AsianMelodies Review: Truth About the Online Dating Resource

Updated on Oct 2023

AsianMelodies Overview 2023

  • Large user base
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Wide Selection of Asian Singles
Over 1 M
Gender Ratio
20-35 y.o.
Average Age

A dating site called AsianMelodies is a great place to meet pretty Asian women. AsianMelodies stand for a great dating site to make members worldwide feel happy. In our Asianmelodies review, you will find out the maximum of useful information according to the parameters and work of the site that interest you. Also, Asianmelodies review will tell you about paid and free membership as well as the presence of male and female members. Is Asian melodies a legit site – we will also give the answer to this question in this article.

AsianMelodies dating site is good in certain Asian countries. Western men are purposefully looking for an Asian woman to build a serious relationship with. Asian Melodies is a dating site that will definitely become suitable for every wife-finder! Asian countries such as Korea, China and Japan have plenty of Asian ladies to choose from.

About AsianMelodies

Top AsianMelodies Women Profiles

Location Tokyo
Occupation Model
Location Seoul
Occupation Designer
Location Seoul
Occupation HR

Pros & Cons of the Asian Melodies Website


  • One of the best niche dating websites available in any Asian region;
  • Great Support Team;
  • Vast pool of Asian girls and other users;
  • Female members dominate on the dating platform;
  • Contact details are observed on the online dating platform;
  • Possibility to meet a proactive Asian woman;
  • Convenient video chat;
  • Great possibility to find a future spouse on the Asian Melodies online dating platform;
  • Convenient profile settings;
  • Advanced Search Filter.


  • No mobile app for the Asian Melodies online dating platform;
  • No possibility to hide your marital status on the Asian Melodies dating service;
  • AsianMelodies dating site reviews may carry a controversial character;
  • Some Asian girls are already married;
  • Lots of paid features to chat with beautiful Asian women;
  • Private photos may be shared to third parties;
  • Suspicious accounts are obvious on the AsianMelodies dating website. 
  • 9.9

Account Creation on the Asian Melodies Dating Platform

The registration process on AsianMelodies is a bit time-consuming as the Asian melodies review claims. The process of creating an account on the Asianmelodies website will take you a maximum of 10 minutes. This is not because registration is quite difficult. This is because you have to answer a series of questions by posting your profile photo and adding all the necessary information there. Nevertheless, most of the female members register on the Asianmelodies website to find a Western man to build a marriage and a serious relationship with. We recommend reading other our article – Asianfeels review.

Asian Melodies Register Info

Step 1

The first registration form on Asian melody requires you to select your orientation and preferences (for example, a male is seeking a female and a female is seeking a male). 

Step 2

Specify your preferred username, provide your correct date of birth, actual email address and then, create a strong password so that fake profiles cannot violate your privacy.

Step 3

Next, click “Register” to start working with profiles of other members of Asian Melodies, namely “About your date” and “About yourself”. This is a rather peculiar dating style. There you will see ten questions in each section but you can skip them if you wish. According to a review on the AsianMelodies website, “answering in a go” means you’ll have an almost complete profile saving you more time.

Step 4

Questions for the “About Your Date” section are about characteristics of other members of Asian Melodies such as body type, status, and habits of your ideal partner. You can also express your opinion about their marital status so that making contact with certain users does not cause further controversy.

The “About Me” section consists of 13 main questions. There you will provide information similar to the first questionnaire as well as tell about your marital status, level of education, religion and occupation. You will also be prompted to upload your photo and a short bio. As soon as you complete the registration process on the Asian Melody dating site, the automatic system will confirm your email address by sending you an activation link to the specified email address.

*Please note that you must first activate your account before you can view private photos of potential lovers on AsianMelodies. Most Asian ladies on the site are waiting for your actions!

Get Cheap Credits Online From AsianMelodies

30 credits
50 credits
70 credits

AsianMelodies Dating Website Search Filters

The search feature on Asian Melodies is quite simplistic and helps you find Asian beautiful women who are close to you in spirit. Moreover, according to well-chosen parameters, you will find an Asian woman looking for long distance relationships just like you. The Asian Melodies Search Feature is quite handy as it allows you to narrow down suspicious accounts or those user profiles that don’t match your interests:

  • Age Range;
  • Marital Status;
  • Location;
  • Interests;
  • Sexual Orientation;
  • Children;
  • Habits.

