What’s a Mail Order Bride: How To Find the One?

Updated on Oct 2022

The mail-order brides phenomenon is imbued with a variety of stereotypes that, in other matters, do not interfere with it remaining in demand and evolve. Follow through a detailed explanation of what’s a mail order bride and how an online MOB business does a great job at helping to find the right person.

What’s the Idea Behind a Mail Order Bride?

Before going any further, here is an impressive statistic in a nutshell:

  • there are annual 10,000 mail-order marriages
  • 10 percent of mail order brides find husbands, of whom 40 to 50 percent among U.S. civilians
  • the divorce rate among international couples is only 6 percent 

So what makes MOB interactions so desirable for Americans? A peculiar fact is that many single men prefer mail order bride services to traditional dating sites, for they admit to failing in finding a suitable match while using the latter mentioned. And there is a reasonable answer for that. While conventional dating sites focus on instant hookups, MOB sites aim to build long-term relationships supported by long-distance interaction. Online mail order bride services contribute to making it more useful for individuals to find the fit partner from a broader set of candidates who apparently shared common values and preferences. For instance, single American men willing to order foreign brides will find significantly diversified match candidates rather than regular dating platforms. Distinctive characteristics of mail order brides derive from the socio-cultural background: 

  • a foreign girl tends to be more open-minded to new experience and culture than local beauties
  • real mail order bride endorse traditional values of a stable family
  • meek overseas women inclined to have idealistic impressions over American men that bring a more romantic vibe

The mail-order bride phenomenon remains to be a rapidly-growing industry that has several sociological and psychological implications. The story behind the mail order bride route dates back to the late nineteenth century when American men of European origin had financial success in the migration West and had tried out their luck in the border regions. At that time, in those areas, men outnumbered women, so finding a soulmate to settle down with was a tall order. In order to meet someone for love, they had to send letters to local newspapers and published personal announcements. Eventually, it became a real quest for a spouse from a far-away land and culture. Over the years, this handwritten courtship turned into a journey of “How to get a mail order wife?” went online. This was made possible by international marriage agencies and so-called online matchmakers. 

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Order a Bride Online: How It Actually Works?

So how do mail order brides work? International marriage agencies support ladies from developing countries to register for their services and promote communication and meetings with single men from the advanced regions of North America, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The network of small international marriage brokers is often linked to global dating sites, which can promote their services on a larger scale under arrangements such as the Regulation of International Marriage Brokers Act. Global and comprehensive dating sites provide a vast range of online communications, including instant messaging, chatting, virtual gifts, and games. International marriage agencies are often referred to as mail-order agencies. However, many people find the term “mail-order bride” offensive and consider one degrading to foreign women by comparing them to goods for sale and falsely implying that they are more willing to take a marriage of convenience (unlike local women). 

Distinctive Features of Mail Order Bride Services

Among the distinguishing features of MOB’s platforms are pricing policies: usually, the cost of mail order bride assistance is based on a paid subscription. At the same time, a vast range of traditional dating websites promotes themselves to be toll-free. However, it does not reveal the notable principles of their work in the sense of fully. To define mail order bride services’ essentials, we need to go back to the core of them. They are disclosed as follows.

Peerless Matchmaking Principles

Besides standard methods, MOB services provide personality-tests and questionnaires to reveal users’ essential character traits so that you could have a more profound impression of your potential match.

Virtual Maintenance 

Due to the MOB phenomenon’s globalized nature and internationalized interaction, mail-order bride services promote virtual communication more exclusively than online dating apps. The latter mentioned ones encourage individuals to take their acquaintances offline shortly after the initial online introduction. 

Extended Communication Features 

Since MOB sites are more focused on maintaining long-distance relationships before intended partners meet each other in real life, they offer a more comprehensive range of virtual communication tools such as sending flowers, virtual gifts, coordinating travel arrangements for international visits, etc. So you can manifest your emotions and feelings more freely.

What’s It Like To Marry a Mail Order Bride?

Here come more sociological and psychological details. Getting a mail order bride contributes to building a harmonious society. To discover why we need to go back to the essence of online dating. Despite the 100-year history of MOB practice, it is still in the realm of online dating for apparent reasons.

The first dating site appeared far back in 1995, and it took only five years for online acquaintances to flourish in full force. It is evident that the popularity of dating websites has long influenced society in one way or another. However, it was only relatively recently that the results of the first of their kind had confirmed that online dating affected not only gender relations but also the structure of society, erasing racial and social barriers and assist in building stronger families.

Over the years, polls have shown that people find their future partners in bars, universities, workplaces, friends of parents, and even in churches. In other words, the circle of potential acquaintances was somehow limited by social status and residence.

Online dating has significantly influenced the situation. People from all social groups and walks of life intersect on the Internet. Thus, those who couldn’t even be on the same street before can now meet and get married. As a result, it is now the second most popular way to find a dating match for heterosexual people and the first for homosexual ones.

Final Thoughts

A genuine intimacy usually starts from a distance. How do you get a mail order bride these days? The easiest solution would be registering on the relevant website and laying your trust in its matchmaking algorithms and your romance luck. However, as is usually the case in love affairs, it is crucial to understand that underlying this is a sincere desire to make another person happy. And MOB services are just your tools to make it easier for you.


How Much Are Mail Order Wives?

When referring to this common question, it implies the cost for mail order bride services. So you hardly would find a fixed price tag for every MOB site. What you need to consider are their premium packages and a price-service ratio. Mostly, all prices are affordable for average income. So you can rest assured that you won't go over the budget.

Where To Get a Mail Order Bride?

Since the services of mail order brides are entirely the matter of the online plane, then we are talking about resources similar to the usual dating sites, only with advanced features and communication options. Usually, they are represented as catalogs with profiles of potential brides, which describe their peculiarities and preferences.

How Do I Get a Mail Order Bride?

To get yourself a mail order bride, you need to register on one of the MOB services. Simply check the reviews, users' feedbacks, and investigate the presence of the service you are about to choose. Examine whether it has 24/7 support, privacy policy, and membership terms. Genuinely reliable service will provide all the necessary information.

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