Serbian Brides on the Dating Scene – Best Wives or Gimmick?

Updated on Oct 2022
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When looking for passionate girls, most western men want to see European manners in addition to wild emotions. Apparently, it seems a paradox. However, Serbian women manage to combine the incompatible. Who are these ladies? How could they rush into a picky western world and occupy the hearts and minds of the most sophisticated gentlemen? Keep reading to know everything.

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If you want to understand Serbian brides, you should start with the place of their living. Notable urban architecture, incredible landscapes, natural beauty, and amazing flavors of local drinks and food are just some of the reasons why local females are so exotic and native at the same time. Charming Serbian women live in a unique atmosphere of civilization that keeps the memory of its roots. Which things are crucial to know to get an idea of mysterious Serbian girls?

Top Cities to Find a Serbian Bride Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad
Average Mail Order Bride Age26-28 years old
Average Mail Order Brides Price$6,890 – $26,940
Success Rate Of Marriages with Serbian Wives70%
Mail Order Marriages Divorce Rate30% 
Serbian Brides

Are Serbian Women Perfect Spouses for Western Men?

Single Serbian ladies take their origin from South Slavs, meaning an amazing mix of cultures influenced by eastern and western countries in different periods. Local girls are justly considered the best life partners throughout the Balkans. They are beautiful, hard-working, creative, and merry. Serbian girls have impressive culinary skills. So, if you dream about the hearty dishes of Central Europe combined with Mediterranean freshness and spiciness, you’ll be happy with a Serbian wife. Moreover, you’ll never taste identical dishes for two consecutive days.

Serbian wives always care for their houses, keeping them absolutely clean. Besides, they are loving, caring, and attentive to their kids. They don’t allow nurses to spend all the time with children but prefer to play with them, accompany them on their walks, and cook for them. At the same time, Serbian women raise kids with a respectful attitude toward their parents and instill in them the best human qualities.

How Do Serbian Brides Look Like?

Serbian women for marriage are feminine and expressive. When you come to Serbia, you will see single women whose appearance has traumatic effects on males’ necks. If you do not stumble, then a slight muscle sprain is guaranteed (the main thing is not to snap your neck). In other words, Serbian women are so beautiful that all foreigners can’t turn their eyes from their faces and bodies.

Serbian girls for marriage look gorgeous. They are sure of their irresistibility and know how to use it. Most Serbian girls have dark hair, eyes, and skin. But you can also find an aristocratic combination of dark hair and white skin. Facial features are clear and expressive, regardless of makeup. 

Serbian females have beautiful figures remarkable for their feminine and soft forms. Their smooth curves attract true connoisseurs of women’s beauty. Serbian brides do not need to torture themselves with strict diets, expensive cosmetic procedures, or plastic surgery to look sexy. They’re gorgeous by nature.

Points in Favor and Arguments Against Serbian Women For Marriage

Serbian girls value love and have a cheerful and emotional character. They are lively and capable of strong feelings, fearlessly expressing them. However, some wormholes might matter for guys. So, let’s review the pros and cons of Serbian women and weigh them to decide on their correspondence to your needs. And, of course, we’ll start with the positives.

Serbian Women

Key Advantages of Serbian Brides

  • You can take a Serbian brid with you to any event, from meeting with friends to official ceremonies. Your woman will look like an elite celebrity among the most honored guests. She looks perfect to the bone.
  • A bride from Serbia is not meticulous. She sees happiness in everyday things and affairs, whether drinking coffee, chatting, or trying a new dress. Because of tragic history and complicated present, Serbian women never look far ahead.
  • Local singles are decisive and responsive. They quickly react to the situation and can make the right decisions in a moment. They feel no fear when facing problems but do their best to fix things and support close people.
  • Marrying a Serbian woman guarantees a strong family. Serbian brides are very responsible and focus on long-term relationships. Every girl sees marriage as something that will last forever. 
  • Serbian ladies are not feminists. They care for their men like men care about their women in western countries. 

Some Drawbacks to Consider When Dating Serbian Brides

  • A Serbian girl for marriage is just a gush of momentary desires. And she makes a partner realize them. However, she’ll forget about it if she is distracted, even for a few moments. 
  • Usually, men must sit there and listen to their girlfriends’ soulful impulses with clever looks. You could pass for an intelligent and deep man if you look smart enough. 
  • You might be tired of her constant focus on your needs. For example, a Serbian bride may call you several times while you’re on your way to work to ensure you’ve reached the place.
  • Men should forget about lovers for a one-night stand. 

