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Updated on Oct 2023

In our modern world, you may find not so many Pakistani mail order brides in databases of matrimonial agencies and marriage bureaus. Those people who do not consider them as future wives can miss something very special. Not all of them you can find in their homeland, but if you want to improve your chances, and then you may be interested in Pakistan. It is not a large country, which is located not so far from China and India. With a personal coast, line of Arabian Sea this place also a wonderful place for vacation.

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Pakistani culture is diverse and well preserved due to religious traditions. It is not a secret that Pakistan is an Islamic country. Due to that, Sharia laws have a strong impact on everyday life. Western culture is not represented here very well but in recent years, more restaurants with European cuisines have appeared. You may forget about stereotypes that brides in Pakistan very limited. Pretty Pakistani girls are free to receive any higher education they want. As a result, it is not some of them even have become ministers in the government.

pakistani beautiful woman

Reasons For Pakistani Brides to be Very Beautiful

While checking catalogs and databases of some matrimonial services, men become very excited when they notice a Pakistani mail-order bride. You may forget about covered faces and figures with hijab or burqa. Every single woman and girl is allowed to decided by herself whether to cover their heads with a scarf or not. However, the tendency of that is still preserved. In most cases, it is because of family conservative views or religion.

However, there are practical reasons to cover the head. It has turned out that sun rays are not very healthy to our skin if there are too many of them. Tanning may even lead to some skin diseases. Therefore, it allows them to stay healthy and look young even when getting older. There is a funny theory that Pakistani brides started to wear hijab because other brides envy of their natural beauty.

If you have seen Pakistani girls at matrimonial services then you could notice that they have rather olive skin complexion. Most of them have dark hair and eyebrows. Eye colors also tend to be of dark shades. Speaking about body shape, they rather slim and short if to compare with the average height of women in other countries, but still it is not rare to find a Pakistani bride with long legs.

Another side of Pakistani brides’ beauty is their attitude to how they look. Every Pakistani wife needs some time to get properly dressed before going out. Therefore, while dating one of these girls you may need to wait for them. Moreover, paying a visit to a beauty salon at least once a month is just a must. That is why they do not need so much makeup to look gorgeous in catalogs of matrimonial agencies.

Why Pakistani Women For Marriage Use Matrimonial Agencies?

You may wonder why Pakistani brides join marriage agencies to meet a foreigner. Pakistan is a wonderful country where the government cares about its people. However, the least protected are women. One of the main reasons is a patriarchal society, which does not appreciate girls as equals.  Therefore, here are several reasons for them to become Pakistani bride for sale at matrimonial bureaus.

  • Sexual crimes. Pakistan, an Islamic country, brides a less protected. Even in sexual violence, their offenders do not receive serious punishments. While a girl who has lost her virginity may not be able to find a person to marry. In order to prevent that or find a loving person abroad after such violence matrimonial agencies can lend a hand of help.
  • Domestic violence. As society is patriarchal, men dominate their wives at home. Physical abuse is not so common but also is not rare. Even when the government tries to protect them it is difficult to solve the problem in every home. As a way to escape such future young brides tries to move abroad for studying or create their profiles in catalogs of marriage agencies.
  • Arranged marriages. Due to old traditions, arranged marriages are not so rare. As parents want their children to have secured features, they care less about feelings. Sometimes brides do not see their grooms until the day of the wedding. Alternatively, arranged marriage maybe not a bad decision. Parents are often interested in foreigners and do not mind if their daughter will be at the matrimonial agency. It greatly enhances the chances of foreign men to get women for marriage. However, you need to understand that most people in this country are religious. It means that there can be a condition for you to accept Islam in order to be able to marry.

