Slovenian Mail Order Brides: Amazing Facts & Characteristics

Updated on Nov 2022
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Down with fools unsuitable for family life! Slovenian women are very serious in terms of marriage. Many foreign men like women with a subtle nature and this can be safely said about Slovenian brides. Thanks to an online dating space, you will meet irresistible Slovenian women for marriage.

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If you really want to change your life for the better, you should think about how you can buy Slovenian wife. Everything in life changes and can affect our souls so much that we don’t even notice this at first. Having met Slovenian girls for marriage, you will become wiser and even more courageous!

Top Cities to Find a Slovenian BrideLucia, Ljubljana, Maribor
Average Slovenian Brides Age22 y.o
Average Slovenian Mail Order Brides Price$2,600 – $8,000
Success Rate Of Marriages with Slovenian Wives40.5%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate27%
Slovenian Brides

Slovenian Brides: Are They Ideal Life Partners?

An ideal woman for an American man is not always a mystery, a secret, or an inaccessible dream. In fact, in the image of an ideal Slovenian spouse is the ability to love and show this love in every possible way. In any case, Slovenian girls try to become good spouses especially when it comes to international marriage.

You can meet Slovenian women despite the lofty word “ideal”. Every Slovenian woman is truly perfect in some way. But still, each of the Western men differs in his taste regarding Slovenian mail order brides.

She Will Make You Special

A bride from Slovenia has friendly features for all men as she knows how to attract. Despite the desire of the Slovenian spouse to love and be loved, doing everything for this, it is worth remembering that she is ready to move mountains for the man she loves. Marrying a Slovenian woman you will feel your uniqueness, relevance, and strength to build your life the way you want. You are free to make your personal life next to a beautiful Slovenian mail bride.

Special Women’s Psychology

Not only the exquisite Slovenian appearance, behavior, and manners but also the psychology of the ideal Slovenian girl for marriage is special. A Slovenian mail order bride will not allow herself to throw tantrums and shower reproaches on a man if he returns home late. Instead, a Slovenian bride will smile and ask if her beloved man had a good day. 

Finding her husband with his mistress, an ideal Slovenian woman will pretend that nothing happened because she does not want to lose her husband. Affectionately seeing the woman out of the door, a Slovenian mail order wife will find a new admirer from abroad. To marry a Slovenian bride, it is worth considering the established marriage points in order to become an ideal spouse.

Wisdom & Women’s Cunning

No quarrels and unnecessary disputes. Only wisdom and female cunning help Slovenian females get what they want from men. When raising a child, an ideal Slovenian woman will always think that her baby is fine no matter how old he is. A Slovenian mother will respect the choice of her children helping them in difficult situations.

Slovenian women


Single Slovenian ladies accept people with all their advantages and disadvantages without even trying to cope with them. Peace and tranquility reign in the soul of a Slovenian woman. She is always in harmony with herself, the outside world, and others. But if a Slovenian lady feels a threat to herself or her loved ones, she will turn into an Amazon. She is always ready to protect herself and her family from the whole world. To become perfect, Slovenian women looking for American men learn to value themselves and not allow anyone to treat them disrespectfully.

Pros and Cons of Slovenian Women for Marriage

Due to the search for an ideal Slovenian wife, there are many advantages and disadvantages of relations with Slovenian mail order wives. It is worth considering both the pros and cons of the relationship with beautiful Slovenian ladies if your ultimate goal is to meet Slovenian brides.


Many American suitors desire to find Slovenian wife. Still, some potential suitors are not at all lucky, and someone fears women like fire because of any connection. The pros and cons of relationships with Slovenian women is a rather complicated topic but it’s always easier to talk about the pros:

  • Constancy. Long-term relationships with Slovenian brides are great for those Western men who don’t like changes. Some individuals start a conversation about the pros and cons of relationships explaining that they absolutely do not need to rush from one partner to another. Slovenian ladies prefer to have just the only partner. Thus, they try with all their might to build something stable, indestructible and reliable out of this.
  • End of loneliness. When discussing the advantages of relationships with Slovenian brides, you need to understand that some things come from childhood and we base our behavior on them. So, if you go into a relationship with Slovenians, you will never be afraid of being alone in old age. It is always nice when there is a woman nearby who you can completely rely on. It is amazing luck to meet an ideal Slovenian lady who shares your interests and understands you like no other. This one knows all about your fears and protects you from them!
  • On the same wave. If you are a disorganized person, then finding yourself a girlfriend or wife who will be the one who will help you deal with your life is luck. Some people need help from outside, otherwise, they cannot live productively at all. This is especially true for those who is a driven person. In the end, next to a Slovenian woman, you will feel on the same wave.
  • Regularity in intimacy. For Slovenian women and some foreign men, this is a determining factor and an undeniable plus in a relationship. For serious Slovenian women, this is necessary because they need to start a family and give birth to children. A permanent sexual partner is of paramount importance. If this is as important for you and your beloved Slovenian lady, then choose such a relationship and you won’t go wrong!
  • You will always have someone to talk to. Despite the presence of friends and relatives, a loved one understands you better. Many choose relationships with Slovenian ladies because they want to be constantly in contact with the one they love. This is one of the pluses of the relationship for a number of American men entering into marital relationships with Slovenian girls. This is especially true for Slovenian girls who always prefer to talk with their beloved husband or boyfriend.
Slovenian Women for Marriage


Many destructive factors can undermine your relationship with Slovenian ladies. But still, you can overcome everything if it’s love lives in your heart.

