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Updated on Oct 2022
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Scandinavia has always been a home to charming girls, and Norway brides are a jewel of this region. Since the Viking times, these women have been known to be powerful and strikingly beautiful. Nothing has changed nowadays. Local brides are the most vivid example of an independent and attractive female the world has ever seen.

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Undoubtedly, Norway is a wealthy and prosperous country. Despite the harsh climate, the locals know to get the most of life. Not in vain, this country is so attractive to immigrants and love-seekers. Thousands of men select a route to Norway in search of love. Nevertheless, Norway is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe, so it’s wise to shorten your trip and travel to these cities:

Oslo: the capital and the biggest city in Norway. What makes Oslo a perfect environment for a Norwegian wife finder? It’s a lovely place full of architectural designs, intellectual museums, and art galleries. Oslo is also a city of raucous nightlife with fancy bars and restaurants.

Bergen: the truth about Norwegian mail order brides is that they enjoy active rendezvous. Welcome to Bergen if you share the same passion. Surrounded by seven hills and seven fjords, Bergen is an ideal place for hiking and taking a boat ride around splendid panoramas.

Alesund: this lively city will surprise you with splendid views, magnificent restaurants, and a flourishing bar scene. Alesund is rich with places to approach Norwegian singles. The city is incredibly picturesque and perfect for outdoor dates.

What Peculiarities Make Norwegian Brides Unique

Norwegian Women for Marriage are the Epitome of Scandinavian Charm

Brides from Norway possess an irresistible charm. Long-legged blonde, blue-eyed beauties are the popular image of hot Norwegian brides for marriage. The image of local brides is tempting. Things are even better in life. No photo can transmit the appeal of Norwegian mail-order brides. They carefully watch after their health and looks.

You can easily distinguish a Norwegian woman from the crowd. They have a unique style and inborn taste. Every time you see a local bride, you understand that her beauty is natural. This is a result of nature’s generous gift, sports, and healthy lifestyle.

They are Into Traveling

Beautiful Norwegian women are passionate about exploring other cultures. A decent financial background and inborn curiosity let them see places different from their country.

These women are patriotic about their homeland. They’re well aware of their country’s history and culture. Hence, if your country has a rich history and interesting customs, a Norwegian wife will be glad to learn about it. After all, don’t forget that Norway is a land of Vikings. They’re courageous explorers and travelers.

beautiful Norwegian Brides

There are No Norwegian Women For Sale

Norway is a wealthy state with high standards of living. You cannot buy Norwegian lady because they are not interested in your money. You won’t impress her with your assets. Every citizen is granted an impressive amount of money since birth. They can easily afford independent living without someone’s help. Boasting financial welfare, however, is uncommon in this country. They are humble about what they have. Obviously, Norwegian girls for marriage are not the kind of women who struggle to leave their motherland. Most surely, you’ll have a heated discussion about who is going to relocate.

They are Straightforward

Norway singles are not like Russian women who are coy. If she likes you or hates you, she’ll let you know. They don’t play games and don’t date the men they don’t like. What about rejections, be prepared to get your fair share of them when trying to find a Norwegian bride. Honesty is sincerity, as well as dignity, is in their blood.

Norwegian Brides are Self-Sufficient

Norway is a country of equality. Women are empowered to occupy high social positions and build brilliant careers in all spheres. You will find a lot of females in the country’s parliament. Erna Solberg is the Prime Minister of Norway or Monica Mæland, a Minister of Justice, Public Security, and Immigration.

When marrying a Norwegian mail order bride, you need to know that she’s not a homesitter. A role of an obedient homemaker is definitely not interesting to alluring brides. They earn equally with their husbands and share household chores. It’s not common for these women to take a dependent position in a family.

They are Always on Time

Scandinavians are known thanks to their punctuality. It takes over all their daily habits. All women will arrive on time for a business meeting and a dinner party. This is how they show respect towards other people’s time. Thus, you can rest assured that they will never keep you waiting. Do the polite thing and be on time either.

Norwegian Mail Order Brides: How Does She Date in Norway?

Norwegian dating culture is very much like in Western Europe and the USA. Dating often starts after sleeping together or when you decide to have sex after a couple of dates. Nevertheless, when it comes to forming relationships, time frames are a little bit more blurred. Couples hang out and test each other for a while before admitting to being in a relationship.

In the emotional sphere, the Norwegians are quite reserved. This quality is common for all Scandinavian nations. Emotional intimacy doesn’t come fast and is not taken for granted.

Foreigners may find it a daunting task to establish an emotional connection with someone in Norway. It takes time for locals to open their souls.

What else is special about local dating is that women may well initiate the dating process. They see nothing wrong with asking a man out. What is more, a new survey from the global dating app Happn reveals that 43% of surveyed Norwegians believe that the bill should be split evenly. Men said they were willing to pay the cheque, while women believed that the bill should be shared equally.