Character Features of a Pakistani Mail Order Bride

If you plan to start dating Pakistani women, it is better to read their profile at matrimonial bureaus. As appearance is what you see firstly, you may forget about the importance of personality. Every person has its own preferences and tastes. Therefore, it is better to find someone who will be suitable for you. In case you plan to date with them at some online dating sites or offline, you can check their common features in this article. These are only common traits that are inherent to them due to cultural and religious tendencies in Pakistani society. That is why you need to remember that each separate person has a unique personality.


You may be surprised that Pakistani wife finder as a matrimonial agency can show you brides profiles with higher education. It is not very spread in other countries with Sharia laws, but in Pakistan, every woman is allowed to receive the same quality of education as a man. Due to society stereotypes, not many of them occupy the chief position and they are more involved in agriculture and education. Still, it is not unattainable for them. Even several government ministers are women. Moreover, you will not so many troubles in communication. English and Urdu are official languages of Pakistan and the young generation are interested in learning them in order to become successful in the business sphere.

woman standing in flowers


As Pakistan is a religious country then you will have to deal with that while dating Pakistani brides. Faith is a part of everyday life for many of them. Sharia laws for a long time were the only kind of constitution and people have got used to it. However, in recent years, they have become more liberate in religious views and parents do not mind foreign men. Speaking about religious view it is better not to force tour girlfriend to change it if you want to avoid a breakup. A simple discussion about your mutual future can help you to find the best solution.


Meeting a Pakistani bride may be a huge success for you if you worry about loyalty. Even while flirting with Pakistani wives online you will not receive proper responses. Culture in this country tend to be conservative and loyalty to spouse plays an important role to them. Moreover, Sharia laws forbid betrayal and it is a great shame. From your side, it is also important to stay loyal. As parents in most cases need to give their approval for marriage you need to show that you are a decent person with good intentions.

Family Oriented

Family roles are still strongly divided between men and women. Husbands are breadwinners and they are responsible for earning enough for a proper living. Wives are responsible for child upbringing, keeping the house tidy up and preparing delicious dishes. With years, such tendency tends to become weaker. More Pakistani brides start to work on their careers and only then think about marriage. Even after starting own family career is not a problem until there are children. If it is possible to combine kids and work, they will do that. In another case, Pakistani brides would choose children as everyone in the family relies on them. They also can provide you support in times of trouble. If you have problems at work or it influences wealthiness of family, your Pakistani wife will not yell at you. Instead, you can rely on her.


While dating someone it is important to respect a yet unknown person. It helps to develop a proper equal attitude and healthy relationships. During the rendezvous with a Pakistani bride, you will notice that she respects you even if you are not an ideal person. Because of patriarchal society, men are more favorable in this country and children are taught about appropriate behavior. Still, it does not mean that you need to neglect your attitude to them. People appreciate Pakistani brides as jewels in their society.


Being a guest in Pakistan is a great pleasure. People are very hospitable and welcoming to foreigners. They are eager to tell you more about their culture. If you have been invited to have a meal at someone’s house, it is a great honor. You should behave appropriately. Parents may even show you their daughters proud of how smart and beautiful they are. In case you will be able to win one of them, your friends would like to pay you visits quite often.

Amazing Cooks

It is not an actual trait of character but rather an important skill about which many men are curious. As Pakistani brides since childhood are taught to become wonderful wives, learning how to cook delicious food is essential. Their cuisine has collected various traditional and western flavors. You will be able to state delicious dishes together with healthy meals. It is another reason why your friend will envy you.

Helpful Tips While Dating a Pakistani Woman


If you want to impress a Pakistani bride you are dating, then buying a gift can be the right solution. As a western type of dating is not so common for them, bringing a bouquet of flowers for a rendezvous is a nice move. It is necessary to mention that later she will discuss your gift with her parents and friends. Therefore, it should not be anything too expensive as they may consider that you won’t simply buy her. It is better to find something with meaning.

Avoid Politics

Politics is a very tender topic that you may want to omit. If you are not familiar with their lifestyle you may not completely understand their views. However, if they are curious about your personal opinion, it is recommended not to be too negative and radical.

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