Latvian Brides Ultimate Review: Are They a Real Match?

Updated on Jun 2023
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Latvian women live in a beautiful country washed by the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. Local girls are a real treasure, making this country a number-one region to stay there forever. Feminine, smart, and well-mannered women looking for love are usually into love-centric relationships, dreaming about harmony and equality in family life and romantics in dating. Latvian women make the most sophisticated men happy. Not picky, but exquisite ladies are great girlfriends, lovers, wives, and friends that never let you down. Have males had good chances to match the best? Let’s see what the stats say:

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Top Cities to Find an Example BrideRiga, Jurmala, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Ventspils
Average Mail Order Bride Age28 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Price$3,354
Success Rate Of Marriages with Latvian WivesOver 80%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce RateBelow 20%
Latvian Brides

Are Latvian Women Perfect Life Partners?

Everyone wants to meet love and feel support to the end of life. Can Latvian brides make male dreams come true? Let’s figure it out now, starting with their beauty.

Latvian women are stunning. Tall blondes with blue eyes, pale skin, sensual lips, and a light blush on the cheeks can drive you crazy at first sight. Their bodies are seductive and enigmatic. Although locals are not into sports and hiking, they are irresistible charms endowed by nature. However, their gorgeous physical attributes are not the whole story.

Why Are Latvian Women Worth Dating?

Latvian girls are proud of their beauty and do everything to look perfect at home, at work, and in the streets. And this is not hard for them because most women are naturally beautiful. Anyway, they get a score for their diligence in saving femininity. And here are more attractive features to consider:

  • Female singles feature traditional family values. They support parents and relatives and pay much attention to their younger brothers and sisters. Hence, Latvian women for marriage become good mothers and reliable wives.
  • Lonely women are not into hookups. Of course, they love parties and nightlife but are never frivolous. They prefer to have fun with their boyfriends and avoid considering other guys in the restaurant or another venue.
  • Latvian women are well-educated, and most women graduate from universities. They are clever and ambitious but prefer not to secrecies true relationships for careers. And the best thing is that they manage to combine businesses and private lives.
  • Latvian girls for marriage are supportive and communicative. They can discuss various topics and be interesting interlocutors. Local women don’t seek Prince Charming but value equality and see nothing wrong in helping men solve their issues. 

 So, Latvian brides are great girls for dating and building relationships. However, are they perfect? Keep reading to know.

Advantages and Downsides of Latvian Brides

Latvian mail order brides entail excitement and exotic notes to romances. They are sexual, beautiful, and smart. The EU’s influence is clearly visible when watching their behavior, listening to their opinions, and learning about their feelings. Still, no one is perfect. And suppose a man decides on marrying a Latvian woman. In that case, he should consider a woman’s character with all its turns and twists and his attitude toward some flaws.

Latvian Women for Marriage

Key Pros of Latvian Brides

  • Local females are friendly to foreigners. 
  • Latvian brides respect their culture but are open to Western trends and ready to share their American partner’s values. 
  • European Mail Order Women often date older guys. Besides, they don’t focus on racial differences like skin color. 
  • They respect family values.
  • Most women don’t have bad habits.
  • Latvian brides are not materialistic.
  • You’ll get a true lady who shines on business, charity, culture, and other events.

Cons to Consider When Dating Latvian Girls

  • Latvian females are not housewives, and their cooking skills might be better.
  • Some single women may be obsessed with their appearances.
  • You have no chance to pick a girl if you drink too much, gamble, or lack a well-paid job.
  • Latvian brides never forgive cheating, disrespect, violence, indifference, and other mess. 

How Much Does a Latvian Mail Order Bride Cost?

Most men are interested in costs while looking for Latvian wives. Of course, they mean the amount of money they need to spend on dating, visas, weddings, etc. 

First, your activities, way of searching for a partner, and girls in the scope of interest determine the final price. The choice of marriage agencies, dating sites, and other resources matters. The following table reflects all possible expenses. You can consider them all or pick those relevant to your intentions and budget and calculate potential costs.

Dating or matrimonial websites and mobile apps$30-$100 per month
Offline marriage agencyFrom $5,000 to $50,000 per year
Matchmaking tour pack from a matchmaking firmUp to $10,000
Round-trip ticket (New York – Riga)$400-$600
AccommodationFrom $7-$100 per night
FoodA three-course meal for 2 people in a mid-range is nearly $40.00
Internal transportation$60 for a monthly pass for all types of public transport
Entertainment, shopping, and other expenses$600
Wedding $2,000-$2,500
An average cost of a Latvian bride$960 – $5,300

Why Latvian Women are Real Deal for Foreign Guys?

Twenty years after becoming an independent state, Latvia entered the European Union. It successfully completed the transition to a market economy. But suddenly, the Baltic country was in trouble: it turned out that the country’s male population was rapidly shrinking. There are almost nine thousand more men than women among young people under 30. 

