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Updated on Feb 2023

Ethiopia is one of the most well-known countries on the African continent, yet its image in the media has been contentious. On the one hand, Ethiopia is a lovely nation with an interesting history, numerous sites, and extremely beautiful women. At the same time, living in Ethiopia is difficult for the vast majority of its people. With this in mind, it is no wonder why local women decide to become Ethiopian mail order brides and search for their love overseas. Let’s look into what makes the lovely Ethiopian brides special and whether they will fit your taste. 

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Ethiopian Brides
Top Cities to Find an Ethiopian BrideAddis Ababa, Shire, Mek’ele, Dire Dawa
Average Brides Age19 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Price$1,300-$5,100
Success Rate Of Marriages with Ethiopian Wives84%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate11%

You may have never considered Ethiopian ladies to be a suitable alternative for your marriage aspirations until lately, but they are becoming increasingly popular on the foreign bride scene. So, what is it about Ethiopian women that makes them so desirable to guys all around the world?

Who Are Ethiopian Brides? 

Ethiopia has almost 100 million inhabitants and a fairly equal male-female ratio, so there is definitely no shortage of males for Ethiopian brides to pick from. Local males, on the other hand, are not recognized for their decent treatment of women, and many of them consider a married woman to be essentially her husband’s property. This is not something Ethiopian brides are willing to accept.

The desire for better treatment is the most common reason why new Ethiopian brides appear on foreign dating services every week. However, there is no doubt that Ethiopian females just want to provide a better life for themselves and their future children. They feel they can do it all with the help of a trustworthy foreign guy in exchange for their unconditional love, care, and respect.

Ethiopian women

But what makes every Ethiopian lady so special? First of all, they look very exotically. Dark skin, almond-shaped eyes, curly hair – with such a lady near, you will definitely notice. But it is not their physical appearance that makes Ethiopian brides stand out. Their personality charms everyone. Ethiopian brides are:

  • Loyal and supportive;
  • Great lovers;
  • Family oriented at any age;
  • Friendly, feminine, open, and talkative;
  • Joyful and easy to find a common ground with.

No matter how old you are and where you are from, you will definitely like spending time with your Ethiopian woman. You will find your shared topics, the same interests, and something special to talk about.

Pros and Cons of Ethiopian Women For Marriage 

There are many good things about dating Ethiopian girls for marriage. However, you can imagine that there are a couple of nuances to be aware of. So instead of diving into your new relationship with an Ethiopian mail order bride, take your time to reflect on their pros and cons.


  • Ethiopian wives are not excessively demanding – Many western women have high expectations of males in terms of how they appear, dress, walk, talk, and so on. Every Ethiopian woman won’t give it any thought. You’ll be OK if you can support your family, respect your spouse, and occasionally assist her around the house.
  • Ethiopian mail order brides will not expect you to provide for them completely – every Ethiopian woman is used to putting in long hours. Ethiopian women are great achievers who do not rely on males to provide them with necessities when they are capable of doing so on their own.
  • Every Ethiopian woman is an excellent money manager – Most native women place a high value on money. They would rather have complete control over how much your family spends and saves. Needless to say, it’s quite useful to your family’s finances.
  • Ethiopian women are polite – An Ethiopian woman is unlikely to be disrespectful to you, especially in public. Ethiopian wives may give you a piece of her mind in private, but an Ethiopian mail order bride will not do so by shouting.
  • Ethiopian women are skillful chefs – Food is important in many Ethiopian cultures. An Ethiopian woman will not only like cooking for you, but she will also be concerned about how and what you eat.
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  • An Ethiopian mail order wife may not be very courageous – While western women looking for love are generally brave and adventurous, Ethiopian females prefer to play it cautiously. They simply prefer to think things out as thoroughly as possible before taking action.
  • Your Ethiopian wife might not understand you – Language difficulties might be a major issue. After all, communication is crucial, particularly in the early stages of a relationship. It is however not the case. In some Ethiopian countries, many individuals are fluent in English.
  • Ethiopian wives have strict rules about everything – Many single Ethiopian ladies appreciate regulations and make certain that everyone in their home follows them. So much so that kids may become tiny tyrants in your home.
  • You marry her family when marrying an Ethiopian woman – Families in most Ethiopian nations are huge and have very tight links. If you marry a beautiful Ethiopian woman, expect her family to become involved in everything you do.
  • A typical Ethiopian woman is too concerned about what others think – It’s one of the reasons they’ll never cause a commotion in public. They are always preoccupied with what other people think of them and their families. As a result, such a woman will do everything.

Cost/Pricing of an Ethiopian Mail Order Bride 

Let us be clear from the start: it is not possible to buy Ethiopian wife. There are no ladies to order with price tags on them. That is not the point of international dating. Ethiopian mail order brides are fully legal and involve contacting and conversing with foreign girls online with the intention of meeting and marrying them in person. 

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Online Dating

In most situations, online dating with Ethiopian women begins with a search for Ethiopian mail order brides on the Internet. International dating agencies and specialist dating apps are the greatest venues to meet Ethiopian females online. You may meet Ethiopian brides from all around the world through online marriage services. The latter allows you to date ladies from Ethiopia or particular Ethiopian countries.