Most often, Asian Melodies dating platform offers matchmaking in case both users swipe each other to the right. Now there are many tricks and seductions of dating websites and applications for correcting profile photos. Thus, it is highly likely that the reality of a potential Asian woman’s appearance will be different from the avatar.

  • 9.9

After a surprise on a real life date, the user may be disappointed or, on the contrary, be pleasantly surprised by what he sees. Therefore, to select a couple with the intention of a serious relationship, you need to take into account not only the appearance but some personal qualities and interests of your soulmate on Asian Melodies.

In any case, the verification procedure is provided on Asian melody dating platform and you have a chance to meet a real woman with good intentions. This verification procedure is linked to the search function as it will make it easier to target a new member of Asian Melodies.

couple from AsianMelodies

Free vs Paid Features

Asian Melodies is a real dating site with all the amenities that offer free services as well as paid features. Asian Melodies can also recommend you a couple of free based features at an affordable price.

Free Features

Free members may choose one of the following basic features they are interested in:

  • See One’s Contact Details;
  • Asian Melodies Customer Support Team Contact;
  • Basic communication features of the AsianMelodies dating website (e-mails, messages in a real-time chat);
  • Visit site for free is available for new users;
  • Registration process;
  • Choose a particular member;
  • Sending Likes and Winks.

Free-Based Features

Paying members of Asianmelodies can choose some of the offered paid features:

  • View the other members’ profiles in full;
  • Asian Melodies video chat;
  • Watch private photos;
  • Watch profile videos;
  • Asian Melodies additional communication features (Video Calls, Instant Chat, Private Messages);
  • Profile settings (change your location; preferences in a potential partner among Asian beauties);
  • Gifts & Flowers (as a bonus feature for paying members);

Payment Methods

Asian Melodies online dating site offers a convenient credit system to its paying members. You can accumulate credits while using the Asian Melodies dating website. Visiting the dating site has become available even if you do not have enough credits. Therefore, you will be able to accumulate them in the process of making online relationships with beautiful women from Asian countries. About prices – below in review.

20 Credits$0.15 /Credit$2.99
50 Credits$0.40/Credit$19.99
125 Credits$0.36/Credit$44.99 
250 Credits$0.28/Credit$69.99 

Calculate How Much does Girls form Asian Melodies Cost

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

AsianMelodies Profiles’ Quality

AsianMelodies has many real profiles. But according to the Asian Melodies review, fake profiles also come across. AsianMelodies review states about a niche dating site that stands for long-term relationships that may end in marriage. For this reason, it tries to offer verified and real profiles to its new members

Note that there are significantly more beautiful Asian women on the site than men. But this becomes clear since the dating website is designed to search and meet an Asian beauty with serious intentions. Furthermore, profile settings are pretty convenient and easy to understand.

Most of the female members’ profiles are of East Asian origin while the males are mostly Western. Thus, Western male members of AsianMelodies are often from the US, Australia and New Zealand. Some Europeans also visit online dating platform.

Often, foreign men are significantly older than most Asian women: 55 and older. They are seriously considering getting an Asian woman for a long-term relationship. Most female members aged from 25 to 34 years old are from countries such as Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea. Among them, you will also meet immigrants from Thailand.

The AsianMelodies review claims that profiles on the dating site are detailed. It is especially noticeable since new members religiously complete them and upload profile photos in order to provide complete further customization. Even free members can view other people’s profiles. Using only the uploaded information, you will get an idea of ​​what a certain AsianMelodies member is like.

You will receive the name and age of the member, his or her ID, location and some physical details specific to the member. You may also learn about their marital status, children, occupation, religious beliefs, education, habits and foreign language proficiency by reading their detailed profiles. Particular members can also describe what they like and are striving to find in the “About Me” section. Apart from the above-mentioned details, you can also view the main photos of other users with quality adult content.

*Please note that only paying members are able to get access to private AsianMelodies galleries. AsianMelodies profiles have quite a few sections and details. 

Asian Melodies Women Profiles

Himari 20 y.o.
Hina 22 y.o.
Yua 20 y.o.
Sakura 24 y.o.
Ichika 26 y.o.
Akari 22 y.o.

