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Updated on Jun 2023
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Spain’s dynamic pace of life, picturesque landscapes, and culture’s offerings make this country an undisputable stop on many travelers’ European route. The undeniable beauty of Spanish mail order wives only adds to the country’s popularity. The Spanish population is estimated to be almost 47 million people. Of course, not all beauties live in Madrid or Barcelona. There are much more places to meet Spanish brides.

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Spanish woman

Madrid. From all cities in Spain, Madrid is the one that delivers the travelers the best time. The city’s party-hard reputation plays into the hands of foreigners seeking something more than a tourist impression.

Barcelona. A city where love is in the air. Barcelone is a destination for art lovers to find a Spanish bride. Without a doubt, it’s a Spanish cultural capital. You can explore centuries-old neighborhoods like Barri Gòtic, which dates back to the Roman Empire and Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical architecture. Don’t forget to take advantage of exciting nightlife in search of local women looking for American men.

Valencia. A birthplace of paella, Spain’s most famous dish, Valencia is truly a sightseeing city. You may visit one of Valencia’s beach restaurants to sample Paella, admire the picturesque views and the breathtaking beauty of local women. Take a walk across the old town for the most romantic date of your life.

Sevilla. A city where the passion of a flamenco dancer, the dedication of a bullfighting matador, and the laid-back indulgence of an afternoon siesta coincide. Seville is marked by Jewish, Islamic, and Christian influences. Lonely travelers who appreciate a good dose of history between dates with Spanish brides will appreciate the city’s cultural offerings.

What Virtues Make Spanish Women for Marriage so Desirable

They Know to Raise Kids

The love of Spanish women for sale has no boundaries. The average age when Spanish women give life to a firstborn is above 31. This is a significant rise compared to 25 in 1975. The reason is that Spanish women have more opportunities to study and work than before. They have a solid ground before pregnancy to keep themselves and their children safe and sound in all circumstances. Spanish women cherish their kids and at the same time grow personalities out of them.

Spanish Brides are Passionate

The hot temper of all Spanish women is known all around the world. Beautiful Spanish women are sensual and sexual. Some men adore this feature in their brides. They love it when a female is not hiding behind a mask. When a woman is not afraid of expressing her true emotions and not ashamed of initiating sex. Remember, however, that dating such a spicy lady may devastate you if you’re not ready to be a leader in relationships and cool her down sometimes. Keep reading to learn how to win the hearts of your potential Spanish wives online.

These Women are Really Friendly

Anytime you meet Spanish girl, you see her smiling face. In Spain, people tend to be rather optimistic and open to meeting new personalities. They get easily engaged in conversations and have a positive attitude to life. Spanish women try not to lose hope even if things get complicated. Life is a tough thing, and having such an optimistic and supportive partner will sweeten the bitter times.

They Have the Charm to Seduce

It’s true that inner beauty means more for marriage than physical attractiveness. But have you seen hot Spanish women? They’re the embodiment of natural beauty and charm. Dating Spanish women means getting aesthetic satisfaction all the time. Their attractiveness and natural grace will make your chin fall.

Spanish brides have very distinctive appearance features. They are raven-haired, hazel-eyed, and olive-skinned. Of course, not brides in Spain look like Penelopa Cruz. Some ladies have blonde hair and green eyes. Spanish brides for marriage eagerly experiment with their appearance. They dye their hair, try out new styles but always remain alluring.

The natural beauty of Spanish brides is greatly enhanced with a great share of self-care. It’s always exciting to know that your woman will remain beautiful and tempting for years.

young sexy Spanish Bride

Do Spanish Women like American Men

You surely wanted to know if a foreign fiance has a chance to start a family with a Spanish mail order bride. How many rejections would one get before meeting his soulmate? The answer will make you sigh with relief. Spanish girls for marriage are fond of international marriages. Spanish brides don’t care if you’re an Español, an American, or English. What matters is your personality and that you leave behind all your stereotypes about women in Spain (no, they don’t eat paella at every mean and don’t all know how to dance flamenco).

