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Updated on Feb 2023
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Cambodia is a tropical paradise bursting to the seams with ancient temples, lush forests, and warm beaches. But it’s also home to some of the sexiest Asian women. If you can’t stop yourself from dating gorgeous girls, you’ve come to the right place. This time, you’ll discover how and where to meet attractive Cambodian ladies and how to make the max out of dating Cambodian brides. 

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Top Cities to Find a CambodianBridePhnom Penh, Krong Siem Reap, Krong Battambang
Average Brides Age20.5
Average Mail Order Brides Price$1,200 – $4,500
Succes Rate Of Marriages with CambodianWives88%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate8%

Beautiful Cambodian brides are like tropical wilderness – their stunning looks will captivate you. However, the remarkable appearance of Cambodian women and their sexuality aren’t the only reasons local females so popular with Western men. They, for example, are more casual about life and relationships than American and European women. In this post, you will discover more about the ladies of this nation so that you build solid and long-lasting relationships with your Cambodian mail order bride.

Cambodian Brides

Who Are Cambodian Brides? 

Cambodian mail order brides are stunning, sexy, and feminine. They are also good lovers. They are self-conscious about their looks and may even struggle to look as society expects. Cambodian girls who do not meet specific aesthetic standards (for example, they are taller or have darker skin) may have difficulty finding a spouse. However, this is not always the case, especially taking into account that many foreign men give preference to women with exotic looks and want to find Cambodian wife. However, physical appearance is not the only thing that makes Cambodian mail order wives so special to their partner. Their personality is also one of the kind since local women are

  • Soft-spoken – Women in Cambodia are traditionally believed to be mousy and unconcerned. And many of them speak calmly and with good manners;
  • Industrious – Another attractive and very usual feature of Cambodian girls is their dedication. It is especially relevant when it comes to home duties, such as cooking and cleaning. Dwellings, where Cambodian wives live with their families, are usually neat;
  • Respectful – Cambodians have their own set of rules regarding how women should behave. It’s known as The Chbab Srey. It’s a poem in which a mother teaches her little daughter how to talk to men and respect them, how not to carry a disagreement outside of the cottage, how always to display the best manners, walk softly, and so on;
  • Family-oriented – Unlike many women in the United States, Cambodian females are ready for marriage in their early twenties. Nothing makes a girl from Cambodia happier than meeting and marrying a wonderful guy. She prefers to settle down and care for her children rather than devote all her time to work.

Due to societal, cultural, and historical events, Cambodian mail order brides face great pressure on their beauty and behavior. They are inherently sensitive and courteous, yet they desire to escape the tension and misery and are looking for a good attitude.

Cambodian women

Pros and Cons of Cambodian Women For Marriage 

As you know, there are always two sides to the medal. And this is also true about Cambodian women for marriage and dating local brides. Although local women offer many significant advantages, there are certain drawbacks to be aware of so that you make the best decision possible.


  • Marriage with a Cambodian bride encourages you to grow as a person as local women are spiritually rich;
  • Cambodian women are fluent in English;
  • Dating an exotic Cambodian girl will make you feel like a movie star;
  • It’s difficult to become bored with a Cambodian mail order brides;
  • Cambodian girls are family-oriented and respect their men (even serve them).


  • Dating Cambodian women is not as simple as you would believe due to possible cultural differences;
  • A lengthy conversation with a Cambodian female is practically impossible;
  • You’ll need to keep in regular contact with relatives of your Cambodian mail order brides;
  • The paperwork involved in marrying a Cambodian woman is quite tricky;
  • Do not even consider flirting with other girls if you have a local wife;
  • Courting a Cambodian woman necessitates a passport check.
  • You will have to wait for her to become used to your culture.
Cambodian girls for marriage

Cost/Pricing of a Cambodian Mail Order Bride 

There is no standard fee that you need to pay in order to buy Cambodian wife. It all depends on many things – from how you meet and date to how fast your romantic relationships develop. As a rule, you will need to have $1,200 – $4,500 in your pocket in order to get a Cambodian woman for marriage. And here are just some of the things that you will need to pay for:

  • Membership at the international marriage agency;
  • Presents and gifts for your Cambodian girl for marriage;
  • Ticket to Cambodia, expenses for visas, etc.;
  • Hotel/ apartment in Cambodia;
  • Real-life date.

