A Comprehensive Guide On Finnish Brides: Everything A Man Needs To Know

Updated on Nov 2022
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Today, many couples consist of partners of different nationalities, ethnicities, or races. It’s due to the popularity of online dating websites and globalization. Thus, men specifically seek women of certain nationalities. For instance, Finnish brides are rather popular among men. Check out the table before we dive into the details of dating Finnish women. 

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Top Cities To Find A Finnish Bride:Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu
Average Finnish Mail Order Bride Age:Around 30 years. 
Average Finnish Mail Order Brides Price:Around $8,400 to $16,800 (depending on where you’ll live in Finland and for how long you’ll stay). 
Success Rate Of Marriages With Finnish Wives:More than 70%.
Finnish Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate:Around 60%. 

Finnish Brides – Are They Ideal Life Partners? 

So, what can one say about Finnish brides? One thing is for sure: they are perfect partners. Finnish brides are loving and caring partners. They have traditional family values and want to settle down. However, Finnish brides also prefer to keep their jobs and be successful in their careers.

Thus, they keep their financial independence and support their families financially. Another good thing is satisfaction with life. When a Finnish bride has success in other aspects of life, she’s happy in marriage as well. The woman gains many things, and eventually, she’s ready to settle down and value her marriage. 

Finnish Brides

Pros And Cons Of Finnish Women For Marriage 


  • Finnish brides are very attractive. A typical Finnish wife is of average height or tall. The woman is slim yet curvy. She has beautiful silky hair, fair skin, and amazing light-colored eyes. The good news is that Finnish women are different, and any man may find someone who meets their views on physical attractiveness. 
  • Finnish women are intelligent. You won’t ever get bored when dating Finnish females. They are erudite and often invest in self-education. Moreover, most of them have more than one major degree!
  • Finnish women have a great sense of humor. Overall, people in Finland are happy and have a great sense of humor. They are hospitable and friendly. It’s easy to date Finnish women because of their easygoingness. 
  • Finnish brides are independent and hard-working. It’s uncommon for Finnish wives to quit their jobs after giving birth. If you’re into marrying a Finnish woman, you should understand that she will be an equal partner for you.
  • Finnish wives are supportive and kind. A typical Finnish woman won’t hesitate to tell you that you’re wrong, but if you’re facing obstacles in life, she will be there for you. 


  • People in Finland won’t hesitate to get divorced. When most people are reluctant to opt for a divorce when something isn’t quite right, it’s not the case in Finland. The paradox is that people in Finland are happy, and the marriage rate is relatively high, yet they don’t hesitate to split up. On the bright side, if you’re not in love anymore, or you don’t fit in everyday life, you won’t have to torture yourself in a failed marriage. Most divorced people in Finland keep good relationships afterward. 
Finnish Women

Cost Of A Finnish Mail Order Bride

The good news is that living in Finland is much more affordable than living in the U.S. Tourists and Americans who live in Finland mention that they spend around $800 a month without rent. Rent costs around $600, depending on where you live: in the city center or in the suburbs. The city you also choose matters. The most populated cities often have higher prices.

It’s possible to spend around $1,400 on comfortable living in Finland. If you live closer to the city center, you should expect to spend a bit more. Suppose you’re staying in Finland for a year and manage to find a Finnish wife. So, you’ve spent around $16,800 during the year of your stay. The good news is that living in Finland offers one of the best experiences.

Those who want to save time and money, and can’t work remotely from another country, can use Finnish mail order bride websites to find Finnish wives. The usage of a Finnish mail order bride site requires up to $300 a year. Thus, you can find a woman and fall in love, and then meet her in person in Finland. Check out the table below to learn more about the prices. Note: you can’t buy Finnish wife. 

Visiting Finland:Around $16,000-$20,000 a year.
Using dating websites:Up to $300 a year. 

Reasons Why Finnish Women Are Great Matches For Foreign Men

Finnish mail order brides are great matches for foreigners for a few reasons. First, these women are beautiful and attractive. Let’s be honest with ourselves: we all pay a lot of attention to other people’s appearances. If we’re attracted to a person, we are likely to have a happy marriage if physical attractiveness is combined with other important personal qualities.

Second, Finnish mail order brides are independent and strong-willed. These two qualities make them perfect life partners. We all have ups and downs in life, yet we overcome all struggles with ease when having supportive partners by our sides. Finnish brides are supportive, and their independence allows them to help their loved ones to focus on overcoming obstacles.

And lastly, Finnish brides are intelligent and friendly. It’s easy to communicate with them and have fun. So, marrying a woman from Finland means acquiring a supportive and loving partner.

