest assured of your compatibility. 

How to Find Portuguese Curies Offline 

Portugal is a popular tourist destination. Why not mix business with pleasure? You only need to buy a tour and find Portuguese wife in the country you arrive in soon. Where should you go to meet authentic girls? Actually, everywhere across the country. For example, Lisbon is the capital of creative people focused on street art. Once in Lisbon, go to LX Factory, creative space full of music and theater performances, exhibitions, and shopping areas. 

Romantic Stories With Brides From Portugal

Whether looking for lovers or professing a serious attitude toward dating, you will be thrilled with love stories told by lucky guys who have already met their happiness in Portugal. 

“I’m an artist and went to Portugal for inspiration. And I’ve never thought to meet someone special. However, my love lived in a beautiful place between Lisbon and Porto. We had a great time surrounded by beautiful nature and surfing waves in front of our eyes. And we have nice time together right now but in my place.”

“My girlfriend is from Portugal. Now, she is a student in my city, and we’ve dated for eight months already. We have great plans for our future life, and I believe we’ll be happy. All the time I have known her I’ve learned much about her culture, and I love them. We plan to visit her parents in Nazare next summer. Hope they will like a nice guy from Portland.”

“I’ve met my Portuguese wife online. We chatted and flirted and then I understood that it’s a match made in heaven. Out wedding was beautiful. I liked her family and friends because they create a very friendly atmosphere without formalities. Now, we live in my house in California but travel to her native land every year.”

bride from Portugal

Final Words

Portuguese beauties beat all records of popularity. They are more restrained than Latinas but still passionate and dynamic. Local women are well-mannered and educated like Western European ladies but more expressive and emotional. Portuguese women are far from feminist Americans because they value their roots and a traditional family vibe. They know how to love and are worthy of respect and admiration. 

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