Of course, each story is unique, and there is no standard pricing model that works for all. You may sometimes decide that you do not need to go to Cambodia to meet Cambodian women. Instead, you can invite your Cambodian bride to come to you.

Description of the ServiceCost
Online dating site membership feesDepending on the site and its features you use, a monthly fee of $50 to $250 may apply. 
Travel costsA two-week vacation to the Cambodians woman’s place of origin will cost between $1,500 and $3,500. Location, season, and other details all affect the final cost.
DateUp to $800; once more, the expenses vary based on the Cambodian woman’s preferred way of life.
VisasIncluding all required documents, immigration fees, and permanent residency assets, are about $2,800.
WeddingThe cost might range from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on whether you want the ceremony to take place in your country or in the place where girl lives.
meet Cambodian women

Do Cambodian Women Like Foreign Men/American Men?

They definitely do, and they have many reasons for that. Cambodian mail order brides aim to marry guys overseas. Why don’t Cambodian women marry guys from their country instead? Most Cambodian women looking for American men have two reasons for that.

Cambodian Men Are No Longer Competitors

It’s time to put yourself in the shoes of Cambodian women for a moment. Would you want to spend the rest of your life in poverty with a man who hits you because you don’t submit to him? Unfortunately, many single women are subjected to great poverty and brutal treatment. As a result, almost any male from the Western world will appear to be a superior option in the eyes of single Cambodian ladies. So, whether you prefer to date local brides online or offline, you will find a match quickly, owing to the lack of competition.

Cambodian Brides Seeking Better Opportunities

Most local women have simple dreams: to be with someone they love, to eat something delicious, and to wear something beautiful. Cambodia is a nation of gorgeous temples and breathtaking scenery for you. However, life is difficult for the locals, who earn little more than $1,500 a year. This explains why some local women decide to become mail order brides and make a fortune with men from other countries because they want to live in better conditions and with men who truly love them.

find Cambodian wife

Top Places To Meet a Cambodian Wife 

It’s like catching birds with your bare hands if you pick up single Cambodian ladies on the street. It’s counterproductive since these local brides aren’t approachable in public and will reject 99 percent of your pick-up lines.

The good news is that you may meet your ideal bride from Cambodia online without having to travel to Cambodia. Both worldwide and specialty dating sites and matching organizations welcome you. The latter provides extensive assistance for men expressly seeking a Cambodian bride.


As we have already mentioned, you can always find your Cambodian wife online. In this case, you do not need to spend a dime on a long-distance trip to Cambodia. You can instead register on an international dating site, pay a small membership fee, and chat with multiple Cambodian brides at the same time. It is a convenient, fast, and budget-friendly option. 


In case you give preference to real communication and cannot compromise online chatting, then you can always try to meet your love in Cambodia. But be ready that it will be a challenge since local brides are fairly closed, especially in public. What is more, a ticket to Cambodia will most probably cost you a bomb.

meet Cambodian women

Love Stories With Brides From Cambodia

Here are some success stories of local women looking for love:

  • “Well, it was quite difficult to win the trust of my Cambodian mail order wife. But I was so much interested in our love story turning into something special. And I managed. Today, we are married, have two children, and Boupha cannot be a better wife for me,” Daniel, 47.
  • “Champei was most probably the most difficult girl to get. But the game is worth the candle. We have been living together for 4 years since then, and it feels like we met yesterday,” John, 41.
  • “I couldn’t imagine that I will meet love again… I am almost 60. But I did. My wife is 20 years younger than me. But who cares when my Botum makes me happy,” William, 59.

Author Conclusion

If you want to marry a conventional, mild-mannered wife who will share your views and love you till death, do your part, dating a Cambodian single woman makes sense. The nicest thing about these beauties is that they haven’t been spoilt by the opulent Western lifestyle. With this in mind, it is no wonder that Cambodian mail order brides are considerably more appreciative of what they have and work hard to keep the family prospering. So, take the first step toward finding the woman of your dreams by signing up for a dating service and beginning your search for Cambodian females.

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