Finnish Women For Marriage

Places To Get A Finnish Bride

You probably immediately thought about traveling to Finland to find a Finnish mail order wife. And that’s a great idea since Finland is worth visiting. However, it’s not the only option. You may use offline and online methods of seeking Finnish brides. Keep reading to learn more details. 


The first thought that comes to mind is the usage of online dating websites. And that’s the correct thought since that’s where you can meet Finnish women looking for American men. However, you may also use social media to find someone attractive and compatible. For instance, you can use Twitter or Instagram. Finnish brides often mention where they are from, so you can easily spot Finnish women.

However, the best way to encounter Finnish girls for marriage is to use online dating websites. They are also called mail order bride sites, or in this case, Finnish mail order bride platforms. These platforms have useful filters, matchmaking, compatibility tests, and other amazing tools that make it easier to encounter the right person. 


Typically, the offline method of meeting a bride from Finland requires using traditional methods. This means you would have to attend various restaurants, clubs, and other places, specifically in Finland. However, you may find Finnish women in your state or city. It’s less likely since most Finnish brides live in Finland due to the amazing conditions in the country. 

Most modern men today meet Finnish brides online and then travel to Finland. So, it’s a combination of both methods: offline and online. You find a Finnish woman you like, and then after chatting for a while, you meet her in person. If you use dating websites, it’s easier to spot compatible Finnish women. 

bride from Finland

Love Stories With Brides From Finland

Now that you know you can meet Finnish women online and offline, what about the success rate of such encounters? Whether you’re planning to meet a Finnish bride online or in person, you should know that you’re not the only foreigner who wants to marry a Finnish woman. Here are some stories of Finnish brides and foreign guys who met each other, fell in love, and are now dating:

  • Isla and Peter. Peter was visiting Finland, and he was in awe because of the trip. He liked it in Finland a lot. However, the beauty of the country and the people’s hospitality wasn’t the reason why Peter decided to stay. He met Isla, and they fell in love. Today, they are happily married. 
  • Johanna and Derek. Johanna wanted to try online dating to see if it could help her find love. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to meet locals or foreigners. That’s when Derek messaged her, and they started chatting. Today, these two live in the U.S and are to celebrate their fourth anniversary. 
  • Anneli and James. James was using one of the most popular dating platforms specifically to meet Finnish brides. He came across Anneli’s profile and was stunned by her beauty. Eventually, Anneli and James fell in love and now live together in Finland while also spending some time in the U.S. 
  • Maria and Mark. Maria had bad luck with local men. Those men she liked were either in relationships or married. So, she figured to test a dating app. That’s where she met Mark and fell in love. Today, Maria and Mark are engaged. 

Author Conclusion

Most men know that Finnish women for marriage can make them happy. One of the reasons is because the entire nation of Finland is considered one of the happiest nations in the world. When a Finnish bride is happy, she can make the guy she’s dating a happy man. But this is not the only reason why Finnish brides are so precious to foreign men.

Finnish women are extremely beautiful. They are known for their cold Scandinavian beauty, yet they are extremely diverse and kind-hearted. You may often encounter Finnish girls with blonde, brown, or red hair, with light or dark eyes. Most of them are relatively tall and slim. Finnish brides are charming and attractive. They have all the mental characteristics that make them perfect Finnish wives. 


Can I Mail Order A Bride?

You can find Finnish wife, but not mail order a woman. The term Finnish mail order bride states that a Finnish woman is single and ready to marry a foreigner. Thus, a man is called a mail order husband. You can successfully use Finnish mail order bride websites to find a compatible woman. If you two like each other, meet in person and start dating.

What Is The Best Finnish Mail Order Bride Site?

Finland doesn’t have a big local dating website where you can hang out and meet a Finnish girl for marriage. However, men can use other dating websites, for instance, Match, InternationalCupid, Tinder, eHarmony, etc. All these websites welcome users seeking love and long-term relationships. You may create an account and be lucky to meet Finnish women online.

How Many Singles In Finland?

The number of single Finnish ladies is unknown, but the statistics claim that a bit over 50% of the population in Finland are females. According to the 2021 statistics, there were more than 5.5 million Fins. If half of the population are beautiful Finnish mail order wives, then you should be lucky and find singles in the most populated cities.

Do They Speak English?

According to the statistics, there is only a bit over 20% of native English speakers in Finland. The good news is that most Finnish brides and overall Fins speak English as their second language. According to the same statistics, over 70% of the population in Finland is fluent in English. Note they are fluent; the rest can speak basic English.

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