The bulk of these services is not provided for free. This may appear to be a negative trait, yet it is not. To protect you from scammers, paid online dating sites normally incorporate profile verification and other security procedures. Free dating services, on the other hand, are littered with bogus accounts and fraudsters.

On average, an annual subscription to one of these services will cost you between $300 and $500. Depending on the Ethiopian dating site and the options you use, this charge may be smaller or greater (such as video calls). Please keep in mind that before you begin your online dating experience, you should select the top dating sites. Conduct research, read reviews, and examine the profile quality and security measures offered by your preferred dating site. Stick to online dating tips in order to succeed with your bride. Let’s make this data more 

Offline Dating

When you decide to take your relationship with an Ethiopian woman to the next level, you will incur significant costs. Some of the questions you may have to include how much it will cost to go to your possible bride’s country and how much you will spend during your stay. If you are serious about your love, you may be concerned about the cost of marriage registration, wedding ceremony charges, fiancée visas, and so on. Let us now go through the costs of Ethiopian mail order wives in further depth. Before organizing a vacation to one of Ethiopia’s cities, please conduct your own study.

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Do Ethiopian Women Like Foreign Men/American Men?

There are several reasons why lonely Ethiopian mail order ladies are interested in marrying international guys. It is an issue of financial stability and greater chances for women in some of the region’s poorest countries. It might be about the widespread image of a western guy as a kind, loving, giving, and romantic gentleman for African girls in other Ethiopian nations.

This is not to say that the majority of gorgeous Ethiopian women looking for American men are seeking money or following fairytale clichés. Whatever their motivations for dating western men, Ethiopian single women will always want respect and a sense of security, which they do not find in local males.

Ethiopia is one of Africa’s largest and most populous countries, yet things are not going as well as Ethiopian brides would have liked. Many local women looking for American men. Furthermore, Ethiopian males are not exactly known for their excellent treatment of women, which is something Ethiopian brides are attempting to avoid. Finally, Ethiopian women just find Western men to check more boxes on their list of desired characteristics than local men, which is why they marry outsiders.

Top Places To Meet an Ethiopian Wife 

There are a lot of options when it comes to dating Ethiopian brides and searching for a bride from Ethiopia. First of all, you can use different marriage sites and dating platforms. Alternatively, you can go offline and come to Ethiopia when looking for love.


There is no more effective, cost-efficient, or secure method to meet Ethiopian women than by joining one of the several international dating services. There are hundreds of Ethiopian brides there who not only have all the appealing attributes of Ethiopian spouses but have also made the intentional decision to marry a foreigner and leave Ethiopia forever. Therefore, it will take you less time and effort to persuade your wife/ves to relocate to your nation, and you will be able to focus on what is truly important in a relationship.

Ethiopian girl for marriage


Ethiopia offers enough attractions to warrant a visit, but while you will surely have a fantastic time there, coming there to find your significant other is not the ideal decision for various reasons. For beginners, spending weeks in Ethiopia may be expensive. Second, approaching local women as a stranger may be perceived as a threat by local males, making you vulnerable. Third, no Ethiopian brides will seriously consider relocating overseas for the sake of the numerous they’ve just met.

Categories of Afghan BridesPrice
Membership fee at an online dating site$50-$150 monthly fee based on the site you choose
Presents for your brideup to $1,000 depending on your financial capacity
Travel to your brideup to $4,000 covering airline ticket, hotel reservations, food, and other on-site expenses
Real-life datesup to $1,000 based on the place where the date will be held

Love Stories With Brides From Ethiopia

Here are some cool stories to share with you:

  • Just a month after texting each other on one of the several dating websites, this couple decided to meet in person. Jared and his Ethiopian mail order wife just felt they had so much chemistry that they couldn’t afford to waste time! Their instincts were correct: they married a year after meeting in person. Jared and his Ethiopian partner are currently expecting their first child,” Jared, 43, and Mary Joy, 32
  • “Alex had recently divorced and was not searching for any meaningful relationships when he joined an international dating service. Out of curiosity, he did it as a joke. His narrative became more serious when he began speaking with Khun Mae, a lovely Ethiopian mail order bride. The couple confesses that applying for a visa, relocating, and adjusting were all challenging. But they triumphed: Alex and Khun Mae have been married for two years,” Alex, 35 and Khun Mae, 24
  • “These two had to overcome several challenges because the parents of Peter’s Ethiopian mail order wife, Li Jing, were very opposed to the union. They met on an international dating site and then in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and believed they were meant to be. The Ethiopian girl parents’ attitude, on the other hand, compounded matters. They persisted, and now Peter and his Ethiopian bride are happily married with two lovely kids,” Peter, 40 and Li Jing, 31
Ethiopian Wife

Author Conclusion

You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to meet your dream companion if you reside on the other side of the world from Ethiopia. One of the advantages of living in the twenty-first century is that you can find Ethiopian wife online without leaving your bedroom. On our website, you’ll find thorough reviews of international marriage-dating services, unbiased evaluations of numerous Ethiopian mail order bride agencies, and practical online and offline dating advice to help you succeed in the cutthroat world of modern romance.

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