Cost of a Serbian Mail Order Bride – How to Properly Plan the Budget

An international marriage firm or online service will work if you want to meet Serbian women from their native country rather than migrants. However, it requires expenses. Those choosing dating sites to meet women looking for American men should consider the following costs:

Versatile services with VIP subscriptions$10-$50/month
Niche platforms with credit system$0,2-1,5/credit
Niche websites and apps with VIP subscriptions$20-60/month
bride from Serbia

However, even online acquaintances require in-person meetups in the future. So, once you’re ready to meet your love, in reality, the following table comes in handy: 

Round-trip ticketFrom $400 to $1,000 (depending on a departure point)
AccommodationFrom $43 per night
Meals A three-course meal for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant, 
Transportation60 cents per ride
EntertainmentFrom $100 for two weeks of fun
Total for a 2-week journey$1,700-$6,200

Have you found your Serbian mail order bride and want to marry her? Then, bear in mind the additional costs:

K-1 visa$3,400
Wedding license$50
Wedding ceremony$5,000-$20,000

Why Are Serbian Women are Precise Matches for Foreigners

Serbian mail order wives are great for international relationships. First, you don’t need to travel miles away for exceptionally romantic purposes because Serbia is a great tourist attraction. So, you can just take a vacation, buy a tour, and enjoy your rest while traveling and meeting hot girls. If you do everything properly, you’ll definitely find Serbian wife.

It should be said that the average lonely female in Serbia is friendly to Americans. However, Serbian brides are not hurrying to leave their country for love. They prefer established guys with serious intentions to ensure a better life abroad. Otherwise, why leave native lands?

Places to Meet an Authentic Serbian Bride

You can meet Serbian brides everywhere in the streets, cafes, malls, and nightclubs. However, they all are in Serbia. If you live in a big city, you may find Serbian brides within their diaspora. Still, other ways exist. They are efficient and help you to find a Serbian wife on short notice. Let’s see how it is possible.

meet Serbian women

Online Dating Sites to Meet Serbian Mail Order Brides

Most Serbian women looking for American men prefer online dating because they don’t see many Americans in their areas. That’s why the best dating platforms focused on Slavic nations contain many profiles of young Serbian women. You can register and browse to choose those to your taste. 

Online dating opens many opportunities and allows chatting and setting video conferences to communicate, revealing common grounds and differences. This way, you avoid frustration when you’re on your first real-life date. And here are more benefits:

  • You save money and ensure privacy.
  • You have multiple choices.
  • Many tools are at your command to contact Serbian brides.
  • You can apply to customer support when needed.
  • The best sites offer blogs and tips on international dating.

Still, real Serbian mail order brides are only on legit and reputable resources. Hence, consider joining quality platforms not to waste money chatting with bots and scammers. 

Where to Find Serbian Women Offline

You can apply to a marriage agency if you don’t want to buy Serbian wife through the Internet. They do the entire job from creating your profile to helping with visas while you run your business. 

Do you prefer to take matters into your own hands? Then, the best places in Serbia await you. For example, you will meet many women looking for love while walking in the beautiful parks of Belgrade, Novi Sad, or Niš. These cities also offer plenty of nightclubs and shopping malls crowded with hot Serbian women. Do you want to know how to date them? Then, watch this video:

Love Stories with Girls from Serbia

A Serbian mail order wife will make you happy if you seek true love without tricks and fetishes. And many stories told by happily married husbands prove that.

“I met my future wife while spending holidays with my friends in Serbia. And I couldn’t resist her beauty. So, ask her to go out the next day. We just walk, talk, and share our countries’ specifics. The day got away from me. Honestly, I was losing my mind at the thought of never seeing her again. So, I invited her to my place. We married pretty soon and I was scared at first. However, t everything came together perfectly. We have a wonderful life together.”

“I found Mia on a dating site several years ago. There were many other Serbian brides there, but Mia stood out. She didn’t look like a model but had an enigmatic eye and smile. We start chatting and soon met. Of course, we had to overcome some hardships related to legal aspects. Still, love is above all. Now, we are married and waiting for our firstborn.”

“Hana is my perfect match. And it is about her face, body, habits, character. We met online, but I was in Belgrade at that moment on business. So, we could meet after chatting a day or two online. We have spent a wonderful month together, and I persuaded her to visit my place. However, it was not easy because I had to deal with her numerous relatives who checked and tested me inside and out. Now we live in my city together and plan our wedding.”

find Serbian wife


Serbian women are active and dynamic. They are not for all. For example, those seeking submissive maidens and housewives should move on. Yet, if you need a strong, sincere, and beautiful partner nearby, a Serbian bride will become your perfect match.


Can I Mail Order a Bride?

You can legally order a Serbian bride on one of the dating sites or in a marriage agency. It means no purchases or human traffic. Instead, you contact girls online for subsequent dates and build relationships.

What Is the Best Serbian Mail Order Bride Site?

Niche sites with a vast audience of Serbian brides are the right choice. Still, it should feature good quality, advanced communication tools, and professional customer support.

How Many Singles Are There In Serbia?

There are 3,571 females in Serbia. Nearly 15% are Serbian women aged 24-39. 

Do They Speak English?

Many young Serbian girls living in cities or locations of tourist attractions know English at a conversational. Still, a language barrier is not a huge problem because the best dating sites come with auto-translators.

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