The Peculiarities of Spanish Dating Process

Understanding Body Language

A thing to consider when dating a single woman from Spain is her body tongue. The Spanish people, as usual, stand very close to each other during the conversation. Thus, try to not perceive it as an invasion of your personal space. This is the way they are. Finally, get prepared for an animated discussion. The locals, as a rule, actively gesticulate. Sometimes, their bodies are even more eloquent than their mouths.

Who Pays the Check

You must have already heard of severe European ladies who thrive on equality. Luckily or not, pretty Spanish girls don’t belong to them. Spanish brides love it when a man shows signs of chivalry and takes responsibility on his shoulders. It’s preferred that a foreign fiance keeps a few tens of euros to pay the bill. It’s not common for the locals to go Dutch. In most cases, it’s a man to pay. Even if he’s still living with his parents. Even if his date earns more.

beautiful spanish woman

Moving into Relationships

If your relationships moved with a speed of light from one level to another, it doesn’t mean that things will progress to the next level anytime soon. Relationships with a Spanish bride for sale are not stable. It’s really down to individuals involved in an affair. There are certain factors that come into play and define the course of the relations.

Intimacy Matters

Despite being a Catholic country, Spanish people are liberated when it comes to matters of sexuality. They’re clear about their intentions and so can by you. Spanish girls are not of conservative nature. Spanish women are not timid to discuss when and how they want to get intimate. Besides, their “live and let live” attitude towards sexuality makes Spain one of the most tolerant countries regarding LGBT rights.

Meeting the Family

Given the fact that a mail order Spanish girl is very upfront about her feelings, it won’t take long until you meet her family. If they really like you, they’ll waste no time when it comes to romance. And considering the fact that most of the locals still live with parents in their 30ties, you can expect to greet her parents pretty early.

Understanding the Gender Roles

Thankfully a stereotypical image of a Spanish man behaving chauvinistic towards women is fading. Things have changed drastically. These days, men are more likely to treat women with respect and show gentlemanly behavior. The role of a woman in a modern Español society is hard to overestimate. Spanish girls outnumber men in universities but very few manage to take leading positions in large companies.

hot spanish bride

Public Expressing of Feelings are Okay in Spain

Spanish women looking for marriage are usually vocal about their feelings. If you come from a more discreet culture, you’d better prepare for the most affectionate PDA ever. It’s normal for locals to have physical contact during the conversation, prolonged eye contact, and holding hands in public. Not in vain, Spanish mail order brides are known to be the most flirtatious.

They Won’t Be on Time

Spain is a country of cheerful people who enjoy watching the time pass by. If you think your Spanish woman will arrive on time for a date, most probably she won’t. This is not like she’ll make you wait on purpose. Spanish mail order bride will just try to look flawless for you and won’t notice the flow of time. If you’re very sensitive about time management, you’d better reconsider your dating purposes. Otherwise, you need to rethink your attitude.

5 Spanish Wedding Traditions You Will Definitely Like:

No Wedding Party

At a traditional wedding in Spain, you won’t see a bride surrounded by bridesmaids. A couple is often followed by padrinos, who keep future spouses from seeing each other before the ceremony. A bride’s padrino is traditionally her father, and a groom’s padrino is his mother.

Orange Blossoms

Orange trees are so prevalent in Spain that many brides choose an orange blossom as a wedding flower. For locals, orange blossoms are a symbol of fertility, and they also represent joy and happiness.

The Bride Wears Black

A black silky dress that is a traditional bride’s wear in Spain. Even though most modern brides prefer a long white gown. Black represents a woman’s devotion to her husband until “death does them part”.

Seguidillas Manchegas

This is a traditional wedding dance only peculiar to Spain people. Guests pay for a bride to dance. The newlyweds spend the money earned on setting up their own home.