At the same time, there are three thousand more women among Latvian residents between 30 and 40 years of age. So, because of too few potential partners in the country, many young, well-educated, and intelligent girls seek foreigners for dating. So, a shortage of local men is a god-given blessing when it comes to dating in Latvia. 

meet Latvian women

More Reasons to Try Your Luck with Latvian Brides

Do you still hesitate? Then consider other facts since they look promising:

  • Over 30% of single Latvian ladies tie the knot with western guys, and the percentage grows over time.
  • 10% of locals agree to live with their foreign boyfriends without official registration.
  • Rare women marry earlier than 26-28 years old. It is a perfect age when emotions mature, and bodi are young.
  • Over 60% of women get divorced from local men and seek to build relationships with men overseas.

As you see, stats play into the hands of Americans and guys from other high economies. And one of the best things is that you can get a Latvian girl for marriage but with a western mentality and manners. 

Best Places to Meet a Latvian Bride

Latvia is full of beautiful venues, campuses, and party areas full of women looking for American men. However, approaching a woman might be challenging. The point is that many guys don’t know local dating etiquette and may fail. And there may not be the opportunity for a second attempt. So, if you want to save time and quickly find a Latvian wife, please apply to services focused on international romantic connections. 

Why Should You Consider Online Dating

You’ll barely meet Latvian women in the streets of your native American city. Besides, international marriage is not easy since it demands mutual tolerance, respect, and understanding. You cannot impose your culture on a partner. Still, you can share it. Hence, plenty of men opt for legit and reputable dating websites to match their perfect partner. This way, you can buy Latvian wife and live happily forever. 

Online dating platforms allow you to choose from numerous Latvian brides on your dashboard. You can read their profiles, view photos and video records, and get an idea of favorites for further communication. While chatting and video meetups, you’ll learn much about their personalities, habits, tastes, and life plans. 

And if you want to know how to date a woman from Latvia right now, consider this video:

Other Options to Find the Girl of Your Dream

Do you want to meet Latvian brides in their native environment? So, welcome to Latvia. For example, you can visit Studio 69, Coyote Fly, or Friends Club nightclubs in Riga. Besides, there are many small cafes, shopping, and entertainment centres across the country. You can also apply to dedicated agencies and book a matchmaking tour to meet your love at one of the social events crowded with beautiful Latvian women looking for American men for relationships. 

Love Stories With Brides From Latvia

You will find many success stories about Latvian mail order wives told by foreign men. Here are some inspirational examples:

“When I first met Inga, she asked me to call her Inna because it sounded more exotic to her. And then I saw that this girls hate all banal things in this world. Instead, she adores quality music and value authenticity in people and things around. This completely took my breath away. So, I decided that she would be my girlfriend. For now, we have been dating for seven months. She makes me really happy.”

“I’m a normal middle class guy from Florida and never thought to end up falling for a bride from Latvia. However, on the advice of friends, I joined an Eastern European dating site and met a dream. Now, Anna is my only passion. After a short-run online romance we met on her territory. She agreed to left Riga for my city and marry me. And although my culture, inner circle, and the entire environment, from climate to interior, seemed strange to her at first, she feels happy now. In fact, we’re happy.”

“I found a good job in Latvia but didn’t want to be alone there. So, I found a female friend on one of the dating sites. Forts, I didn’t mean commitment, but life is unpredictable. I fell in love. Of course, some differences were hard to accept but the happiness I’ve got were worth the effort. Now, we date and love each other. I like the way our relationship is unfolding, and marriage is inevitable, I guess.”

find Latvian wife

Final Thoughts

Women from Latvia are elegant and perfect for those seeking a middle ground between Eastern European beauty, western intelligence, and Nordic sexuality. A Latvian mail order wife is a prospective option. Their high accessibility because of the lack of decent male populations, open-mindedness, and family-oriented values make these women desired and devoted life partners.


Can I Mail Order a Bride?

You can meet a Latvian mail order bride online. Today, many dating sites and apps are oriented to countries like Latvia because of local women's popularity. You only need to join the site, create a profile, set search filters, and get matches. Besides, you can browse profiles independently and start communicating with the girls you like the best.

What is the Best Latvian Mail Order Bride Site?

Latvia is a small country. So, you can hardly find a website focused on only this country. Instead, you will definitely find Latvian wife on Internet dating services dedicated to women from Eastern Europe or Baltic brides. The best sites have great options like video chats, strong security, legit status, and reasonable pricing.

How Many Singles Are In Latvia?

This country's female population is 53.9%, and 31% are single women.

Do They Speak English?

Many Latvian brides are well-educated. They are young professionals or studying at universities. So, the language barrier is not a problem since many speak English fluently. However, you can hedge when choosing a dating site with the auto-translation feature.

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