AsianMelodies Love Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Carlos and Ana AsianMelodies logo
Ana originally joined the online dating site expecting nothing more than a diversion from her hectic life as a doctor. However, upon matching with Carlos, she realized that maybe she could find love after all. Carlos was from Mexico and had a passion for Korea since he was young. He discovered Ana's profile and knew he had to contact her. Both of them felt like they had found their soulmate after months of chatting online. They started dating and quickly fell in love. Carlos moved to Korea to be with Ana.
Success Story #2 Image
Aleksander and Binna AsianMelodies logo
Binna and Aleksander met on a dating site. They hit it off right away, and Aleksander traveled all the way from Russia to Korea to meet her in person. They've been together ever since. Aleksander is 28 years old and has a successful career in business. He's charming, handsome, and cultured - he loves learning about new people and places. He's always been attracted to strong women, and Binna has always been drawn to older men. They balance each other out perfectly, and are madly in love with one another.

AsianMelodies is an international…

“AsianMelodies is an international platform for communication, and I like it a lot. It can be very difficult to travel these days, but here you can communicate with people from different countries. You learn a lot about life in different countries with their customs and habits. It is also a great way to make new friends”.- Serg

I chose AsianMelodies for chatting…

“I chose AsianMelodies for chatting because there is good daily activity here. There are a lot of users from different countries, they are all adequate. There are practically no bots because the platform has a solid verification system. Your profile is well protected, and you will feel safe when chatting”.- Alex

I like AsianMelodies very much

“I like AsianMelodies very much, and I am not going to switch it. True, I would like the number of people who do not respond to your invitations to be smaller. Okay, if it would be just a refusal, but the silence in response, so you think that there are bots”. – Arthur

What attracts me to AsianMelodies is…

“What attracts me to AsianMelodies is that it is used by thousands of people from different countries. They come here to chat, to find new friends. There are a lot of diverse people, you can’t get bored. Profiles are checked very carefully, so the probability to meet bots is very low”. – HollMann M

AsianMelodies is a great application to…

“AsianMelodies is a great application to socialize and expand your horizons. You meet like-minded people from all over the world who share the same views and attitudes to life. You can learn a lot of new and interesting things, and even make some really cool and nice friends”. – Bartjan Renneboom

Finding a good and interesting…

“Finding a good and interesting interlocutor on AsianMelodies is easy and quick. They take great care when filling out profiles and verifying them. I like chatting in private here. You talk to the person as if you were there with them”. – Olga

AsianMelodies Scam & Safety

Recently, Asian dating sites are visited not only by people who want to meet or chat with their potential lovers. There are also those ill-wishers who are trying to profit at the expense of someone else’s popularity.

Often, on the Asian melodies dating site, you may receive a message from a charming girl in which she offers to meet. For this purpose, she asks to go to another site where, supposedly, there are more explicit photos of her. Such messages suggest visiting another site instead of sent to multiple users.

Naturally, you will not find any “other and more candid photos” there if you are not a paid member of AsianMelodies. Thus, scammers using the AsianMelodies online dating platform are trying to attract to their site. Simply put, such a technique promote your dirty business at the expense of already existing dating sites like

Still, the dating site has accounts claiming that some of them are really fake accounts. With this in mind, the dating site moderators have already scrutinized the profiles and found telltale signs:

First, some AsianMelodies users download staged images of celebrities. It is believed that these are photos of famous models taken from random fashion catalogs, glossy magazines, professional photo sessions and much more related to beautiful Asian ladies. We also noticed that fake accounts are the most active and sometimes even aggressive.

The following profiles have a pattern of explicitly sexual messages from random girls in the hope of receiving feedback from a Western member. When we checked their profiles, the members had fake photos or were pretty explicit. To solve this problem, AsianMelodies has introduced an identity verification system and thus you can contact support to get help from Support Team professionals. AsianMelodies members will receive a “Verified” badge if they can send a complete verification form along with a scanned copy of their ID to the moderators of the dating site.

AsianMelodies Help & Support

Contact customer support directly in the Asian Melodies contact form. You may also contact the support team of the Asian melodies dating website via mail, write a letter with requests and suggestions, or write in an online chat. What’s more, Asian melodies support will answer you at any time. If you are interested in a frequently asked question, then you can go to the FAQs section and see what you were specifically looking for.