Cutting a Groom’s Tie

During a celebration, a groom’s friends cut down a piece of his tie and then sell it to guests.

hot Spanish Bride

How Does it Feel to be Married to a Spanish Bride

Being married to a Spanish mail order bride means being in constant awe of her beauty and grace. Spanish girl will always look impeccable, whether it be for a casual day out or a fancy event. Aside from her physical attributes, Spanish girl is also fiercely passionate and devoted to her relationships. She will always put her family and marriage first, making sure to keep the spark alive. 

Her fiery and feisty personality will keep the relationship exciting, never letting it become dull or mundane. Overall, being married to a Spanish mail order bride means experiencing true love and companionship every single day.

Interesting Facts About Spanish Women

  • Strong. Spanish women are incredibly strong and always find a way to overcome any obstacle they may face. They’re passionate, which can sometimes lead them astray, so your level-headedness will be much appreciated.
  • Self-confident. Spanish ladies are confident in themselves and their abilities, never doubting that they can do something. They’re brave enough to apply for better positions at work or travel to see new places; being with a woman like this is an experience you will love.
  • Intelligent. Spanish girls are beautiful and intelligent. They have a high intellect and wide outlook that makes them interesting individuals and insightful women. You cannot fool them easily or make them fall for you without reason.
  • Good friends. Spanish women are good friends because they are supportive, understanding, and positive. You will never feel disgraced or bored with them.
  • Very emotional. You’ll know right away when you start meeting mail order Spanish girls: they are very emotional. Their reactions to words, events, or problems can be unexpected and very expressive. So if you’re dating someone who is rather calm and introverted, Spanish girls might not be the best fit for you.

What are the Best Ways to Meet Spanish Brides

Are there any Español women looking for love in your area? Even if not, you don’t have to give up your dream of meeting a Spanish bride. We know exactly where to find Spanish girl, and surely we’ll reveal the secret. Dating Spanish brides is no longer a dream.

The first thing you may think of is going to Spain. It can be either a business trip or a love trip. You can meet your love on the streets of Barcelona or in a fancy bar in Madrid. You can also open a social media account to increase your chances. But would this be enough for marriage? Is she interested in marriage or at least something long-term? You can’t know for sure. Besides, 2020 made us all postpone crossing the border for an indefinite time.

Still, the question remains on the agenda. How can a Spanish wife finder reach the ladies without risking it all?

The matrimonial agency is key. Any Spanish mail order bride has an amiable and adventurous nature. This is why online dating prospers in Spain. The top picks among locals are the following dating providers:

  • Badoo
  • Tinder
  • Happn


When it comes to brides, Spain represents the exotic side of Europe. Beautiful Spanish brides differ from Europe’s women for their submissiveness and willingness to let a man lead.

To buy Spanish lady, a man needs to be initiative and decisive. Espana women love it when a man is appreciative and loyal and give them the same qualities in return. These brides have everything to be considered perfect life partners. They’re beautiful, passionate, and devoted at the same time. Despite the hot temper and fun-loving nature, the family will always come first for Españo women.


How Loyal are Spanish Brides?

If you’re looking to marry a devoted partner, then a Spanish wife is your best pick. Despite the hot blood, these women are entirely loyal to their husbands. Their loyalty is undeniable even if you’re not married. Spanish mail-order brides are committed to only one man they love, and they will never betray him.

At What Age Can You Get Married in Spain?

The minimum required age of marriage in Spain is 18 years old. The age of first marriage is very much different, though. Couples often live together for years before getting married, and some choose not to marry at all. Spain’s age at first marriage is one of the highest in Europe, with a national average of 38 years for men and 35 years for women, reports the Statista.

Why are Spanish Women So Beautiful?

The secret of Spanish women’s beauty is simple and complicated at the same time. A mystery lies in their genes, self-care, and healthy ratio. These brides look after their silky hair and tempting body shapes. Brides from Spain follow trends and have a unique taste in clothes. They apply very little makeup just to highlight what nature has given to them.

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