Do Norwegian Women like American Men?

This is a question that concerns most foreign grooms. Are local women looking American men for relationships? The truth is, they are not as passionate about marrying a foreign fiance as Latin or Eastern European brides. This is mainly because they don’t haunt men’s money. The reason why Norwegian women looking for marriage with a US partner is pure interest. Sometimes, they’re fond of exotic options. You can be sure that your marriage will be based on love, not money. Local women value the sincerity and noble intentions of men. A Norwegian girl for marriage is looking for equality and honesty in marriage.

Norwegian Marriage Culture

Modern wedding ceremonies in Norway look similar to those in the USA or Europe. A bride will traditionally wear a long white gown while a man will put on a black tuxedo. Norwegian weddings are usually smaller than American. A couple invites only the closest friends and family members. Children are usually not invited unless they belong to a groom or a bride.

A traditional wedding takes place in a church and is followed by a civil ceremony in the city hall. After the ceremony, the spouses and guests have a sit-down dinner with a toastmaker, drinks, traits, dances, and a wedding cake.

Meeting a Norwegian Bride: How to Make Her Fall in Love

There always were two tried and tested ways to plunge into international dating. Yes, we mean dating sites and directly traveling.

Norwegian Women For Sale

Wedding Agency

If you don’t have enough money and time at your disposal, matrimonial services would be a better choice. Online dating is more convenient and straightforward. Nevertheless, you may face some difficulties trying to meet Norwegian wives online. The thing is, the locals are fond of using dating apps for meeting inside the country. They rarely seek love abroad.

Offline Meeting

A more expensive and time-consuming but nevertheless a more effective way to find Norwegian girl. Norwegian nightlife is exciting. To get the most chances, visit Oslo on Wednesday and make sure you stay the weekends. This is the best bar period in Oslo.

Daygame is not recommended to meet your love as most local women are shy and formal when the daylight comes.

Rules of a Perfect Rendez-Vous with a Norwegian Bride

If you’re firmly decided on approaching a woman in Norway, we can help you with a few useful tips. Bear them in mind if you don’t want to turn your date into a disaster.

Be Persistent

These girls may be more assertive than most European women looking for love. They advocate equality, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t want a man to be decisive and take the initiative.

Don’t Make Them Wait

Punctuality is a lifestyle of all Scandinavians. Remember that? Being on time is a sign of a good upbringing. If you’re late for more than 5 minutes, warn her in advance. Otherwise, you risk seeing your lady’s back upon arrival.

Have a Drink With Her

Norwegian mail order wives are alright with alcohol. They don’t abuse and always know when to stop. They wouldn’t object to a good drink in a nice company. The more you drink, the more liberated you feel.

Be Natural

Just because you’re a foreigner doesn’t win you extra points in winning a mail order girlfriend from Norway. Be natural and show your genuine intentions. You don’t need to hide behind a mask. These gorgeous girls are not of a conservative mindset. They value openness and sincerity.

Take Your Woman for an Active Date

As we have already mentioned, brides from Norway are natural explorers. They love to discover new cultures and places. Instead of sitting around in a bar, ask her out. Hiking, boat riding, or even a weekend trip to St. Petersburg would be awesome. There are so many cool destinations to meet Norwegian girl, so don’t be afraid to change the location.


Scandinavia is a region of beautiful and independent women. They are truly unique in the way they are. Pretty Norwegian girls are the treasure of the Scandinavian world. They have all the virtues that a man wants to see in their wives. The country has a modern dating culture where women are encouraged to be in charge of starting relationships. If a love-seeker wants to meet a woman in Norway, he should consider traveling to this beautiful country, especially to Oslo, Alesund, and Bergen. Get armed with the tips given to increase your chances of meeting a wife in Norway.


At What Age Can You Get Married in Norway?

The minimum age requirement for Norway citizens who want to enter marriage is 18 years old. If both future spouses in Norway or at least one of them is under the age of 18, each of the parties may demand that the marriage be dissolved.

How To Date Norwegian Woman?

A Norwegian single woman is a dream of every lonely and confident man. They are not like the sweet Eastern European babes. Norwegian girls may get ice cold. To date, a bride in Norway successfully, bear in mind to be decisive, respectful, sincere, and punctual. These virtues are highly appreciated by brides.

Are Norwegian Girls Easy?

Norwegian brides are easy only if they want to be easy. When they want a good share of casual dating or a mind-blowing one-night stand, she’ll let you know. Nevertheless, remember that a Norwegian bride for sale is a rare phenomenon. They reject those that don’t spark interest in them. In most cases, you’ll need to try hard to make a Norway bride fall in love with you.

Where to Get Norwegian Brides?

The best way to get a Norwegian bride is to travel to Norway. If a trip is something that doesn’t fit your plan, then check out online dating. Sites like Tinder or International Cupid would be a good choice. However, we still highly recommend meeting your Norwegian mail order wife in-person time after time.

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