AsianMelodies Alternative Services

Asian Melodies is one of the dating websites that has a lot of alternatives. Thus, you can choose an equally high-quality dating site from the suggested list:


Matchtruly is a good alternative to the Asian Melodies dating site. On the dating site, you will also find many useful features and offers from beautiful Asian ladies. You can’t do anything without buying credits as you have to pay for every feature. Simple things like sending and receiving messages and images require credits on this dating website. You can also send gifts if you find a group of beautiful Asian girls seeking marriage partners. According to reviews on, we found that the site is full of verified profiles of beautiful oriental women.

This dating site is another highlight of modern online dating. Thanks to this Asian melodies alternative, you will be able to meet charming oriental ladies thanks to a well-thought-out search algorithm and well-built functionality. EasternHoneys is a great tool for building romantic and long-lasting relationships. It is considered on par with as it has an equally good membership base of charming girls and handsome guys.

AmourFeel boasts the same convenient communication features with beautiful Asian women like quick chat and private chat. AmourFeel has its place among the best alternatives to Asianmelodies due to its great extra-free features and limitless communication options.

Due to active users from Asian countries and the Western world, happy couples have formed, and some have even already married at the official level. Also, due to the huge number of positive reviews from real users, AmourFeel has become a popular website in the international dating market for building stable online relationships.

JollyRomance is another promising dating site and a good alternative to Asian Melodies. The site boasts a pretty good interface and stylish design. The following website has many handy communication features that help its members connect with other attractive users. JollyRomance has a true Eastern membership base. 

This dating website also opens up the possibility of real dating with members who have lost faith in healthy and stable relationships. That being said, any acquaintance is worth it at JollyRomance if you want to complement your casual chatting and flirting with gifts!

AsianMelodies Rating

Overall Score
Profiles Quality
8 of 10
6 of 10
Sign Up Process
6 of 10
6 of 10
6 of 10
7 of 10


After trying typical dating services like Asian Melodies, you will realize that thanks to this online dating service you will be able to find someone worthy. If you are looking for a long-term relationship leading to marriage, then Asianmelodies review can guarantee this effective dating site. Also, don’t forget to check the prices of services offered by AsianMelodies. You can also test the site using the basic features available for free members.


Is AsianMelodies Worth It?

AsianMelodies is an excellent site, the services of which you will surely enjoy! The cost of the offered credits fully corresponds to the quality of the services provided taking into account the communication features and additional features like flirting tools.

Is Asianmelodies Free?

The following site has both free and free-based features. You may decide which functions you can use by trying some of the paid and basic ones. A paid membership is based on the received credits that you may buy and replenish within a certain period of time.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Dating Services?

On average, the cost of the services on dating sites ranges from $20 to $30 per month. You may also choose an annual subscription that will cost you about $360-380.

Can You Start Using Asianmelodies for Free?

You can't use the AsianMelodies dating site completely for free but you can try its basic features. Nevertheless, in order to discover new features with better opportunities, purchase a paid subscription for at least a month to understand whether this online platform suits you or not.

Is AsianMelodies a Real Dating Site?

The site called Asianmelodies is a real dating site. It is used by thousands of single hearts and those who are looking for variety in relationships. However, this excellent dating website is mostly used by people who are seeking long-term and serious relationships. You will also find out how trusted this online resource is thanks to reviews from real users

Why Should You Try AsianMelodies?

It's a matter of taste. But this online platform is really worth your money! Moreover, this is a fairly convenient platform with all the necessary functions for communicating and searching for a potential spouse online.

Is Asianmelodies Safe and Legit?

The following website is completely legal in your state. Therefore, you should be calm. All the same, the level of security on the site is normal but fake profiles can come across. Be vigilant and do not share personal information and contact details with a suspicious accont.

How Many Members Does AsianMelodies Have?

On the Asian melodies website, you will find 1,525,000 active users, 70% of whom are women and 30% are men. Among such a huge pool of active community members, you are sure to find someone you like.

Is AsianMelodies Site Full of Bots?

Some profiles are bots but moderators are actively fighting suspicious accounts by fully verifying new users. Due to this user’s security approach, you can still try to use this dating online resource.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

All you need to do is go to your account settings and manually deactivate it. It won't take long, but you won't be able to get your account back. By clicking the Deactivate My Profile button, you just have to enter your password to complete the operation.

Can I Use Asian Melodies Anonymously?

In fact, the Asianmelodies website does not provide such an opportunity. Still, you can chat with your potential lover in a private chat.

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