  • She is blinded by jealousy. If you think that this is a trifle, then you have never had a relationship in which true Slovenian women were jealous of you! Jealousy poisons life aggravating everything that can be aggravated. When you live alone, you can stay anywhere and as long as you like. No one will scold you, call you and blow your mind, so this is quite evident in relationships with Slovenes. On the other hand, it may be that you are sad to come to an empty house and you would better have suffered from jealousy.
  • You will need to invest in her. Suppose you are used to being content with little and have been living quite comfortably for a long time. Acquaintance including subsequent cohabitation means that you will have to earn more. You may have even a part-time job or a second job in order to provide for your Slovenian wife who is on maternity leave as well as a decent future for your children. If you are not ready to take this step, then be kind to keep enjoying an easy and relaxed life without a Slovenian chosen one!
  • Inability to grow and develop. Alas, relationships very often slow down one of the partners or both at once. Both settle in a comfort zone and do not even try to somehow improve themselves making an effort on themselves. When you are in a relationship with a Slovenian woman, you will need to pay maximum attention to her. This is a chance to become a family man but not everyone wants to limit freedom next to such a woman.

However, it is better to immediately understand yourself and your desires about whether you need relationships with Slovenian women. Try to think about which relationships you really need!

Average Cost of a Slovenian Mail Order Bride

Service Average Cost
Travel expenses$650
Accommodation$100 per night
Meal$22 per person/per day
Entertainment & gifts$500 and more

Why Slovenian Women Are Great Matches for American Men?

Many modern men would surely agree with the words of Sophia Loren: “A woman is not bedding or a food processor with painted eyes. A woman is the image, style and standard of living of a man.” So, why do most American men consider Slovenian women their ideal match?

marry slovenian girl


Few people like Slovenian females who resemble men. But this does not mean that they now have to wear exclusively heels, short skirts with transparent blouses, and lace dresses. Women in men’s clothing can look very feminine and sexy. At the same time, men prefer female forms in a chest, waist, hips, and legs are not hidden under loose clothing. Femininity is a light gait and a cat’s grace, a chest voice, and pleasant manners. Femininity means grooming, smartness, accuracy, and good taste Slovenian girls have.

Easy-Going Character

American Men choose women who do not create problems for themselves and only switch their duties on men. Slovenian girls are with easy character are unforgiving, inoffensive, sociable, and non-conflict! They do not try to put pressure on their beloved man but respect their personal space. They do not arrange scandals and tantrums for any reason and are ready to compromise. In a word, it is easy for an American man with them!

Worldly Wisdom

A wise Slovenian lady knows when to remain silent and when to speak. She never goes on about her emotions and knows how to easily manage them. She will not reproach a man and demand the impossible from him. She rather closes her eyes to his shortcomings and will not show her disappointment. Such a woman will support and praise her man in time.

Best Places to Meet a Slovenian Bride

If you still have not found out where beautiful Slovenian wives live, then two options are obvious: online dating and real-life meetings. You will find useful Slovenian dating sites as well as the best places to meet the most irresistible mail order brides from Slovenia!

slovenian wife


Top dating sites available in Slovenia are as follows:

  4. Badoo;


Visit the big cities of Slovenia, especially the capital Ljubljana. There you have the opportunity to visit city parks and various establishments with delicious food and more.

City NameDating Offers
LjubljanaTake your Slovenian girlfriend to Le Petit Cafe to treat her to delicious food
LucijaRomantic Trip to Bele Skale Beach
MariborLent – the Oldest Part of the City of Maribor

Love Stories With Brides From Slovenia

“I really liked the young lady whom I met on It would seem that dating sites are not for me at all but I realized that this was my fate. I found a smart girl there who soon became my wife. Of course, relationships with her are far from ideal but we love each other too much”. – David

“I will explain to everyone who wants to know who the mail-order brides from Slovenia are: they are pretty purposeful ladies who will not miss their own! They know what they want and I got to the capricious Slav woman whom I am undoubtedly glad of!” – Kevin

“Who would have thought that I would fucking fall in love with a Slovenian girl Floria! The name sounds quite unusual. I fell in love with her after several of our meetings. I met Floria during a meeting with a friend in Ljubljana. She just worked at a local restaurant! Now we meet and I hope it lasts.” – Mason


If you are looking for a reliable and intelligent woman, then you will find her among pretty Slovenian brides. You can get acquainted with charming, feminine, and independent Slovenian ladies either on top dating sites or in the cities like Ljubljana, Lucija, and Maribor.


Do Slovenian Brides Really Exist?

Mail order brides from Slovenia certainly exist! You can chat with real Slovenian brides on trusted dating sites. These websites are filled with profiles of single girls from Slovenia.

How Much Does It Cost to Find a Slovenian Bride?

On average, it takes between $7,000 and $8,000 to find a mail Slovenian bride. You must take into account not only spending time with the bride but additional costs including visa.

What Is the Best Slovenian Mail Order Bride Site? is considered one of the exemplary sites where you will find many worthy mail brides. Still, you should decide on your own on the online platform according to your preferences.

Why Do Slovenian Women Want to Be Mail Order Brides?

The bottom line is that these Slavic women are seeking true happiness. They can rarely find a reliable and stable man in their environment. Slovenian ladies require a lot of attention which is not tolerated by most local males.

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