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Updated on Feb 2023

Guyana is a sovereign state on South America’s northern coast, surrounded by Suriname, Brazil, and Venezuela. The country is home to about 280,000 people, with pretty Guyanese women being the most beautiful part of the population. Despite their different ethnic roots, which include populations from India, Africa, Europe, and China, Guyanese brides all speak English and Creole. With this in mind, it is no wonder why so many foreign men are dreaming of a Guyanese mail order bride.

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Guyanese Brides
Top Cities to Find a Guyanese BrideGeorgetown, Linden, New Amsterdam, Bartica
Average Brides Age21 – 25 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Price$1,800-$5,400
Success Rate Of Marriages with Guyanese Wives85%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate9%

Many guys fantasize of dating foreign ladies. Finding a partner on the other side of the world who perfectly understands you is a great blessing. Consider dating a lady who is as much fun, intellectual, and vivacious as you are, despite being born and bred in a faraway nation like Guyana. Guyanese mail order wives may transform your life into a great voyage filled with love, support, and adventure. Keep reading to know what makes them unique and why Western guys prefer Guyanese brides for dating.

Who Are Guyanese Brides? 

Guyanese brides are from Guyana, a beautiful country with a fascinating culture and history. The local ladies are well-to-do and have a reputation for being nice, charming, and feminine. They win hearts with their personality and are incredibly self-sufficient and reliable. They are only looking for love and have no hidden intentions. Be the man who is completely devoted to his Guyanese wife/ves, and you will easily win the heart of your mail order bride. 

We should admit that Guyanese females are suitable for marriage for a variety of reasons. The most popular ones are listed below.

  • Honesty – When you meet Guyanese brides, you will immediately notice their genuineness and honesty. They aren’t interested in gossiping or criticizing the acts of others, so talking with them is simple and enjoyable. They are, however, seeking the same qualities in males, so you must be willing to open up to them.
  • Calmness – Another thing to know about Guyanese brides is that they are a lot calmer than women from other famous foreign brides countries. When compared to Brazilian or Mexican females, Guyanese women have a more quiet and contemplative demeanor. This is because of their origins and the manners ingrained in them from an early age.
  • Loyalty – Every Guyanese mail order wife is devoted to her husband. This is because they observe their moms committing to their spouses for the rest of their lives: numerous marriages are neither encouraged nor popular in Guyana. Women in this country lead modest lives with their husbands and are not accustomed to flirting with everyone once they are in partnerships.
  • Speaking several languages – Guyanese women typically speak two or three languages, including English. Because there is no language barrier between them and Western males, Guyanese brides are just a perfect choice. You’ll be able to communicate with single Guyanese ladies on international dating sites without the need for a translator or an interpreter.
Guyanese women

Pros and Cons of Guyanese Women For Marriage 

Just like anything in life, dating Guyanese women for marriage has two sides of the medal. And you need to be aware of all pros and cons before you fall in love with your bride from Guyana.


  • Unmatched beauty – Guyanese brides are beautiful; they have a mind-blowing physical appearance;
  • Warm heart – Guyanese women are very kind and supportive. There is no such a situation where your Guyanese girl doesn’t support you;
  • Great to be around with – Guyanese girlfriends are fun. You will hardly have any problems with finding a common ground with you girl regardless of your interests, age, or life values;
  • Focus on family – Guyanese women are brought to be loving wives, skillful lovers, caring mothers, and talented housewives. They will make you home shine and send you love 24/7;
  • Loyalty and trustworthiness – You may be certain that if you find a Guyanese mail order bride, she will be devoted and loyal to you. Local ladies know how to support their man no matter what. They will never betray you or abandon you for another man.


  • Cultural difference – Although most Guyanese girls are proficient in English, this doesn’t mean that they have the same culture. Ad sometimes, you will need to wait for a local girl to get used to your culture and values;
  • Tricky matrimonial bureaucracy – Be ready that you will need to prepare a pack of docs when you are up for marrying a Guyanese woman. It will definitely take some time on your end to prepare everything;
  • Difficulties in searching trust – Although Guyanese wives are loyal, it will take some time to win their trust as it doesn’t go for granted.
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Cost/Pricing of a Guyanese Mail Order Bride 

There is no fixed rate that you will pay to buy Guyanese wife. It all depends on how you will approach it. Are you going to turn to international marriage services? Do you give preference to real-life communication and plan your trip to a distant country? No matter what option works best for you, here is a breakdown of your potential expenses:

Description of the ServiceCost
Membership on a dating siteBe ready to pay for the membership in order to use the dating site to the fullest. It may cost you up to $100 per month
Present to a Guyanese girlYou will most probably want to make special presents and gifts to your Guyanese girl for marriage. So make sure that it is a part of your budget as well
Trip to GuyanaThis will most probably cost most of all to you since you will need to purchase airline tickets, book a hotel, pay for food, visas, etc. But you can always skip this step if you do not want to overpay. Instead, you can invite your Guyanese bride to come to you
Real-life dateMake sure that you organize a good real-life date with your Guyanese woman. Show your sympathy and appreciation. Stick to time-tested dating tips to make your first date really unforgettable. Although a good date will not cost you a bomb, it should be always covered in your budget list.

Do Guyanese Women Like Foreign Men/American Men?

Well, Guyanese women looking for American men have a couple of reasons for doing so. They love foreign men. And there are several reasons why Guyanese mail order brides have a foreign partner on their radar. The first is that they wish to escape the poverty their country is now experiencing. Because Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South America, many Guyanese women just want a better life. The second reason is that their own husbands do not treat them nicely. Guyanese men frequently cheat on their spouses and treat them terribly; that’s way many Guyanese single women are just seeking someone who would respect them. Finally, Guyanese brides are looking for love. They want to meet a partner who would appreciate them for who they are, rather than what they can do for him. If you believe you can supply all of these things to a Guyanese woman, she will gladly marry you.

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Top Places To Meet a Guyanese Wife 

You will never have problems with meeting a Guyanese wife. What is more, there are different dating options available at your disposal. First of all, you can surf the world wide web and try to find your love online. Alternatively, you can always head to Guyana, walk around the beautiful streets, and talk to local girls there. 


If you want to meet Guyanese women, the easiest place to start your search is the world wide web. Many dating services cater to local women, and Guyanese ladies are no exception. Simply create a profile, upload some photos, and begin messaging the Guyanese girls you’re interested in. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you may find the woman of your dreams! Thousands of Guyanese women come to dating sites and are ready for a love story with a man from the USA or any European country. 


The best method to determine whether Guyana is the appropriate destination for you is to go there personally. While there is plenty to be said about the country, nothing matches firsthand experience. So, take the plunge and book your flight to Guyana right away! You will not be sorry! Guyana is a lovely nation with a lot to offer visitors. There is no shortage of things to do – from the magnificent terrain to the kind people. Georgetown, Guyana’s capital, is a famous tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. You should absolutely travel there as a resort, but going here if you want to avoid finding a mail order bride is a questionable notion. Regional females exclude foreigners since no one among them can envision leaving their native nation with a guest.

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Love Stories With Brides From Guyana

Here are some success stories of local women looking for love:

  • “Well, it was challenging to gain my Guyanese mail order bride’s trust and loyalty. We were chatting a lot; I invited her to come to my house. And it worked. We are now married expecting a baby,” Joseph, 36.
  • “Abby is definitely the most difficult girl to woo. She was shy and afraid to say a word to me. but I believed in our story so much! Now, we’ve been living together for two years and it feels like we have just met,” Miguel, 49.
  • “Chatting with Guyanese girls for marriage on dating sites was a fun activity for me. I could hardly expect that I will meet Carla online one day. I went to Guyana, and it was a love puzzle,” Andrew, 55.

Author Conclusion

Guyanese singles are well-loved by Western men. They are attractive, smart, polite, dedicated, and family-oriented. So if you are ready to start a family and looking for a woman who is ready to support you in this endeavor, then Guyanese mail order brides are just a perfect fit due to their traditional ideology and friendly personality.

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